Yesterday in a meditation with all the M's, we saw a tiki (??) come to us and warn us that a new BIG nasty thing was coming right before The Event, a super powerful BIG BAD immortal that would be able to get through our shields. We expected it later, but it's here now.

It came right through protection and house shields last night like Bob Saget on a paycheck. It then invaded our dreams in a sneaky way. For the male CATs, it comes at you in the form of a pale ET VAMPIRE woman  — and you LIKE her, you feel sorry for her, you want to give her things. (We're guessing it comes at you as whatever gets to you.) It was like a classic vampire, but at a higher vibration. It didn't need to be asked in. Some of the M's saw it as a woman, some a man, but both were high on a ledge; we had to go UP to it each time.

At one point, one of the M's went to an ATM/token machine (like in an old arcade) and put money in the machine to get handful after handful of silver tokens for the raven-haired vampire lady with the big slanted ET-black-eyes -- soon joined by her blonde companion also holding her hands out.

Some of us realized what was happening and tried to reset protection… but it didn’t work. We tried to reconnect with SOURCE, but the link was compromised. We tried over and over again to reset protection in any and every way we could think of, but nothing worked. The images kept coming back, sliding into our minds. We went for our aetheric weapons… but they were gone, replaced by these really cool MANACLES that we mindlessly put on... then tore off, realizing what was going on.

THEN we deployed the spiritual nuke: we looked at the thing and said:


…and it slowly retreated. This is the only thing that worked. Know it. Learn it. Live it.

[NOTE: It also infected our crystals (those of us who use them), so be sure to go through your cleansing routines.]

[NOTE2: It's trying to interfere with this post. Let us now if you see weird typos and extra words.]

Thank you... Tiki??


The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

Given what recently happened to some of the M's, we felt it important to write this up (again!) -- especially considering our spirit guides insisted that we do so. Anyway, for those who've not seen this in the comments section of the previous post, some of the M's have been on a short (separate) summer getaway, and consequently AWAY from regular protection. Because of this exposure, we were accosted by some 20 ET groups (to either say hi or with some other motive) one night, under serious attack by dark spirits the next night, and had a truly serious visitation (and misunderstanding) the third! Talk about no sleep. Also, there was no decent coffee to speak of, so we were really having a problem!

Anyway, because the nasties attacked night before last, those concerned hunkered down last night expecting more in the way of attackage. Well, something did happen, but we misunderstood it at first. After closer examination and reconnection with the necessary spirit parties and other M's, we now have an accurate picture of what happened. Rather than rehash the misunderstanding, we'll give you the thought-out version.



FYI, the latest post got hacked, so we have to recreate it [NOTE: It's the post above this one, now]. What was swapped out was an old NOTES version, which wasn't complete... or coherant. We'll get it back up once we can get some time.


Lesson XX: Don't be an ET Slut

Don't just give it away.

Welcome to the can of worms, pre-Monday edition. What you'll be reading happened just last week to some of us and even we don't believe it. Before we begin... note that there's nothing left for you to do, Eventwise, save for making your choice between one of the following:
  1. SOURCE and the New Earth
  2. Staying here to help out, or... 
  3. Being so immersed in fear that you cash-in the second The Event energy hits you.
That's all there is left to do. Everything else is all done. The Event is in the pipe. It's coming. There's no stopping it. When? Very soon. We won't give an exact date, so the PTW can't mess it up. More and more people are discovering The Event, written about in so many cultures... and some groups are already trying to take credit for it! Don't be fooled: The Event comes from SOURCE, no one else.

Speaking of being fooled...


Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique

We realized that we were using an energy technique that we'd not shared before. This latest energy WHOMP reminded us of it, as some feline stragglers have been lagging behind, mostly due to dietary lapses. This technique was originally an eating technique devised by the excellent Coursian teacher Ken Wapnick, but it works well with energy -- and with really anything and everything -- and it works every time. It was Da-da who discovered its uses for energy when used it the moment before he got a (third) CAT scan some years ago (CAT scan energy can mess up your GI tract), and by using this technique, he had zero side effects afterward, compared with the times before. Anyway, here it is.

The Enjoyment Technique 




We had never read any of Ken Carey's books (nobody tells us anything), but we are currently digesting them and passing them around quickly. For those who read this blog, the excerpted book is a must-read; Carey's description of The Event, written back in the late '80s, is amazing. It is also supremely reassuring. 

[Note: this is the Oversoul speaking directly to you, through Ken Carey. An Extension of SOURCE, the Oversoul's primary gift is: creativity.]

[Also note: our emphasis is bolded.] 
Excerpt from Ken Carey's 1991 book, The Third Millennium


Your Heliomancer for 5-17-17

A monkeywrench ridden by a monkey chasing various minions from advancing balls of light??

The current pattern is: no pattern. We're seeing flux and chaotic data mayhem everywhere. Observe:


That Omniversal STRETCH

Spiritual Warrior
What did this pic get on the New Age-y meter?

Time to tip the scales permanently. Time to STRETCH. The Event is incoming, we know that; in fact, it's happening all the time, but the Big One is inbound. So, what are we going to do between now and then? We suggest adding a powerful new element to your meditations.

In your next meditation (here again is our meditation primer), get in the zone, then imagine yourself made of infinitely powerful and flexible crystal. Imagine this crystal filling with light, from the heart out, until you're blindingly bright and glow-y. Now expand this light-being structure till it's 30 feet tall... 100 feet tall... 1000 feet tall... a million. Grow till you hold the solar system in the palm of your hand. The galaxy. The Local Group. The omniverse. You get the idea. Then pop back to around 100 feet and have a seat on your house. Rest. Look around. We are MUCH more powerful and grand than these silly 3D flesh tuxedoes. Give it a try.

Then... offer love and healing light to all who need it. STAY IN THIS STATE as long as you can. Try making this your new everyday zone, and carry it around with you. (The M's were doing this accidently and were getting stared at by a surprising number of people!) BURST with light and send it to every dark corner of this planet.

It's time to EXPAND beyond our old idea of ourselves. No reason not to. Have fun with it!

Your basic Omniverse
Jeez, next we'll have pics of UFOs and angelic unicorns.


Your Basic Fairy Primer

A still from a video of about 18 fairies taken by Da-da in his backyard. Though this
was taken through a screen, they actually twinkled like that, in silvers and golds.

While we're all waiting and transforming, we thought some of you might be interested in this. We saw some questions in the comments on Lynn and Da-da's latest Five for Friday and wanted to chime in about fairies. Yes, there really are fairies and elves and minehunes and leprecauns and all sorts of elementals. In terms of fairies, several of us have firsthand experience with our "Good Friends" (how fairies like to be referred, they hate the name "fae" as it sounds like 'fey' which means 'doomed to die' in the old UK variants). All of the information below is our actual knowledge of fairies, based on direct firsthand observation, it's not an opinion or something we've read in books.

Note: We were granted permission to use the above photo (by the fairies themselves), but they asked that we please delete the video. In it, they twinkled just like Disney fairies.

Your Basic Fairy Primer


That Tree on the Hill

Folks, we here at SOC had a meeting and nearly all of us are weary of people asking (not here, but elsewhere) about WW3 and Trump and Chaffetz and Hillary and the bing and the boom... so tired in fact that we've made a group decision to move on in our hearts and minds. We'd like you to join us.

We'll still be here to help, but note that our attention has now turned UPHILL, to that tree on the hill. That tree knows you. We've hiked up to the tree lots of times and sat with our backs against its bole and given the illusory world exactly what it deserves: nothing. The world is an illusory and insane chattering monkey whose current sound and fury truly signifies nothing.


Your Heliomancer for Friday, 4-21-17 [UPDATED]

Well... this is either Witchiepoo entering or leaving the scene. East witch, or West witch? A Native American holding a pirate flamingo?  Sometimes a coronal hole is just a coronal hole. Note that 12651 (formerly 12644 or AR2644) and 12652 are now sync'ed up (whereas 12652 was on a timeline below 12651); these programming snarls now occupy the same latitude/timeline. If they merge, break out the popcorn.

UPDATE 4-23-17


Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

This is interesting. Not only do we have a wizard currently performing some charm on the sun, front and center, we also have one of the bouncing heads from "Spirited Away" at his feet -- AND the StarBaby from "2001" moving into frame. Something is happening here. ;)

Oh, and to recap the comments from the previous post:


Big Wave Inbound?

Several of us had the same dream, so we decided to share. Here's M2's version:

The following is METAPHORIC, not literal...


Warm-up for The Main Event?

So, we can now tell you that we were told that "it all begins on 4/2," hence the '42' thing, and the subsequent 40 days of meditation.

Looks like it's borne fruit: we've had three solar flares in the past 24 hours... but ignore the fear in the link. Here's what it looked like, energywise:


Day 1: 42!

Welcome... to 42 (that is, 4/2), The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything! And you think we're kidding. Many thanks to all who participated in the 40/40 Meditation challenge; you're closer to where you want to be than you ever thought possible.

Now, it's time for CAKE...

We've been saving 'em up.
...just don't anyone move.

Hmm... the end of the 40/40 ends on 42 (4/2) just as the sun starts waking up. Huh. Fresh programming inbound!


Day 3: A Little Secret [UPDATES]

Currently, big time X-ray love is coming from 2644, the upper timeline group. Interesting.

A snapshot of the sun right now. See those two groups of sunspots? Those are two separate timelines!


Here is another view, beneath the surface if you will:


Day 5: Wake Up Call

Not much farther, now.

Since this really should've come out Tuesday morning 3/28/17 (today), we're renaming this "Day 5." This seems important enough for a rare repost here on Day 5 of the 40/40 challenge:
Wake up Call: Horus, March 25, 2017
I am here to let you know that there is something coming around the bend for all of you. It is something that you have not been looking forward to because you have not been told that it is on it’s way. It is something that is totally a gift, and will bring so many of you to your knees. As I give this information through this one I do so with the knowledge that you may be wondering, as you read this, what in the world I am speaking of. I tell you that it is something that you will recognize when it comes forth, and it will be a personal outcome for each of you. Therefore I cannot be explicit and tell you what it is, because each of you will find it is personal to what is the right thing for your life. It will have all of the particulars that suit what you will find appropriate for the coming times.


Day 12: Cosmic Bike Lane Open
(and a Quick Q&A UPDATE)

We don't always understand the details (velocipedal?), but Gaia Portal's latest message is pretty clear.  Things are zooming right now. The really good news is that the recent tremendous influx of light has caused dark-entity attacks (usu. at night) to dwindle to nothing (at least for us). Phew.

Anyway, here's the latest:



Since it's UberGeek Monday (and Day 21), we invoke the following modified oath (as made by "The Doctor" in the "Darkling" episode of "Star Trek: Voyager") which all CATs have made:
I swear this oath by SOURCE: In whatsoever place that I enter, I will help and heal, and I will do no harm.

Exceptions made for snow speeders flying too early in the morning. M3 pew pew.



Day 31 Update [UPDATED]

Look at this Schumann Resonance/magnetometer beauty from NW Italy. (All that purple is right NOW, @ 17:47 UTC.) What does it mean? Could mean a train came into a nearby station, or someone's operating some construction equipment nearby, or someone in the lab is making toast, or something magical is happening to someone driving a bulldozer and eating toast at the railway station lab. OR it's the G1-class magnetic storm that's currently under way. These days, your guess is as good as your guess. It is pretty, though.

Here's the close-up look:


That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]

Fig. A: "Boom."

After one of the M's reported in the comments of a previous post about this, we realized that NO ONE had reported this, so... we're reporting it. And it sounds weird even to us.


Lingua Franca: ORANGE


Your time is coming, so... it's time to get ready. (You should be excited.) Let's start with something fun: where your language came from. (Language is basically software.) You want Disclosure? We got your Disclosure right here, pal.


40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]

The title of this post doesn't mean we're suggesting epic rains and floods are coming; we're already seeing that as part of this version of earth being allowed to return to normal. Instead, this post is... well, just a suggestion. A very important suggestion.


CAT Check for 2-18-17

Well, there it is, plain for all to see: HAARP being used against the Oroville Dam (that concentric radar/energy signature right over the dam). The PTW have made their choice against the American people very clear. The PTW and MTW (Media That Was) have chosen their lane. We bid them farewell and wish them luck on their inevitable timelines. We'd hoped they'd make a better choice, but there you go. It's the long path for them, now non-negotiable even if they did a 180 and wrapped themselves in unicorns and sparkle bunnies.


Start Thinking TREES

It is time to STOP fighting amongst ourselves, and instead start thinking about the world that is coming, and how you'll live in it. Start thinking TREES. They're already thinking about you. Seriously.

(Interestingly, this was our 111th post.)


CAT vs Snake [UPDATED]

Think of that snake as a falsehood, not Cobra himself.

Someone needs to set the record straight in terms of posts by the person calling himself/herself, "Cobra." They've been putting out more and more disinformation, lately, and we've had enough. As clairsentients, we KNOW when someone's lying or passing on misinformation, and some of the answers Cobra's been giving in interviews have been just plain wrong... which is fine for him (being wrong is not a crime), but when others are (vociferously) aping Cobra's "truth" elsewhere, then we have an obligation to step in. For the record, we have no vested interest in anything but the truth.


CAT Check for 2-9-17

A check-in/update seems in order. 

All is well... where it counts. Like Trump or not, the de facto "military" government now in place in the US is keeping the peace, and will be meting out justice to the justice-challenged. There is no avoiding it. (M3 said: "If you'd gotten the other candidate, you'd be embroiled in a terrible war right now, and it would be very hard to breathe.") The PTW (Powers That Were) are now just that. And the MTW (Media That Was) is feckless and doomed beyond repair; their ghosts may arise during the trials to come, but once it's over... it's over for them, as well. They will vanish as people turn away in disgust. No one will cry at their passing. (If the MTW is your livelihood, best start retraining now.) In future, friendly card games and informal dinner parties will be the norm. Hope you like peace and quiet!

Meanwhile, the finishing touches are being made on the New Earth, but... she's still not ready for prime time. This is what's causing the delay. (If you want it to happen faster, meditate on The New Earth and imagine a perfect world for all.) Note that it's not going to be Disneyland. You'll have to do actual work to survive, but you're not going in cold; you'll have help. Everything is a process. Once there, expect growth to happen fast, but there will be numerous, varied stages. We were curious about whether the New Earth was a separate planet, or a different level of the existing one, so we asked M3, who said: "I see the dimensions like layers on photoshop. Same earth, just multiple different overlays."

Speaking of that, some CATs have reported timeline overlappage:
  • CAT4: "I saw an old B&W movie on the TV from one room (through some french doors), but thought that was odd as I'd just turned the set off 10 minutes earlier on the way to bed. Upon entering the TV room two seconds later, the set was turned off, black. (I live alone.)"  
  • CAT2: "Several times now, as I've settled into meditation and peeked at the clock, it's kind of 'jumped,' like I'm suddenly seeing it in another reality, like I've skipped up a level."  

Another (M4) saw this on the night of 2/3:
Around 11 pm, I started in to my evening meditation when my feet started tingling... moved up to my hands... then with my eyes closed, I saw white rippling waves of energy wash over me, one after another, for about 2 minutes. They came in from the southeast, in the direction of Aquarius.

Later, I had a curious dream where I was walking some hilly terrain, to find just the right vantage point for observing some "secret" government facility (it was just three square buildings surrounded by barbed wire) from a distance. No idea why. And nothing happened the whole time I watched. Weird.
As for the second bit, M3 reported something similar. Meanwhile, M2 had two very interesting meditations. Note that water in this instance could mean energy.
M2 Session #1
I saw it raining raining raining. I got washed down some stairs TWICE, both times it was slow and not scary, all the while hearing that Winnie the Poo song, "When the rain rain rain came down down down...."
Then I was walking with my family on a green field whilst the sky darkened with police helicopters and other flying vehicles with red and blue police lights flashing. It neared ominously... and then passed overhead. We just watched 'em come and go, feeling no fear. Bye! (It was then that I had my second 'down the watery stairs' episode.) Then I was walking through some kind of building with various rooms, helping people do this and that in a very leisurely fashion. At one point, someone began an impromptu lecture on some topic while everyone else immediately started taking notes, but I (as an apparent teacher's aide) sat off to one side, facilitating; I already knew the information, and any new info that came I trusted I would remember. Then M3 came out of a golden alcove, their clothes and body and hair all gold. I remember thinking, "Of course."
The rain increased outside, and I was seeing the pages of a book that itself was filled with dark water that got darker and darker until it was black, with bubbles here and there vaguelly describing a skull, like in a Disney movie, but it was never scary. There was no fear associated with any of this, I just observed it, then heard the rain song again...
All was interrupted by a multi-phonic/-phasic snippet of bizarre "galactic language," heard both inside my head and clairaudiently. Never heard anything like it. Later, I asked M4 what my "galactic name" was; she said it sounded, "indescribable... like something from a dolphin."
M2 Session #2
Long, detailed meditation last night, like flipping channels. I saw many things, from the first-person viewpoint of the participants. What follows is both eyewitness and metaphor, I think. No timeframe on this, save for the end.
  • I saw someone either admit to treason or be found guilty inside a big chamber of people like the House of Representatives, then watched as they then implicated 58 other big-name people for the same thing
  • I then saw -- in super-slow-mo -- a heavily armed A-10 Warthog scream into a desert valley somewhere in what looked to be a Middle Eastern desert, the plane the first of a huge strike force that storms in and blows the holy crap out of  a (Daesh?) military group taken by surprise whilst preparing for some last major offensive
  • Then I saw myself as a hostage/prisoner (??) in the hallway of big hotel, and I think at one point we were to be paid-off for *being hostages* with bundles of currency that were then cut open and spilled on the floor, the rest of the money (a gigantic bundle) wrapped by big rubber bands, when I saw someone drop a box cutter, which I picked up and looped the handle with one of the big rubber bands and started whipping it around and around, slicing the faces of my captors to get away, then running running away down the hallway to freedom. 
  • Then I saw something like the end of a commercial on an old TV screen, one frame at a time: there was an email address for someone I was curious about, but when I tried to identify it onscreen I saw various other things listed that you could "earn" as part of some promotion, with silhouettes of various vehicles listed vertically, moving progressively in size and importance... then saw two small turquoise planes (like Cessna 174s) listed, each shown lifting off the ground with the label, "IN NOVEMBER" across them. This could either be people escaping prosecution, or perhaps... The Event? Anyone else see anything like that?
  • Finally, I saw Spock grab Teri Gar. Why is that?

Oh... you're no fun, anymore.


Rare Repost: Light the Way

A rare repost that nicely encapsulates what's presently going on; can't say we feel as 'exclamation-post-y' as this writer, but we appreciate the tone and message.

Ashtar: Light The Way 

Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are here with numbers so vast that it is an incredible – and yet credible because it is REAL -an accompaniment to what you have called forth here on Planet Earth, below, on and above.  And I shall say this – Love is not only the Answer, Love is defining the direction which the Planet is moving in even now!!!

And yes, there is still a lot of activity, because there are those who simply are so programmed – so deeply programmed – that they will not be convinced that they no longer have the ability, or the self-given authority, if you will, to rule over the Planet.  They have proven time and again, not only to those of you who are awake and watching – but also to those who are among them -that they are much given to disagreements amongst themselves.  They have proven that they really do not have anything more to offer than more for themselves.  Greed is a part of their programming.  And they simply do not know how to get up and out of their fear-based reality.  But you do!!!  We do!!!  And I am happy to report that their – let’s call it ‘reign of terror’ shall we, that’s an appropriate name – their reign of terror is coming to an end!

“Now you may have some leadership members – and these are Worldwide, not just in the United States of America – you may have some among your leaderships who are still wanting to beat the drums of war.  Well, first of all, there is not going to be any nuclear war!  And secondly, any kind of war that is started is going to somewhat self-implode!!!

“We are not going to give you exact details in aerial locations, numbers, and any of that. That is for two reasons: One, the security of those who are working so diligently to bring Peace to all of the Earth, and secondly, because there are still opportunities for individual timelines to change and come into Higher Alignment with where you are or where you want to go.

“So for those reasons, as I am telling you, we are not going to give details.  We only want to remind you once more that WE HAVE EVERYTHING WELL IN HAND!!! There is nothing that is going unseen. There is nothing that any of these dark hats are going to be able to impose upon the rest of the World, when the rest of the World so clearly wants to go in different directions – the directions of Peace, for instance, and Freedom for all; the end of separation and inequality and all of those kinds of situations that have been the program which has prevailed for eons of time, millennia of time.  They’re not going to be the way of the World anymore!

“Now we know you’ve heard this and we know there are many different interpretations.  We know that you, for instance, are Fabulous Creators, and that if you take a bit of this concept of how Love is going to prevail and expand upon it, you will each come up with a different method or means of achieving this!

“Well, we’re going to tell you the best, or we shall say, the most effective way to do this, is simply to stay in the High energies!!!Now we know you’re human.  We know that you still have the three lower chakras, and even though Sananda is currently teaching how to bring those up into a Higher level* – rather than to just toss them out, because that’s not how you make your Ascensions – we can understand that many of you are still allowing them to speak louder to you than your Higher Dimensional chakras, or Higher level chakras, beginning with your own Hearts.

“So a piece of advice that I can give you in this moment and in all to follow is FOCUS ON AND FROM YOUR HEARTS!!!  Now that seems simple. Sekhmet is going to go into more detail on that.  You’re going to love this one!**  But what you need to do is love yourselves as you are.  Don’t feel guilty.  Don’t condemn yourselves, even if you are, oh, sitting in a prison somewhere listening to this – you are forgiven. Even if you have taken the life of someone else, you are forgiven!

“If you have been a soldier on a battlefield, and have marched into a village and been a participant in taking the lives of innocents – children, for instance – you are forgiven!  This is not any kind of a judgment at all.  It is simply that what you need to do is bring yourself into a Higher level of self-concept.  See yourselves as you have been seen ever since you were born, and as you are seen now.  You played your roles.  You did what you came here to do!  And it is for YOU to determine that it is to forgive yourselves, no matter what you’ve done.  I have used a murderer just as an example.

“Most of you, in this lifetime – in fact I will say all of you – have not murdered anyone in this lifetime, but you may have done so in others.  Whatever you’re holding within yourselves in the way of self-judgment, self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-worth – those are creations and messages given to you because they are programmed in these – I’m talking about your three lower chakras, and in particular your solar plexus area.

“There is no one – no one on this Earth or beyond – who can lift the burdens that you are carrying from you – your innermost emotional and mental burdens – EXCEPT YOU!!!  And that is how to get up and out of the programs and that is how to assist, not only yourselves, but the World!

“Now we know there are still many of those ‘d’s’ floating around, and we’re talking about things like depression, distrust, and disillusionments.  Well, yes, the 3D programs are all those and more – if you buy into them, if you continue to allow them to run within your beings.  So what I am saying to you, Beloved Ones, each and every one of you – you do not have to wait for someone else to lift you up.  I and your guides are here to assist you, but it is up to you to say, ‘Okay, I’m ready!  I want to live in my Higher chakras where there is only Love, Peace, Abundance, and Joy’ – and all of the things that you desire as individuals and as the collective consciousness of the Humanity of Planet Earth!

“If you will just apply this, each of you, to yourselves, it’s not so daunting, it’s not so difficult.  It’s certainly much more possible than waiting and hoping that the entire World will accomplish this.  And every one of you who lifts up – even though you might not stay there permanently – every one of you who lifts up into the Higher levels of being – you, in turn, are showing the way for others!!!

“So, we’re here to partner with you.  We are doing so many actions behind the scenes that even I couldn’t count them.  It is only for you to know that your time to shine is now!!!  And in that, Beloved Ones, we are with you all the way!  So turn up your Lights of Love, shine them forth, and be the bright ones, the radiant ones, the Divine Beings that you came here to be, in all of your lifestyles and expressions, while you are here in your human bodies!

“You have never had an opportunity such as this, and I assure you that the changes that you’ve been waiting for are here.  Pull them in!  Create High Vibe visions, and share those with the World as well. And BE IN JOY!!!  No matter what the picture may look like, no matter how you might feel about your government or any of your institutions, THANK EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!  Begin with yourselves and go from there and thank everyone involved for showing you what there is to change.  Give it your Heartfelt assistance in creating your visions, and know that you are a part of those who are here to make these changes for all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!

“You couldn’t have chosen a better time!  Makes no difference your age, makes no difference what country you live in, the color of your skin, or your spiritual beliefs – so long as you know that Love, True Love, Unconditional, High Vibrational, High Chakra Love is the answer!  Bring it into yourselves, open your Hearts to it, and share it.  That, Beloved Ones, is how you work with us to accomplish our Mission!  And we thank and honor you for being here to be in partnership with all of us, your Brothers and Sisters who come to you from the Stars and the Universe, beyond Planet Earth!  And so it is.  Salut!



[Note: This post is very interesting, but not just for its content. The comments section, like all our comments sections, contains as much (if not more) information as the post itself in terms of Eventage detail. Be sure to give them a look if this is the first time you've looked at this.]

Lynn and Da-da's most recent "Five for Friday" post offers confirmation of another's dream description of what The Event will be; they finished this post on Wednesday. And now, here is another confirmation of The Event via Era of Light that just came out. Besides M2 getting the message "IT IS COMING" about 100 times in a row and this, we are seriously close to this really happening. Time to prepare yourselves and meditate on this:

Get Ready For A Major Shift In Consciousness

Allow yourselves, just for a moment, to move within a certain day. Moving along as you normally would in your certain business. Visualize this. Going about your daily business. All of a sudden you feel energy from outside of yourself but also within yourself at the same time.

This is a concept, an energy that you have had before but you cannot remember, you cannot quite grasp what it is. Yet the feeling is immense. The feeling is so blissful, so in love. You have no words to describe it. This will completely knock you over with this powerful energy.

When this occurs, that will be the “Event”. This will be that cosmic pulse that has been spoken of that will fill your body, become your body, you will become one with your body, with your consciousness. At that time your consciousness will increase ten-fold. It will be like nothing you have experienced before that is within your current memories now. It will trigger those memories back from who you were before and who you have always been.

Just for a moment, feel what this would be like. Know that at a certain time in the future, not far off now; you will experience this exact energy as you are experiencing it now. But imagine it 100 times over what it is possible for you to visualize or imagine what it could be like.  It will be far beyond what your wildest imagination could bring up here.

Allow yourselves now to filter back, find yourselves back toward you physical body. Come back and bring that feeling of love that you had, even if for a moment, bring it back with you into your consciousness. You will know and remember what that was like.

Know that you are in that moment, that time, that space where all is coming together, all is coming to a standstill. You will feel these energies; you will know these energies as they connect with you and with all of mankind. You are on the verge now. You are on the precipice of that moment in time that you have been waiting for so very long.  All of the things that you have been hearing about, knowing about, preparing for are about to unfold.

As you have heard many times, there is no stopping it now. Nothing can hold this back. There are only the energies; there is only the consciousness that is coming upon the Earth, coming within you. It is always, so within, so without.

You are feeling these energies now. You will be feeling these energies more and more as the wave continues to come through. The wave that began quite a few months ago. Several waves and the wave that came over this past Christmas season. This wave is continuing now and there is another one yet coming. There will be more following this as well. More energies of consciousness, waves that will come to the planet.

It will hit every individual on the planet. Every individual will feel it when it comes. They will feel it at the level they are at, at that time. Whatever consciousness they are at this moment will be multiplied by the consciousness of the wave. So you will feel it, know it and experience it know that these are the moments that have been spoken of. These are the times, the frequencies that have been alluded to that you are moving into now.

You will also learn some other amazing things from Lynn and Da-da's most recent post, but here's something new: M2 has seen inside the pods...

This will take new meaning soon.

Oh, and the sun is "flashing and pulsing":

UPDATE 1-15-17

The Schumann Resonance has been WATERFALL-y of late. What this means is up for grabs.

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