Your New Home in the Trees [UPDATE 1-3-17]

Like this, but with LOTS MORE TREES.

Regardless of what others may say, everything really is happening... for some, anyway. The following might be for a few, it might be for many, we have no idea. We're just sharing what we found, which is all we ever do. That said, M2 had an hour-long vision and it's a doozy. A few notes:
  • What M2 described as a gynormous "Golden Event Ball" is approaching us from BENEATH (outside?) the space-time continuum (don't ask us how that works). It's slowed some, which is the reason it's not here yet, we think so some folks can prepare more, mentally (not in a "prepper" way).
  • Once the "energy ball" pops up into our "reality," we'll all basically go through it, somehow, or it through us. (M1 saw something similar, with some people panicking.) Whatever it looks like, it's literally SOURCE, so there's no reason to fear it... unless fear is your middle name.
  • At this point, a number of things will happen. Basically you'll end up where it will do you the most good. Some will take a number and sit in a big white room for 483 years, waiting for their number to be called. Yes, we're kidding. You might go one place and stay there for a while, and if all goes well, you may then go to another place, and another... to the tune of about ten upgrades (give or take ten). If you go berzerk and don't do well wherever you are, you'll wind up in another place that suits you better. It's really up to the individual.
  • The most promising of these realities has been called Terra by some. If you suddenly find yourself in a world dominated by a bazillion trees, then that's it! It's one place for those of a certain spiritual bent (no, not Druids). There you'll be given a puppy and an espresso... no, that's the DMV Dimension... for Terra, you'll be given a headstart, foodwise, and shelter will be provided (in many cases, "familiar" shelter, like your house). Electricity will work in the houses, but don't ask us how that works, as there are no wires; alas for those addicted to them, no electronics of any kind will work. (Read: NO TV OR INTERNET.) M2 was unsure about water, that may work too, or you'll have to go get it from a local source. Your bodies will be changed, such that you will live longer, about 150-200 years, disease-free. Days and years will be longer, 30 hours and 400 days, respectively. So... you get to sleep in! Food plants and trees will grow twice as fast there. Each person/family will be given basic necessitites (one horse, three cows, two-to-four chickens, etc.). Seeds and farming know-how will be provided. Some stores may still be around, but will eventually empty of existing inventory and turn more into old-fashioned markets. Nothing toxic will transfer. There will be no money, just bartering. Eggs will be a big thing, as will the necessary daily collection of (ample, dead) firewood. No animals or trees are allowed to be harmed (for food, or other purposes), unless you want to find yourself in another, lower vibratory place. You will be able to converse with both (!) animals AND trees, so killing them won't be much of a temptation. Most of our existing pets/animals will be there, albeit in "a changed way" (e.g., your cat will be skinner and more lively). There will also be NEW animals present -- along with some previously extinct! M2 saw a dodo and a small (nice and peaceful) six-foot-tall T-rex! All water will be fresh and clear, available in streams and rivers and lakes. The oceans will be there, but salinity is in doubt. The terrain/land masses may be totally different. There will be no cars and no roads, no planes, but there will be boats... and the occasional ET craft. You will do a lot of walking. All people will belong to small tribes that have already been planned. It will basically be like living in the 19th Century, but with electric lights and no weapons. And global peace. People will find that they have been assigned new roles: those good with animals/horses will wrangle. Those who are natural healers will do that job. Entertainment will be provided by YOU... live. The play's the thing. Some things that you already own, that are "desirable" for your existence, will follow you (like crystals and card games and some books). The air and water and sky and stars will be simply amazing. ETs and spirits will be there in profusion, and this will scare some people (who will refuse to leave their houses) until they understand that they're friendly and not a threat, or they vanish to someplace else. Get used to things changing a lot (for the better). Anyone who freaks out and/or harms anyone will immediately disappear and reappear where they need to be. Those really good at musical instruments will be especially valued, as will woodworking skills, or any artisan-/craftsman-type skill the tribe can use. Those in attendance will basically all be turning Amish without the Amishness! Terra will be a peaceful and friendly Shangri-la.
  • If, after a time, you do well (mentally and spiritually) at whatever level you're at, you may be "promoted" up the ontological ladder, or be given this choice. Families will be kept together as much as possible, should that be desirable.
  • Schooling for children and adults will be done by spirits and ETs, mostly while you're in a meditative state or asleep, so no schools, no colleges, not at first, anyway.
  • You'll never have to commute or pay bills or taxes ever again.
  • There will be no tea or coffee right away, until we learn where to find and cultivate it. (This was the only bummer we experienced.)
  • ET tech may eventually find its way into our lives as we mature.
  • This is basically the beginning of a whole new civilization made up of humans and ETs and spirits -- and of course SOURCE.
  • If you don't like trees or cooperation, or you can't live without your smartphone for more than three seconds, then you'll find yourself elsewhere.
NOTE: Timeframe is tough to pin down, as people haven't yet learned to focus, together, en masse. When it gets warmer where you are, try meditating with your back against a big tree. If the tree "accepts" you, you can become one with their morphogenetic field... and then talk to trees.

That's it. Questions?

Accurate except for the truck, and the road. Oh, and LOTS MORE TREES.

Oh, and a Russian mystic wrote about it over 70 years ago.

The Happiest of New Years!

UPDATE 1-3-17

This is interesting. Today's SDO coronalhole looks rather... cat-like... activating something...


THE EVENT: Your Official Notice [UPDATE 1-3-18]

[That is, 16 days from the date of this video.]

As Gregg Prescott correctly points out: "...the video announcing these gamma rays was produced by BPEarthwatch, who took a fear-mongering view of the event. It should be noted that both BPEarthwatch and one of his sources listed on the video, Paul Begley, are religious zealots who are seeking “End Times” prophecy fulfillment." The CAT Staff doesn't see it this way, of course.

In fact, this looks to be your late Xmas present. Something big and intense and POSITIVE is coming on/around December 26th. For those who like LOVE, it will be beyond positive. (For those who don't....) Right now, take some time and imagine your ideal future. It’s time. For most, this is not "the apocalypse," save for those who brought t upon themselves. Updates as they occur. Luck is not a factor. Stay positive.

UPDATE 12-15-16

All is well.

Don't try to steer. Just sit on the funicular as it goes UP, and enjoy the sights. You'll be instructed where to go and what to do.

Source is in control this time, so... everything is perfect. (Even the Oversoul is tickled.) If you start feeling anxious, stop and take a breath to reset things. I see a shift in energy AFTER the holiday (this calm and zen feeling). Just get through the next 10 days.


UPDATE: 12-20-16

As per the comments below...

"Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now"


HEADS-UP from M1-4: "The above image is a precursor... the real thing won't leave you questioning. It will be so obvious you won't have any doubt when it happens." 

UPDATE 12-26-16: Well, we got a good-sized WHOMP...

...but it sure wasn't The Event. Maybe we were reading the smaller energy influx; of course, the day's not over yet. The lead Meowracle said The Event energy, which defies time and space, is "one universe over" from us in the omniverse, apparently. How long does that take to get here is anybody's guess.

UPDATE 1-3-18

What we know now is that this was just the beginning... or it was the middle. Anyway, this energy has been building around and through and beyond the earth for a while. It turns out to be a 12-step process, with Step 8 on the way as we write this. This will mean various things to various people. Either way, your life is changing for the better.



...so THAT'S why my heart was racing last night.

So, I've said this before, but now we're almost to it. Buckle up, folks. It might get bumpy from here on out. BUT... don't worry. Trust in the angels of your better nature. All is occurring perfectly, if you examine it, and perfection only comes from one Source. This experience will be something you'll never forget. Still no idea what that will be (a few hints, but they might be wishful thinking), but I can feel it coming like a freight train full of spirit mirrors. After the collision, some will like their reflection... some will not.



UP, UP and AWAY!


Here's that song again, this time from An Unorthodox View of 'How It Is'. Some of the CAT Staff have been hearing this song off and on for weeks!

Up, Up and Away!

On October 16, when I wrote the article, “The Needs of the Whole,” I said that I sensed that a major shift was about to take place. It is now one month later, and for anyone with “eyes to see,” it is clear that that shift is taking place before our eyes. On November 5, I shared “The Shape of Things to Come,” and current events appear to be following the shape of the curve I drew, a cross-section of the wave the Hosts showed me on October 31. Every day I glance at the outer news, it seems to be going faster and faster and becoming more chaotic. Polarization is increasing, too, just as the Hosts told us it would.

In “The Finale,” I wrote, “This is the finale in a battle for who is going to control the entire planet and its resources.” Outer news continues to support that observation, as well. As much as I like to be “right,” there are times that I wish I weren’t, and it is taking effort on my part to continue to disengage from that battle that is playing out in front of me. Last night, as I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I realized once again that, “wherever the attention goes, the energy flows,” so I made a conscious decision to disengage from thoughts about that battle and see where that took me.

Before I disengaged, I noticed that my reality felt like it was operating at the same frequency as what I was focused upon. I was “matching” my energy with that energy. I was focused on a battle, and therefore I became part of that battle. There was an enemy and there was “our side,” and I was locked in and identifying with that polarization.

Then I consciously disengaged from the battle and experienced myself as rising and moving backwards at the same time, toward an unseen “back door,” through which I sensed I would exit and leave that reality (in which that battle was raging) totally behind. The song title, “Up, Up and Away” came to mind, along with the lovely feelings that that song evoked. Here are the lyrics:


2 - 4 - 6 - 8... TIME TO RECOMBOBULATE

We have a place for that.

Now that that's over with...

The Golden Age timeline has officially begun. Let that sink in. And no, we're not speaking politically. No schadenfreude, please. This is interesting. Trump winning was an expression of WILL and intent; it could have gone many ways. What transpired on this timeline sends a crystal clear message to... let's call them our SuperFriends (SFs)... sends them a clear message that the majority of us want the PEACE path. (Peace is SOURCE's natural state.)

In the meantime, our real jobs have now officially begun -- that is, being calm and peaceful columns of light, beacons for folks lost in the fog of war. Some of us can actually feel the energy around us, starting to radiate. Know it, learn it, live it. Turn it on and use it, especially in public places. If people around you are exceptionally freaky, attach grounding cords to them, rooting to the center of the earth. If they're dangerously agitated, leave them to the SFs, and SOURCE. Reassure those you can reassure that everything's going to be okay... but know that it's going to be BETTER than okay!

In the meantime, be good to yourselves. Bask in the calm and peace that is right now displacing all the fear and hatred. Talk about that long hard slog up a glassy vertical face without ropes you once took while you get some coffee. Have a danish. Ride a unicorn. Relaxxxx...

P. S. Yes, the title of this post was a wag at Tom Lehrer's, "Vatican Rag."


Your Juicy M3 Election Prediction

"DO NOT pull down on the safety bar. *I* will lower it for you."

Ready? Time for the juicy.

One of the Meowracles -- M3, not known for prophetic dreams -- had a prophetic dream. In it, Hillary wins the election. Hang on... remain calm, it gets good. M3 saw Hillary rig the election to win -- but also saw her rig a little election fraud for Trump, so the DNC could later claim that Trump was trying to rig the election! [Evil.] Later, a security camera shows that it was the DNC stooges who rigged the Trump thing, but that's farther down the road. In the meantime, Hillary wins and LOTS of people are bummed and afraid, but then... she gets sick... and dies, relatively quickly. THEN we have an honest do-over election and Trump wins (on the timeline M3 saw).

As for The Event, it's to happen AFTER all this rigamarole. It will happen on all timelines, but then they will split. The really interesting question is: is your personal future timeline influenced by you reading this? Are you your own grandpa?

Note that it's reeeeeaally hard to foretell the future, considering free will and all the timelines ducking and weaving, so don't be too hard on psychics who might get it wrong; they might have been viewing a different timeline. Not sure if we can stand much more of this timeline torture, but we are infinitely grateful to our friends in high places for helping us through this.

You can unbuckle after the ride comes to a complete stop.

UPDATE: Well... looks like this happened, but in a different way! Still, seems like M3 saw a different timeline.


FAR OUT: Buckle Up Sign #1

Mmmm... haven't sneezed quite yet...

We're not that familiar with psychic/medium Kim Russo (we don't get out much), but hers (and Lynn's) most recent FB post was interesting:
As a Medium I am often asked who will win this upcoming election. Okay so I have dropped some hints here and there on Twitter, as I do not wish to start a political debate and I do not wish for anyone to post anything negative here about either candidate. Please be mature adults. I respect your opinions. All of you. This post is not about anyone's opinion. It's about what I've seen and been told by the other side regarding this election. Now everyone has their favourite candidate and everyone has a reason to back it up. I am here to tell you that what you think you know - YOU DON'T. Whether you are a republican or democrat, what I see is not about either party. The structure of government as we think we know it will no longer exist. The election may have one winner over the other but then the outcome will quickly change.

This election is not cut and dry as you know elections to be. One winner right ? Wrong. Wrong wrong. There is going to be a plot twist like you've never seen before. It will change everything in our system. I say system because that is what it is. It's a system that we were programmed to buy into. A system that does our thinking for us. A system that allows us to believe that if one has more paper money over another then they are affluent and the other is a failure. A sure way of segregating humans into categories. Okay back to my vision. You will say omg how didn't I see this before. You will scratch your head in amazement. You will think it's the biggest show on earth. Bigger than any drama that you can ever watch in the media. If you think it's what's been shown on the news already? Well, it's more involved and has not yet been revealed. I say between the election and the new year we will know. I RARELY give world predictions. In fact, I never do. I usually keep them to myself.

Spirit told me to let you know to let go of what you think you know. Do not assume it will be an outcome that the media has you so brainwashed to believe or that your personal opinion is based on what you think you know. This will be the unveiling of hidden illusions that may make your head spin. Don't ask me what it is. I only have some glimpses. If you know me and how I receive my information, you know my Guides typically show me the final outcome which is what I just wrote. This is not one party over another. It is about how we are going to grow into our highest spiritual being. The bigger picture is why this will happen. No fears. It must go down this way. I feel it will be for the highest good. It will open our eyes to many truths. I feel it will teach us once and for all to trust in a higher power in the Universe. And that power is not left or right. THAT POWER IS UP. GET READY FOR THE PLOT TWIST PEOPLE. Not just for the United States - but for the betterment of humanity and to raise the consciousness of our world to a higher vibration.
We're not sure what Kim's level of weirdness is, but we're gonna find out.

By way of a potential wrinkle there is Kerry's upcoming departure for... Antarctica? On Election Day? Yes, with a bunch of scientists, so that's one sign of an upcoming twist. The WH spokesman in this video is clearly nervous and hiding something, but... aren't they always? Ho hum. NO FEAR.

On the astrophysical side...

...we just noticed a double CME that will be influencing our environs in about three-to-five days. 





This morning (Sunday) in a meditation, one of the Meowracles saw what looked to be a glowing orange/white/yellow sphere in their whole vision, rolling from side-to-side.

Then they saw this at SpaceWeather:

What does this mean? Probably something good.

What it really means is that it's time for CAKE. It's always time for CAKE.

UPDATE: Then we had this big WHOMP:

UPDATE 11-3-16: Anyone else feel the energy surge between noon and 2:00 pm Pacific? Lookie at the Schuman SKYSCRAPER of energy! And last night one of the Meowracles again heard the, "UP UP AND AWAAYYY!"song.


Which Path to Take?

We keep seeing this on "lightworker" sites and elsewhere, about light vs. dark, good vs. evil, one winning, the other losing, but... there is no winning or losing when both "sides" are YOU. There is only the short path to SOURCE and the long path to SOURCE. Regardless of what software your firmware is running, all paths lead to SOURCE. You are an extension of SOURCE.

If you want to take the long path... that's up to you. Take your time. That's what time is for. No one will try to stop you. There are three timelines right now (winnowed from several hundred), but only ONE is for those taking the short path. Just ask for that short path and, if you "qualify" (within your own mind), you go. The arbiter is you.

Those opting for certain actions will take the long/longer path. Some need that kind of drastic attention, that much time to learn, while other do not. All are the same spirit, with separation only an illusion. We look forward to all of us meeting at the end of that path.


This goes with the above:

Ascension – It Happens Within

September 30th, 2016
by Jack Sturgeon

“It Happens Within - It only takes One.

What you are hearing now is a co-creative effort.  The following words were written by Jack Sturgeon.  All first person references are therefore to Jack.  It was then edited, read and produced by Sophia – as you listen… this will be broadcast to the rest of the world, by you . We therefore, co-create this together.   It begins with a story.

Between 1932-1934, in a small town in southern United Kingdom people started noticing the blue birds sucking the cream from the glass milk bottles from home delivered milk.  They’d watch the birds land on the bottle, remove the cardboard cap and drink the cream off the top.  All the people in the town started talking about it while the blue birds expanded their territory.  A few weeks later a town 20 miles away reported the same thing, then another town 200 miles away reported it. Within 6 months most of the milk bottles in the United Kingdom were losing their bottle caps!

Then the countries of Sweden, Denmark and a few others reported in, all with the same story.

When WW2 came around 1938, all milk deliveries stopped; glass was needed for the war effort.  Deliveries did not resume for ten years; a decade.  Keep in mind that a bluebird’s lifespan is just 2 – 3 years. They stay close to home.
Around 1949- 1950 they started using glass again for milk bottles.  Low and behold the blue birds came back and started where they left off 10 years earlier.  They popped the cap and sucked the cream right off the top. They did not learn this from their parents or relatives.  5 generations of bluebirds had come and gone by this time.

How was this happening?  How did this occur?

This is the Morphic Resonant Field in action.

What is the Morphic Resonant Field?

I am sharing this because I think this is incredible.  I hope you'll agree. I believe this Morphic Resonant Field is the key to our expansion.

I'm constantly thinking about how to move this current shift in consciousness forward a little faster. I asked myself, how do I manifest what I need now? Imagine having access to technology that affords healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels by Christmas of 2016.  How do I do that?  How do I have it in my hands in the next two weeks, not two years? How do I convey this to everyone? Here's what I know.

The Morphic Resonant Field is our collective unconscious.  A successful idea, which is energy, moves into our collective unconscious, the Morphic Resonant Field. This idea, which is energy, gets amplified by the collective to a very high level, it than exits the Morphic Resonant Field and changes the behavior of the entire population – automatically and instantly!  We don't have to struggle for it, and it’s free.  

A Morphic Resonant Field can best be described as sort of electromagnetic storage warehouse that is all around us.  Every thought, word, and action, which is an energy bundle, enters the field and does its thing. Always think energy and/or energy patterns…  For example, your favorite song, your child's first words, or a bluebird drinking cream from a milk bottle… every thought, word and action is energy or an energy pattern.

Patterns of energy behavior for all species are stored in the Morphic Resonant Field and then activated when the right conditions are met.  The Morphic Resonant Field is a STOREHOUSE OF ELECTRONIC PATTERNS FROM ALL SPECIES!!  All these fields communicate with one another and are absolutely connected.  This is the mechanism by which I communicate with 8 billion people and so do you.

When I have a new idea, which is energy, it moves into the field and becomes available to the collective.

This Morphic Resonant Field is where SOVEREIGNTY, UNITY, LOVE and all the Divine Qualities live. This is where all ARCHETYPES are found, a gigantic electromagnetic storage facility.

We the people have forgotten our power. It rests in this ancient wisdom, in the Morphic Resonant Field. It is not gone.  We do not have to invent it.  We have to remember it.

I propose this to you.  There was a time when we were free. These "energy profiles or energy patterns" from this time are still there in the Morphic Resonant Field.  After you have listened to this, go there, go into the Morphic Resonant Field and get them, you don't need any ones permission.

I will meet you there, in Unity!  You have this power.


I have discovered that I needed a "mantra" that I could repeat to myself, a really powerful one, one that has few words and leaves no doubts in my mind.  It also by passes all my filters. This mantra had to be self-evident, absolute, and consuming.  

My mantra is this:


A few weeks ago or so I started repeating this short mantra very slowly and mindfully while walking, in the supermarket, driving, doing dishes, etc. Something happens inside me.  My entire perspective is changing.  I'm getting a new picture.

When I come to the realization "I am Source", things start to happen inside. Can this be a key to accessing this Morphic Resonant Field?  In other words, when we realize that we are Source, which is an idea, and fully ACCEPT  this notion, that energy goes out into the Morphic Resonant Field and then the Morphic Resonant Field  responds in like manner,......it sends back to us all the Divine Qualities of Source -  kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love.   This transforms us.  It really is a shift in consciousness.

Acceptance is the key! You have to believe, you have to trust, and you have to let go.  All is source!

Right now, at this very moment the Crow nation, lifelong enemy of the Sioux, have joined the Sioux Standing Rock Tribe in a fight against the government and the Dakota Pipeline.  Other Native American tribes, Ojibway, Cree, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Shoshoni and others will probably join them shortly.  This is a historic coming together. Unity is on the move, large groups are supporting one another, this is oneness in human form!

We are 8 billion strong, the controllers, maybe 500 at the most, probably fewer.  It's the proportion I want you to see.  We have the Morphic Resonant Field that we are connected to, let’s use it.

It happens within!

It only takes One.

Look Inside, IT ALL HAPPENS WITHIN!  Thank you." 
-In Sacred Oneness, Jack Sturgeon, Sophia Love and all of Creation.


SOC's Meditation Primer [UPDATES1]

Meditation typically does not involve putting a sock on a tree, but you never know.

While many have their own techniques, this is what most of us do. Note that we typically sit in a comfy chair while we meditate; we don't sit zazen, or use hand gestures, or chant, or burn incense, though some people do all these things, which is fine. You don't have to get hung up on traditional forms to meditate. It's the meditation that counts, not how you do it.

Once you practice meditation, you'll find you can get into a meditative state quickly. Nearly all of us at The CAT have been meditating for many years, and we can say with a great deal of authority that (for us, anyway), it takes time to get the hang of it. Could take a month. Could take a year. Could take five years. It depends on where you are on your journey and how deep your desire to make headway. So... don't expect to be a meditation master after a week.

We practice doing the following while walking, driving, being out in the world, dropping into "the zone" literally anywhere and at any time. It takes practice. Fasting also helps with meditation, but you don't have to -- esp. if you're just starting out. Note that you shouldn't expect to eat a heavy meal of meat and alcohol and expect to be able to get into a meditative state easily. We try to meditate 2-3 times a day, morning and evening, with one in between if we can manage. Do what you can.

Note that there's no specific amount of time you need to meditate for it to make it effective. Five minutes is better than nothing, and three hours seems a bit much, unless something good really has your attention. You should note that you may START TO LOOK YOUNGER the more time you spend meditating, as meditation takes place outside of time. Most of us felines look old and furry, so it's kinda hard to tell.

Most importantly, when you meditate, you're basically getting closer to SOURCE. There is no better way to start or end your day.

Chakras 1 (red/root) through 7.

Schrodinger's OTHER CAT's Meditation Primer 101


Please Wake Up

Will YOU become the next sucker in space?

Da-da caught this. Here's the original article touting this SSP/cabal space thing at The Guardian. Safe to say we're pretty sure 99% of folks are ready to outgrow the cabal's silly magic act.

Go. Away.


It's SHOWTIME: The Time is NOW

Make it happen.

We have some news, but first... it's time to turn away from the things of THIS world and focus on the New Earth. She needs our attention. This world will eventually be healed, but not until there has been much upheaval. Those who will stay here and suffer WANT to stay here as, deep down, they feel they deserve this fate. The rest of us need to consciously move our attention to manifesting the New Earth, as we once did back in 2014 and 2015, and in bringing about The Event. We're still not clear on what The Event will bring; technically, it's happening right now, but the culmination of The Big Show is coming fast, so it's time for those who know who they are to choose a new thought-stream direction.

First, some housekeeping...

New Earth or BUST

Time for all of us to construct our perfect New Earth, one house and one neighborhood at a time, then link them all together. It doesn't take long. Start small, with a house and environs, add your perfect neighbors, grow it local, then add geography around it. It will start to stitch itself together then. Be sure to send love and light to the New Earth, as well as the old one. Remember: it's Service-To-Others (STO) time. You're building this for everyone.

Our talent is CREATION. We are creative beings of infinite power.  So... go to it.

And now...

Event News

The Event is veeeery close... in fact, closer than you realize. Big secret time: the finale begins INSIDE YOU. YOU are the gateway to the culmination of The Event. It could come off no other way. SOURCE light is within YOU, as you are an extension of SOURCE. Find it inside yourself. Imagine it welling up and bursting out of you in all directions, linking this earth, the New Earth, the sun, and the center of the galaxy with all your brothers, human and ET and spirit and all other living things. SOURCE is within, not without. All this external "heaven above" stuff is an illusion, a misdirection. Go within and bring the light out for all your brothers, for your family, for yourself. Do it now. There's no reason to wait.

Find it within yourself. Bring it out. Make it happen.


Meowracle Sings for 10-6-16

THIS is just awesome. Some of the CATs were feeling down in the dumps when someone started singing the song in their head:


Then we saw this:

October 6, 2016

The Cabal Took The Bait!

If you are wondering about the Julian Assange October Surprise Fail, Think Again! It now appears to have been a TRAP set for the Cabal and they took the bait!

Clearly the good guys are still rooting out the bad Cabal Actors, those who are trying to stop this event from taking place. They have just been revealed. This is a multi-faceted event that all played out perfectly as I see it. Let's look at all the moving parts to see that nothing went wrong for us after all.

The First Step To Protect The Internet

We will need to have uninterrupted Internet service for important upcoming information and announcements. For this reason, the Internet was transferred out of the hands of the U.S. into international control which I think made it safer from disruption. But there are still some weak points in the internet system. They needed to have a "Test" or should I say "TRAP" to find those who would still interrupt the service.

The TRAP was set with Julian Assange as the BAIT

Did you see how much notice was given about the "October Surprise" and that Julian Assange would be releasing damaging information on the Cabal? They made sure that everyone knew it was coming. Also did you notice that all this would happen just after the Internet was handed over to international control? Next, it was arranged that the announcement would happen early in the morning when most Americans would be sleeping. Finally the biggest clue of all, nothing was announced.

What Does This All Add Up To?

They scared the Cabal so badly, that they shut down internet service all over the U.S. at the time that the Julian Assange October Surprise announcement was going to be made. I am sure that most Americans had no idea that the internet went dead during that time because they were sleeping. They tricked the Cabal into revealing their hand, and making them do their dirty deeds of cutting off the internet. Now we know who they are and where they are.

This is a picture of all the places that the Internet "Just Happened" to go out at the same time the announcement was to be made. Coincidence? I Think NOT!

Read More About The Internet Outage Here:


The Plan (TRAP) Was Perfect

They arranged the announcement at a time when the most people in the U.S. would not be on the internet because they knew the Cabal would be shutting it down. They gave plenty of notice and made sure the email dump scared the Cabal so bad that they would act. And finally nothing was revealed because it was only a TEST, a TRAP for the Cabal. Sure enough, they jumped and shut down the internet all over the U.S. and now the good guys know who and where they are. They can now be picked up and arrested at the least. It was a perfect trap, at a perfect time, and with the perfect bait.

Think About It

If there were really going to be a big release to the American Public why would it be in the middle of the night? It would instead be at a time when the most people would be on line to get the information. Also they certainly wouldn't give so much notice to the Cabal giving them time to stop them. This was clearly a set up (TRAP) to see where the internet would be shut down and who would shut it down.

This reminds me of the many times we thought the RV was going to go and it didn't, just to find out later, it was a TRAP to catch the Cabal trying to stop it and to catch the high frequency traders who were trying to take advantage of the situation.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that everything is working out perfectly. Don't you think that the good guys have thought of EVERYTHING? After all, they have the most powerful technology, resources, and assistance (Think Above) to help this change take place. It is necessary to fake us out, in order to fake out the remaining Cabal bad actors. That's O.K. The only thing that is important is that they get them all and that the World change goes over without a hitch. Just remember, that no matter how it looks, it is all working out just as planned for our greater good.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

~Signed: One Who Believes 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Rare Repost: Vision Of Freedom Coming to Earth

Diane Canfield

Vision Of Freedom Coming to Earth

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I received a vision of the future that I am told by the LIGHT GUARDIANS to pass onto to everyone. What is a vision you may ask? A vision is when I see a message play out in front of me that is not of this reality and is not from this dimension.  This happens with my eyes wide open and in conjunction with my third eye. This is the way I see all things and beings from other dimensions. Since I am a super clairvoyant, I see many visions, beings, spirits, ETs, objects, and messages from other dimensions. This started with me in childhood.

I was sitting down and suddenly the image above appeared to me right in front of me. I had been thinking about the future of the US and planet Earth and what is going to happen. This picture is a very good likeness to what I saw and was shown by the LIGHT GUARDIANS who watch out for planet Earth.

It had a spinning vortex on one side and fireworks going off on the other side. It was a living picture showing happiness, freedom and joy.  The visions was alive and moving, lasting a very long time. I could not take my eyes off of it. I felt...



M3 for 9-26-16 [UPDATED]

Ok, many of us hated calling these psychic musical segments the "Musical Meowracle Minute," so we're going to refer to it as "M3" till we come up with something better. Don't hold your breath.

One Meowracle has had the theme song from, "ATTACK of the Killer Tomatoes" in their head all day -- returning a few times till we made this post. Why? No idea.

One of the other Meowracles (there are four) said they heard, "Desert Chase" from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." At least that one makes a bit of sense. Truck? What truck?

Remember to clearly manifest what you want -- but specifically for you AS A GROUP, not just for you individually. Begin seeing all your brothers and ask things *for them* first and foremost. Service to others, not service to self.


A Musical Meowracle Minute for 9-19-16 [UPDATE!]

Here's a new segment. One (or sometimes all) of the Meowracles -- our nickname for those CATs seriously connected to the spirit world -- often awaken in the morning to a song, provided by the Oversoul or spirit guides. A few weeks ago, it was the theme from "Perry Mason"(a '60s courtroom drama, for those too young to remember).

This morning it was, quite clearly, "Stars & Stripes Forever," though not this jazzy. ;)

Interestingly, along with that came an image of a dead snake that had to be picked up with metal tongs and tossed in a garbage can. Read into all that what you will.

UPDATE (9-23-16): Apparently, THIS is what the music was referring to. Rather dramatic.


"The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen"

Where to begin? It's all happening, as they say. To answer your questions, we're going to be leaning on others for this Friday update, as we're just as wiped out as you are. We suggest you get some comforting beverage, strap yourself to the lever, and read these drill-downs. Here we go.

1. Firstly, we missed this, a must-read message from The Lighted Ones (TLO).

The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

You are currently in a corridor of preparation. The collective has chosen an accelerated timeline and everything has shifted. There are always many probable timelines available to you in any moment. There were several potential timelines beginning in September that would carry you through the rest of the year. It was always going to be a major milestone in the ascension process, it was just a matter of how rapidly it would occur.

The Lion’s Gate Portal of this year was a testing ground so to speak. Those of us who are tasked with monitoring the state of humanity to ensure that this process unfolds in the most compassionate way possible, were waiting to see how your planet would respond to the energies and in turn the effect that it would have on All That Is. The current astrological aspects are also in support of rapid expansion and growth. The two timelines that were the most likely for this period were both ones of continued ascension. However there was one that could be labeled more “intermediate” and one that was considered to be more “advanced” and accelerated.

You are ready for and have chosen the accelerated timeline. Surprisingly this was not the timeline that had the greatest probability of coming to the fore. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and how resiliently you were (as a collective) able to integrate these energies. You may be wondering who exactly chose the accelerated path? You did. Your choices made through your human experience as well as the choices from your higher selves and light teams all made the decision together to proceed on this timeline.

Those of us working behind the scenes of your experience have been moving quickly to prepare for the advanced timeline scenarios that are already unfolding. The ones who you would deem the “dark hats” have seen their power and control reduced dramatically much to their dismay. Those of you who are tasked with being way showers and guides, who are what we would consider to be of the First and Second Wave have expanded rapidly and moved well beyond our previous expectations. The Third Wave that is arriving at its peak in September is already being felt and received by many of you. This Third Wave of energy is in large part the reason for the acceleration. The effect of this wave will be tremendous and will awaken The Third Wave of those on the chosen path of Ascension.
Consider for a moment an image of actors getting ready to go on stage for their opening night performance.  Suddenly the director calls the cast and crew together and says that there have been some script revisions, modifications to the set design, and some cast changes too. He says that everyone has an hour to make all of the necessary changes as opening night will go on as scheduled. You can imagine the flurry of activity that would occur! This is an apt analogy of what is currently happening.

What does this mean for your practical day to day lives? First it means that September and the rest of the year will see even more intense and rapid growth in all areas. It will, as always be relative to where you are at any given moment. Great care is consistently taken to ensure that you will never be pushed beyond the limits of what you can handle. However, consider that it will be like an athlete who has suddenly decided to move her training to something more along the lines of a high intensity workout. She will work within the acceptable limits of what she is capable of, but she will be pushing herself in all areas and will be putting her skills and abilities to the test. She will discover new limits and levels of endurance by going beyond what her mind and body thought she was previously capable of.

Secondly it means that for the next week or so, many of you may find your connections to your guides, higher selves and light teams will be different or “off”. You may also experience physical shifts and symptoms. This is no cause for concern and is temporary. Of course seek medical attention if you feel it is required. The rapid shift to this timeline has accelerated everything, including frequency upgrades and energy downloads. It is similar to when your computer needs a software update and briefly needs to go off line to reboot, download and update the information and restart. This will mean different things for all of you depending on where you stand. Andrew is already finding himself napping more frequently through out the day as often his sleep is not restful because he is quite active in dream state at night. As always, honor the needs of the emotional, physical, energetic, mental and spiritual selves. Check in frequently at these five levels of awareness to see what these different aspects require to be healthy, balanced, and thriving. We have guided Andrew to begin each day by checking in with these levels of self to see what is on the agenda for each of them. Also, checking in through out the day whenever he feels off, or stuck, or uncertain of how to proceed brings immediate clarity to the situation. As a result of this “reboot”, on the other side of August, many of you will see rapid shifts in your awareness, your connectedness, your abilities and your experience of what you perceive. It will be a very sudden, rapid, upgrade that will surprise many of you.

Thirdly it means that you may see plans suddenly changing. What you had previously perhaps planned to do next month may either happen much sooner, or will no longer be a viable option at all. You may find sudden shifts in relationships, living situations, jobs, geographical location, etc. that suddenly require your attention and awareness. Everything is always “planned” from your current energetic state at any given moment in time. When a big leap occurs in your current time/space position, subsequently everything that was to come shifts rapidly too. This often means that what was previously a high potentiality for manifestation as an experience becomes null and void. The best guidance we can give for the next few months is: Go with the flow!

Lastly, we would advise you to go into meditation, connect with your Higher Selves and your Light Teams and request that any previous downloads or integrations that have not been completed be processed at this time. The waves of energy that have been arriving at your planet and to yourselves beginning in September of last year have been some of the most powerful energies you have ever had access to while in human form. Often times your Higher Selves and Light Teams make the decision to hold off on certain updates to allow you time to rest and recover before the next integration. We wish for you to understand that there is very little if any time for rest in between the energies that are now beginning to arrive and that will continue on into 2017. This is no cause for alarm, this is actually quite an exciting development! You have all exceeded any previous projections of what you could handle and are well capable of handling this. 

It should be noted that many souls will leave the planet in the months to come through their own experience. This is always in line with their soul choices and the Divine Will. No one is ever subject to something “happening to them” that is outside of their sovereign choice. Many souls agreed to come live incarnate to hold space until the current timeline began to unfold allowing their energies to serve in support of the collective. Other souls knew that they would have a choice as to whether or not they would ascend at this time and held the option to make their decision once this timeline arrived and are making their decisions now. Still others simply knew that they would not be making the journey of ascension in this lifetime and chose to exit physicality prior to this shift. All of these choices are in alignment with what their soul has decided upon before they began this chapter of this physical experience.

Above all else, don’t feed the fears. The majority of humans on the planet at this time are still not consciously aware of what is occurring. They see the chaos and collapse around them and go into fear. They still seek direction and guidance from the mainstream sources of information, believing it to be honest and in integrity. They still cling to the hope that the institutions that tell them they have their best interests at heart are genuine in their intent. We ask you to hold compassion for them. We remind you that going into judgement of these souls and labeling them as perhaps less than those who are awake serves no good. If you have not grasped the basic concept that we are all in this together; that the collective is a body of which we are ALL a part, then you have a call to review your basic teachings of acceptance and Unity.

There is not one soul in all of creation that does not serve a purpose of moving towards the greater good for all within their current incarnation. You have no real way of knowing what another soul has chosen to experience for their own growth and evolution at this moment. Your place is not to judge or exclude others based upon the illusions of separation. Allow them space to have their own experience as you wish to be allowed space for your own. Certainly you don’t have to participate in their version of reality, but remember that they are sovereign just as you.

This will be an exciting finish to the year of 2016. It holds incredible experiences for you all.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

2. Next, review these recent Sophia Love posts, if you haven't already, like this one:
A parade of blog posts marches through my head.  Each personal challenge and every conversation with someone new sparks another one.  It’s crazy right now.  Perhaps this is the start of that term we’ve all heard “End Times Madness”…

Humans, ages 5 to 86, are saying “My head hurts”, “It just feels strange today”, “I never reacted that way before”, “I feel nervous”, “I feel weird”, “The energy is just off” (this from a cashier at a grocery store I had never met) and “I’m just done with this part”.

You may have seen this posting from “the lighted ones”.  They say we have chosen the accelerated path.  I’m inclined to agree.  Here’s what I’m hearing from my off world connections…

“It was this month in which the major prediction was made for the end of corruption, of slave states, of human experiments.  Now it is seen in the open and what differs is these charges will stick”

(Here I am reminded of this article from VT)

“No longer will this group be allowed to continue.  The human will have to see to it that some sort of justice is served. This justice will not necessarily be the typical justice as dished out by your legal system.  It will be formulated by you all as new humans.”

“It is love that dominates and forces this shift. This love will be evident in how you see your people treated, regardless of who they are or what they may have done.”

“Now that the control is returned to humanity – we wait to see what humanity looks like as a driver of its own fortune.”

“We are aware of the Event…with so many expecting one then in order to settle all accounts an event must occur.  This expectation is what drives all of creation and sets the form for your reality…Your focus of energy drives everything, especially now when so much is in disarray.”

“Realize that as August brings an end, September heralds the new.  This looks to be an active and world altering month.  All of what is to occur on your planet has no precedent.  It is for this reason that you cannot clearly see it.  Your associative mind has nothing to associate. You are inventing this.”

“Your people are headed for many upticks in energy.  The fastest course is what you are on.  We speak of an acceleration of consciousness. This acceleration arrives almost as a surprise.”

“You humans continue to surpass plans for your own transformation.  What interests us is these are not plans you’ve seen or known existed. It would seem that with very little to go on the human adapts and proceeds with an unmatched level of energy and acceleration.  It may appear chaotic.”
“You are on a course for ascension that there is no veering off of.”

“This is meant to be a journey, to be a surprise and to delight you.  All of these are just around the bend.”

“When the chaos is noticed resist the urge towards fear – it is not helpful. Flexibility is the order of the day and conviction.  Know that all is well.  You are on your chosen path.”

Here’s what I notice in my everyday…
  • Lots of unusual physical complaints.  They seem to pop up out of nowhere and have no explanation.
  • Personalities shifting.  The loud ones are quieter, the calm ones are a bit wilder, and the compliant ones are argumentative while the winey ones are agreeable.
  • Animal behavior is different – just like people.
  • A lack of direction is felt – a sense of feeling a bit “lost” without a real drive to find the way.
  • Unemployment is an acceptable answer to “What do you do?”
  • Intimate relationships are being re-negotiated. (I believe this is a reaction to the emerging feminine.  That is another, longer post.)
  • There is a sense of gentleness to it all; this flows from us… which is a sharp contrast to how it feels as it roars through us. We are softer somehow.
As we move quickly into this last quarter of 2016, we are clearly not the same beings we were in January.  I can barely remember her.  I will say though that inklings of what I see now were evident then.

Egos are all over the place, playing their games with us as they dissolve and morph anew.  We will not lose the ego; we will decide which parts best represent who we are.  This gets confusing as some parts fiercely hang on and demand to be recognized or accepted or forgiven or noticed.  They can be really loud.  The noisiest will probably be the first to go.

Meditation and quiet are important now.  We are a collective of individuals.  We do this alone, yet all at once. You cannot copy anyone else this time.  It doesn’t get graded and there are no speed limits or speed minimums.  No one knows what this looks like.

It’s like that story of a young child furiously drawing.  The teacher asks “What are you drawing?”
“But no one knows what God looks like.”
“They will when I get done!”

Everyone will know what this shift looks like just as soon as we get there. This is what we came to do.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

3. Then we have an intriguing post from American Kabuki from a week ago.

4. And here's an excerpt from Sophia Love's most recent newsletter:
Here is the final question for this edition:

It refers to a posting from a source with the same name as the being I spoke to for 3 years and then wrote a book about, "The Guardian".

"Guardian of the new Dispensation:  extract/digest:

"I am a "Guardian" and I am not just one "Guardian," I am all the "Guardians" together. You could say that I am the Collective Consciousness of the "Guardians". I have come in time, in this special time, to bring you news, to bring you understanding.


We are here now. We are here to bring in the New Age, the "New Dispensation".


But the "Guardians" only come a few moments before a major shift occurs. A few of us have been here a while speaking through various sources. But the majority of us have not been here. Now we are.


You have heard many times about the "Event" and the smaller events leading to the larger one. That is true. You are about to have an announcement. I am not here to make that announcement, but you will have an announcement very soon. It will come from the leadership of this country, but it will be an announcement that will reverberate across the entire planet.


So rest easy, our Brothers and Sisters of the Light. Rest easy knowing that you are going to be going through a monumental shift in consciousness. I am not saying it is tomorrow or the day after or the next week but it is very, very soon."

Full message HERE.
The Guardians is an often used term.  The consciousness speaking here encompasses all of them.  The specific being to which you spoke had a specific role as guardian / executioner.  Not all who go by the name are part of his group.

It is a bit like saying "doctor".  Not all doctors do the same thing.  Some do research.  Some fix feet.  Some set bones.  Yet all are doctors.

Guardians show up when a race is about to transition.  Humanity is right on that doorstep and so you will see reference to the category more than once.  None of them are in your history books.  They do not appear.  They do not leave as much as a footprint.  They serve the whole.
5. Aaand... we're numbering things again. Damn. Back in the box, kitty.


Yow: So It GOES


This is the current raw data off the GOES satellite. Check out the magnetometer at the bottom, the black/green lines. It drops to nothing, then... BLAM. Not sure the device even works, now.

Here's the data for the last 108 days:


And this was the Schumann Resonance around the same time, and shortly thereafter:

And this:


Something major is going on upstairs.


BAA: Be Awesome Always

Ok, well... don't meditate THAT hard.

Just posted this at Lynn's site, but it bears repeating here. Apparently, a bunch of countries are amassing war toys all over the place in Europe and the Middle East to throw at each other and start something. This will not be allowed -- by you.

You all have significantly more power than you realize, a near-infinite amount. Meditate -- or just imagine -- that all the tanks and trucks and planes WILL NOT START. For anyone. It's a cold and frosty morning and nothing works. Guns don't work. Bombs and rockets are inert. Systems computers flash the Blue Screen of Death. Set a time limit of 48 hours.  Then... relax. In 24 hours, do it again. And again. 10 people thinking the same thing is 10^10th intent. 100 is 10^100th power. More is better, but even a few working together are very powerful. Don't be sheep, be ALL-POWERFUL PSYCHIC SHEEP. Don't be afraid, be AWESOME. You are limited only by your imagination.

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