UPDATE for 2-24-18

How we're all feeling, lately.

Time for an update. We usually wait till we have news, or at least three meters that go berzerk, but this time we have to just plow onward and take a chance.

Can't say we're ever seen these radio signals looking so kerblooey:


Dragons vs ETs [UPDATED]

Ok, we have to make this its own post, it's so amazing. The M's finally looked at this in depth. We started the video at 2:18, where the raw footage starts, as it's much more dramatic.

Folks... those are the TWBs (what we call the Tall White Bastards, nasty ETs) fighting with...  rainbow dragons! Now the weird part: we know those dragons! They are the very first rainbow dragons we ever met duking it out up there, in full-on Protection Mode. (Sorry, we're not going to mention any of her names.) Few will believe it, but who cares.

[UPDATE: There were actually 3-4 dragons in a tight knot fighting the TWBs, together, whereas we said there was just one, before. The rest of the text had been edited to reflect this. -CAT Editors]

Note that that's not the BIG rainbow dragon who hatched here back in January 2016, the female counterpart of Quetzalcoatl who comes only rarely. She came to defeat The Black Dragon -- which she did -- and then "turned" him nice; he's on the Light side, now, and they're both hanging out in.. sorry, an adjacent "rainbow pocket universe." We know, but that's what it is. She'll be back. Actually, what you see in the video is a group of 3-4 "little" dragons. They must've been really REALLY feisty to have reached such an energy level that you can see the energy exchange in broad daylight. Dragons are very protective, especially of us (more on that later), but they work for the Light so they work for us all. (Btw, we've had those energy bolts fired at us, before. Even with super-heavy protection and shielding, it still stings... but it's higher-vibe energy that isn't as effective against 3-D beings as it is against higher order beings. We still find the various "levels" confusing.)

Believe it or not, despite all the energy expended in the above video, no one was seriously injured; the rainbow dragons (higher order beings, higher than ETs, who don't need ships to move around) won and caused the TWBs to move off -- for now. The TWBs are jerks, but their ships have excellent shielding and cloaking, AND they're idiotically, manically relentless. Very smart, yet tragically clueless. Luckily, they won't be able to stand being here much longer, as the advancing energy here is starting to hurt their skin. Good riddance. And a million (more) thanks to the rainbow dragons, and all our SuperFriends.

Dragons can actually look just like this, but only when they're feisty...
...though rainbow dragons are more rainbow-y.


That White House DISCLOSURE Easter Egg [UPDATED]

Juuust a little creepy.

Ready for a scavenger hunt? You're gonna have to act fast. You know who you are. We are putting only POSITIVE intent into this, so hopefully positive people will be able to use this information in a timely way.

Ready? Start moving that way NOW.


Event Timing, etc. [UPDATED 2-17-18]

Here's the latest from Sophia, another psychic, in her most recent newsletter Q&A, asking questions of some beings she recently connected with. We thought you'd find this interesting:


A Cosmic Apology

This is... surprisingly nice. It's for all of us. Thank you, Geoff Byrd.


Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

Just a quick note: Step 8 is now finally over. It felt so... internal. The next one -- Step 9 -- feels more about receiving something (energy, knowledge, connectedness), but... we're not sure when or what that might be, nor how BIG. How's that for vague? We're still processing what just happened (and also dealing with the idiot TWBs again). 
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