Your Upcoming Holiday Step 7 (and 8)

Mmmm... tree...

And just like that, it's the holidays and time for tree chomping. Step 6 is over and... turned put to be a quiet and rebuilding step, with some episodes of extreme torpor we hope we'll never see again. Talk about falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, ug.


Your Basic Update for 11-26-17 [UPDATES]

Wow. Two CATs and one M almost passed out while out-and-about yesterday due to the energy. Never have we almost dropped in our tracks. Super-draining. Could barely get up this morning.


Salvator Mundi

Btw, we read somewhere that this painting, "Salvator Mundi," attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, recently sold for $450.3 million. That's good for someone, but Leonardo didn't paint it. One of his students did. (You read it here, first.) The art world is rife with this kind of flimflammery.

It's a nice painting, though... even if Brother J never looked like that.


Stand UP and Be Counted [UPDATED]

Mystery of the Long Man of Wilmington SOLVED
Until now, no one really knew what the Long Man of Wilmington symbolized.

Hello, all. We were given explicit instructions early this morning on what to do. This isn't for everyone, just for those who can do it. You know who you are. If you have some imagination and some energy, you can do it. You're not being asked to do anything unless you feel called. This harkens back to this post, which we hope you explored.


EVENT Step 6 Countdown Has Begun [UPDATED]

Event Step 5 was fairly mild. The next Steps (6 and 7) feel medium. We will definitely feel them. Step 6 feels very solar plexus/heart-chakra driven. It will begin around the end of the countdown, and go on for a few days. We've noticed that some people go through it a week before, some a week after, so the countdown is really just a placeholder for Wave X/EVENT activity. This is a good time to detox and let things go.

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