A Small Dis-/Recombobulation Event

Not sure if anyone else felt this today, but The CAT staff and other sensitives were feeling WHOMPED today. Not sure why (Wave X2?), but apparently a big global shift is under weigh -- bringing with it a massive dose of Justice and Retribution. One of us (Da-da) noticed that the neutron count dropped. Last two times it dropped, we all had a similar reaction, so... that happened. Not sure what the drop means, or how it correlates to anything else. Just a bit of data to note, in case you were feeling discombobulated today.

[Interestingly, SpaceWeather did a piece on increasing cosmic rays today. Things seems fine till there's a dip. It's all about the dip.]

The (collective) CAT will be in here if anyone needs us.



This blog has been a little weird lately (no, really!), because the world is getting more and more magical... while at the same time looking more and more like a bad Movie of the Week. That said, we're going to tell you a secret:


We're not sure when, but we know it IS going to happen. What's going to happen?


Words on the Way

The CAT loves Gene Wilder.
“Very few beings really seek knowledge in this world -- few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds -- justifications, confirmations, forms of consolation without which they can't go on. To really ask is to open the door to a whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.”     ~ Anne Rice
                                                                                                                          [Many thanks to Unspunner for the quote reminder.]



A highly advanced (non-human) member of The CAT staff just came up with the term for what many of us are becoming: CHROMOSAPIENS. From the Ancient Greek khroma, meaning color, that rainbow hue you may be experiencing directly maps to the chakra system: ROYGBIV. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

Note that some of you may be receiving gifts in meditations and dreams (intangible, higher vibration gifts), so try to recognize when this happens. This is happening faster than we anticipated. Also, try inviting the Rainbow Dragon into your meditations (AFTER you've grounded and set protection; you don't want an imposter in there).


The Rainbow Dragon is HERE [UPDATED]

Your world is about to get weirder -- and BETTER.

The best way to bring up something totally true, yet so totally out-there, is just to say it point-blank: that rainbow-y thing we were talking about earlier is actually a GYNORMOUS and highly intelligent -- and very nice -- all-powerful, multidimensional Rainbow Dragon from... well, from beyond. She hatched a few days ago from an egg the size of a small city. Yeah, we didn't believe it either until she started talking to us a few months ago from inside the egg. She is also a Terran, like us, with roots elsewhere.

We can tell you for certain that this is 100% real and has really happened. 

This is the same type of Rainbow Dragon being who's visited the earth in the ancient past, only this time around, she's a she. Sensitive people can see her. Truly gifted people can TALK with her, though don't expect much in the way of conversation, as she's been very busy since she hatched. She has a mission which we'll talk about later.

The last rainbow serpent/rainbow dragon to visit the earth was a creator spirit known by many names (Q'uq'umatz, Kukulcan, Quetzalcoatl, Borlun, Dhakkan, Kajura, etc.), who visited and taught many many cultures -- but was, alas, eventually reduced to a "war serpent" by later low-vibrational (patriarchal) factions in their histories. Some cultures have rainbow dragon traditions that are obviously referring to a rainbow in the sky, but what we're talking about here is obviously different. From Wikipedia: "The Rainbow Serpent is one of the oldest continuing religious beliefs in the world and continues to be a cultural influence today."[6]

What the Rainbow Dragon (whose name we will not divulge) is doing here at this time should be pretty obvious, however, she's sleeping right now. Like we said, she has a mission -- several, actually -- but her primary one is a secret for now. All higher-order beings are aware of her. She's working with very powerful spirit allies who are equally inexplicable. After she's done, we'll let you know. It's equally mind-blowing.

Her appearance was foretold by a crop circle a few years back:

Rainbow dragon/serpent cropcircle.

...and there have been what might be termed "energy sightings":

                                                                                                                       [Above three images courtesy Joni Neimela.]

Before you get too hinky or high-horsey -- ack, or biblical -- about this, note that the Rainbow Dragon is a power for GOOD, and not its opposite. Try to be open-minded. And, if amenable, you might wish her well in your meditations, esp. considering what she's doing for you. She doesn't need our help, per se, but an understanding would be helpful to all.

And that's it. Updates forthcoming as warranted. We were keeping this info under wraps until she was out, not that she was vulnerable by any means, we were just being protective of her. Note that the Rainbow Dragon has no affiliation with any society or religion or faction. She won't sign a contract with Disney. She's a very very large and very very intelligent, elemental creator-being here to save your bacon from something seriously nasty (seriously) while helping to usher in the earth's Golden Age. No pressure.

Before you start calling for picture-proof of giant egg shells, note that this is happening at a higher vibration than we are, so it's only possible for a few of us to see this. (Some factions were actively searching for her... not that they're around anymore. Ever see a spaceship get thrown into space before?) Some really CAN see this, and a lot of other things that would startle the pants off you. More than a few of The CAT's staff have seen and spoken with this being. Like we said, she's very nice. It's was like an ant talking to an enormous space Rainbow Dragon.

The CAT's apologies for not presenting this in the truly awesome way it deserves. Dragons have a lot of pop-culture overhead, so it's a bit tough to strike the right Gob-smacked tone with this information without you personally experiencing a REAL and deeply sagacious Rainbow Dragon the size of Cleveland first-hand yourself. Well, we tried. All we can say is: wow.

She really is this big, but not dinosaur-y. Tough to get a pic of a really big (LONG) ethereal being moving really fast.

UPDATE: So THIS is what we're becoming. With lots of help.

UPDATE2: Factually, the rainbow DRAGONS are here. A bunch of them. Like... millions of them, all over the place. They're much smaller than The Rainbow Dragon (she's gynormous), about 10-30 feet long. Here'a video of them IN MILWAUKEE! Wow.

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Things Are Happening

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