Event Step 7 Check-in

FYI, Step 7 WHOMP-age is beginning (that terrestrial meters can measure). There's been activity up and down the spectrum within the past two weeks, but it was more unmeasurable and ostensibly personal. All one need do is meditate for a short period of time to realize that EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. Better. Infinitely so. But we keep watch at various meters to see if it's quantifiable at this level.


A Pleiadian Xmas Card

Merry Disclosure from the Pleiadians!
[NOTE: Sorry, looks like our explanation caused someone somewhere to mess with this post.]

These videos from 12/22 are of a Pleiadian "mothership" and smaller craft... um, EXUDING their presence... which is a good thing. It's not a SpaceX launch, as has been reported to control the narrative. The Pleiadians made sure everyone could see. Check this out:



The POUNCE: Ears Back


This is too good to keep to ourselves.  


Your Upcoming Holiday Step 7 (and 8)

Mmmm... tree...

And just like that, it's the holidays and time for tree chomping. Step 6 is over and... turned put to be a quiet and rebuilding step, with some episodes of extreme torpor we hope we'll never see again. Talk about falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, ug.


Your Basic Update for 11-26-17 [UPDATES]

Wow. Two CATs and one M almost passed out while out-and-about yesterday due to the energy. Never have we almost dropped in our tracks. Super-draining. Could barely get up this morning.


Salvator Mundi

Btw, we read somewhere that this painting, "Salvator Mundi," attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, recently sold for $450.3 million. That's good for someone, but Leonardo didn't paint it. One of his students did. (You read it here, first.) The art world is rife with this kind of flimflammery.

It's a nice painting, though... even if Brother J never looked like that.


Stand UP and Be Counted [UPDATED]

Mystery of the Long Man of Wilmington SOLVED
Until now, no one really knew what the Long Man of Wilmington symbolized.

Hello, all. We were given explicit instructions early this morning on what to do. This isn't for everyone, just for those who can do it. You know who you are. If you have some imagination and some energy, you can do it. You're not being asked to do anything unless you feel called. This harkens back to this post, which we hope you explored.


EVENT Step 6 Countdown Has Begun [UPDATED]

Event Step 5 was fairly mild. The next Steps (6 and 7) feel medium. We will definitely feel them. Step 6 feels very solar plexus/heart-chakra driven. It will begin around the end of the countdown, and go on for a few days. We've noticed that some people go through it a week before, some a week after, so the countdown is really just a placeholder for Wave X/EVENT activity. This is a good time to detox and let things go.



...The Event started millions of years ago and has been building, and will continue to build for... well, for a while. That said, we need to inform you that the Event Step 5 Countdown is a bit disingenuous as Step 5 kinda started around Monday... and Sunday is looking like the day when Step 5 will not exactly END as come down a bit so we can all catch our collective breath. It will probably PEAK toward zero time, but how this impacts you depends on your own personal vibration level.


Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS

Don't take the ride.

FYI, folks: The PTW are up to something... but we don't see a nationwide blackout, as predicted by some sites. More like a false flag in the southeastern US for two main reasons: the PTW wants to deflect The Event Step 5 (ha!), and they want to wipe away the growing HRC/DNC blowback. Don't take the bait, and send light to that region. If you see/hear incendiary language from any outlet, just turn it off.


Bad News & Good News [UPDATES 10-26-17]

Ok, this is just awesome.

Ok, don't shoot the messenger. Here comes a bubbleburster... at least it was for some of us.


Your Step 5 Countdown (and Step 4 Recap) [UPDATED]

Well, isn't this refreshing. The PTW's dark machinery and "magic words" are now so weak that we can openly predict and advertise upcoming Event Step 5 without worrying about cabal blockage! Welcome to the future. Thus, the new countdown has been posted (which leaked earlier! oops).


Enlightenment is the New Orange

While it's easy to get bogged down in darkness and blame these days, just shine it all on and head toward the light. We'll see you there.


Timeline Bucklage

Here we go again.

Buckle up, folks. Timelines are bouncing all over the place. Lookie...


The Archons are GONE


For the first time in a looong time... millions of years?... there are no more archons in, on, or around the Planet Earth. The archons are GONE. They'd been forced away from the Earth and were hanging out around the moon -- and were feeling surprisingly invincible -- until they messed with some of the Meowracles' dreams. So, we asked our higher order friends to intervene and... POOF. No more archons. (It was actually quite a battle, but still, it didn't last long. The female archon was nasty, twice the size of the males. And they really did look like that above pic.)



The Event's a-comin', Timmy. Be here sooner than you think. Nothing can stop it.


Scenes From The Event, Step 3: 9/23 to 10/1 [UPDATED]


Wow, 9/23 did not disappoint.

Wow! (This is the Tixie meter in Yakustsk, btw, 11 hours ahead of EDT.)


Enter the Dragons?

Um... hello? They've been here for quite some time.


CATs Around the Fin de Siècle [UPDATED 9-21-17]

Something's happening.

Here's a recent CAT exchange:

A Commenting We Will Go

A little help.

Feel free to comment HERE, on this post, for the previous one. Let's see if that works.


Moon Landing Hoax Photo Breakdown

This monumental lie just sticks in our craw, not to mention the "examples."

The following is a post Da-da did with Lynn at Psychic Focus back in 2015, but this drill-down vanished (TWICE!) and had to be totally and painfully recreated... which we finally got around to. Da-da was kind enough to let us use it here. You're probably aware of some of this, but this provides a level of detail and depth that exists nowhere else. The end link is not for the faint of heart.

(NOTE:  Someone is suppressing the comments. Stay tuned. This post has also resulted in various energy attacks which we're tracking down. And now SCROOGLE is suppressing the site. Blast this post everywhere before it gets taken down.)



No one will believe any of this, but we don't care: put simply, we won. It was very stressful. We were brazenly attacked by the TWBs a week ago (three-ship sneak attack at 2:00 am), which forced us to (peacefully) scatter their ships all over the quadrant... but they came back, revenge-minded, and had to be liberated from their troubled existence. We did not do this lightly. Like the dark entities (one of them, Mr. Nasty) before them, the TWB fleet (a long-time scourge of this galaxy and others) is now gone; the final ship went last night. We sincerely hope that the rest of the tall whites, on their bright pink home planet at the end of the portal run, will try to walk the path of peace. We also want to thank all the beings and spirits who helped (there were quite literally over a million on hand). This was a big deal. And it is now over. We need a nap.

For the record... those who decide to test us... note that we never give up. And we never drop our guard. We are always ready. We are here to usher in The Event, and ring in SOURCE, and nothing will ever stop us. That's why we were chosen for this assignment.



High Weirdness UPDATE for 9-4-17 [UPDATED 9-10-17]

Ok, that's just embarrassing.

Wow. Buckle up for this post. Lots happening. Some of which is so out-there it's hard to even talk about. First off, something you aready know...


Your Basic Impossible 12-Step EVENT, Already in Progress...

That EASY sign is starting to look pretty rusty.

This may not be news to some, but it was to us. You're probably not gonna like it. 


Monument(al Energy) Valley Days

Um... SOMETHING is happening. Something extra. We know that this is an obtuse statement considering all the things that are constantly happening, faster and faster... but... something EXTRA is happening. We don't know what it is (Lion's Gate? Wave X? All of the above?), but it feels good and ominous at the same time.  It feels BIG, at least our pineal glands/chakras are saying so! Like SOURCE is sidling up to us and giving us a WINK.

Quick graphs:


Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]

Ok, we're back from a rather weird vacation, but more on that later. We have all kinds of stuff for you in this special balloon-popping/re-inflation edition.

1. ENERGY! First up, we have HIGH ENERGY all over the place. Besides the energy of 7/31/17, yesterday (8/3/17) was equally intense:


We're Back

Hi. Just a quick note to let you know that most of us are back, and slowly filtering experiences. More as we develop. Comments sections are now manned... er, catted.


Gone Readin'

Folks... we're takin' some time off to climb a tree and read,
and not think about any of this stuff for a while. We'll be back in a few weeks.


Gearin' UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

[Ok, with so much happening, some older UPDATES ARE IN RED and the newer ones in BLUE. We were just gonna delete this post since it's a mess, but what the hell.]

[Latest energy updates at the end.]


The Saturday Experiment

Since we have a little time to think and chat and experiment, we'd like you to try something with us. We're going to do it, too. We're NOT Ascended Masters, so we need the practice as much as anyone. That said, let's try a Brother J exercise.

Today is Saturday, so we're calling this the Saturday Experiment.


Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]

Dark entities? Neutral/bad ETs? POOF. Gone.

THIS IS THE FIRST SITE TO REPORT THIS. Some credit, please, reposters.

Folks, something has happened. We're not sure if what just happened was The Event, or one of them, but after tremendous energies last night @ 8:15 pm PDT (even the M's were nauseous)... the dark beings/entities plaguing the earth are ALL GONE.


Update From Sophia Love

Here's the latest from Sophia Love's June 30th (free) newsletter. She also had a link to Allison Coe's QHHT talk about The Event that we shared a week or so ago.

Btw, over the next few days, we suggest that those "called" either fast or eat light (fruit and veggies and grains and water and coffee and tea and ok, yes we would like a cookie, please...). Those of whom we speak might want to steer clear of meat and alcohol. The energy is getting very zingy, and it's much more comfy when you "eat right."

Sophia - One with an update on the coming shift

This conversation took place May 24th, 2017 at 3:30 AM.
I was woken up. Is there someone now who wants to connect?
It is I. It is One.


The BOO & The HOO: Epic Shift Averted


Check THIS out. Remember the promised 'big bad' attacks that the ("neutral," kinda shady) "Mr Tiki" promised? They came, in multiple waves, as promised, and are probably still coming to a certain extent. But you won't believe what they used.

See the top image? See that big black gap from 11 to 17? (That's 9 pm to 3 am PDT.) Well, Mr Tiki's handlers, whom we're well aware of and will not name because they don't deserve the recognition, used one of their most powerful... weapons? devices? spells? we don't know what these things are, but they used them to try and shear and deviate The Event timeline. Suffice to say that this latest spate of attacks failed and that all is well... though we won't lie and tell you we weren't worried.



As we said in a recent post, we had never read Ken Carey's books (we don't get out much) till very recently. This, our final Carey excerpt, is from his first book, written in 1979 in just 11 days, eventually published in 1982. (The first four chapters are amazing.) Here is Carey's description of The Event, which is not only an amazing glimpse into what we've been talking about all this time (before anyone was talking about it in the quasi-mainstream), but it also totally explains what The Event really IS.

Excerpt from Ken Carey's, The Starseed Transmissions:

When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place. There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended. Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems, this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation.



Yesterday in a meditation with all the M's, we saw a tiki (??) come to us and warn us that a new BIG nasty thing was coming right before The Event, a super powerful BIG BAD immortal that would be able to get through our shields. We expected it later, but it's here now.

It came right through protection and house shields last night like Bob Saget on a paycheck. It then invaded our dreams in a sneaky way. For the male CATs, it comes at you in the form of a pale ET VAMPIRE woman  — and you LIKE her, you feel sorry for her, you want to give her things. (We're guessing it comes at you as whatever gets to you.) It was like a classic vampire, but at a higher vibration. It didn't need to be asked in. Some of the M's saw it as a woman, some a man, but both were high on a ledge; we had to go UP to it each time.


The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

Given what recently happened to some of the M's, we felt it important to write this up (again!) -- especially considering our spirit guides insisted that we do so. Anyway, for those who've not seen this in the comments section of the previous post, some of the M's have been on a short (separate) summer getaway, and consequently AWAY from regular protection. Because of this exposure, we were accosted by some 20 ET groups (to either say hi or with some other motive) one night, under serious attack by dark spirits the next night, and had a truly serious visitation (and misunderstanding) the third! Talk about no sleep. Also, there was no decent coffee to speak of, so we were really having a problem!

Anyway, because the nasties attacked night before last, those concerned hunkered down last night expecting more in the way of attackage. Well, something did happen, but we misunderstood it at first. After closer examination and reconnection with the necessary spirit parties and other M's, we now have an accurate picture of what happened. Rather than rehash the misunderstanding, we'll give you the thought-out version.



FYI, the latest post got hacked, so we have to recreate it [NOTE: It's the post above this one, now]. What was swapped out was an old NOTES version, which wasn't complete... or coherant. We'll get it back up once we can get some time.


Lesson XX: Don't be an ET Slut

Don't just give it away.

Welcome to the can of worms, pre-Monday edition. What you'll be reading happened just last week to some of us and even we don't believe it. Before we begin... note that there's nothing left for you to do, Eventwise, save for making your choice between one of the following:
  1. SOURCE and the New Earth
  2. Staying here to help out, or... 
  3. Being so immersed in fear that you cash-in the second The Event energy hits you.
That's all there is left to do. Everything else is all done. The Event is in the pipe. It's coming. There's no stopping it. When? Very soon. We won't give an exact date, so the PTW can't mess it up. More and more people are discovering The Event, written about in so many cultures... and some groups are already trying to take credit for it! Don't be fooled: The Event comes from SOURCE, no one else.

Speaking of being fooled...


Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique

We realized that we were using an energy technique that we'd not shared before. This latest energy WHOMP reminded us of it, as some feline stragglers have been lagging behind, mostly due to dietary lapses. This technique was originally an eating technique devised by the excellent Coursian teacher Ken Wapnick, but it works well with energy -- and with really anything and everything -- and it works every time. It was Da-da who discovered its uses for energy when used it the moment before he got a (third) CAT scan some years ago (CAT scan energy can mess up your GI tract), and by using this technique, he had zero side effects afterward, compared with the times before. Anyway, here it is.

The Enjoyment Technique 




We had never read any of Ken Carey's books (nobody tells us anything), but we are currently digesting them and passing them around quickly. For those who read this blog, the excerpted book is a must-read; Carey's description of The Event, written back in the late '80s, is amazing. It is also supremely reassuring. 

[Note: this is the Oversoul speaking directly to you, through Ken Carey. An Extension of SOURCE, the Oversoul's primary gift is: creativity.]

[Also note: our emphasis is bolded.] 
Excerpt from Ken Carey's 1991 book, The Third Millennium


Your Heliomancer for 5-17-17

A monkeywrench ridden by a monkey chasing various minions from advancing balls of light??

The current pattern is: no pattern. We're seeing flux and chaotic data mayhem everywhere. Observe:

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