Buckle Up. Laugh. Cry. Be on the Edge of Your Seat.

It is time. The veil has been lifted. The energies are rising (and they won't be going back down). The cabal is toast (literally, inside and out), their lieutenants ready to be thrown under the bus. Past global ET agreements have been negated and new (FAIR & ENFORCED) agreements are in place. The (5th-12th) cavalry is in place and doing their jobs, where necessary. Trees are ECSTATIC. The planet is watching, patiently; she's totally on humanity's side. Hillary and Bill are dying. The Big Bads have been given their final ultimatums, their giant dark boat anchor obliterated. Trump is (intentionally) self-destructing. And anyone not playing nice from now on will be quickly intercepted and removed.

Who are we listening to these days? Certainly nothing in the MSM or even the alternative media. We pay attention to Simon Parkes and Diane Canfield, then cross-reference against firsthand experiences of The CAT staff (most of which we don't share because the info is personal and sensitive). We also look at American Kabuki, ZeroHedge, and a few others. Sadly, most everyone else seems to be either deluded, compromised, on the take, or perhaps on a different timeline than the rest of us.

Bottom line: be very very happy. No seriously bad stuff will be allowed to happen. Ignore anything that smacks of fear-porn. As Da-da recently said, you have all been in line for a very long time, have FINALLY been placed inside the rocket pod, your seat-bars fastened, and you're on the rankling UP ramp getting ready for the first hill. Oh, and what a ride it will be. Relax, put those hands in the air, and go with it. Scream if you must. And laugh. And cry. And be on the edge of your seat. Try not to barf on the person next to you.

I'm gonna hurl...


Rare Repost: The PTW and the Lion's Gate

Given how inundated we've all become with information, we strongly suggest this post from StarshipEarth.

The PTW and the Lion’s Gate—Love Is In the Air

There have been several reports that the PTW (powers that were aka dark cabal/reptilians) have been vanquished, removed from the planet just recently, and that the “veil” is either thinning or gone. Whether that has yet manifested in our dimension remains to be seen, but I do not entertain the idea that WE will be told what WE will do with the cabal once they’ve surrendered/been arrested.

It sounds as though we are at the point that many of the criminals and even their minions indeed ARE being hunted down; that from not only Ben Fulford, but also Dante Santori, who put out an amusing, feel-good video yesterday with some evidence of that intel. Ladies, you’ll particularly like this one. It’s at the bottom of this post. Thanks, Dante.  

As mentioned previously, many videos and blogs are designed to impart sensitive information to those who recognize it and know what to do with it, so don’t take everything too literally.

I, personally, am not getting bogged down in the Turkey news, the violence in the streets with more shootings having occurred in Texas and Washington State, and instead focus on the positive signs like the Keshe technologies—oh, and the most enthralling election scandals, of course. That’s all part of my entertainment. Seeing clones breaking down and malfunctioning is hilarious.

Following is a message from a Lightworker who encourages us to stay in our heart centre, at peace, and in Love; undistracted by that which screams to tear us away and embroil us in the drama.
It’s a channeled message, but Love IS in the air, and what we do with the Lion’s Gate this month is up to us. Are we leaders… or being led?

Thanks for your message, Jen, and also the Pleiadians. I’ve been having a wonderful vacation doing the things you suggest. It works.  ~ BP

Pleiadian Message: The PTW and the Lion’s Gate

August 1, 2016
Greetings, starseeds, light workers, light warriors, peace makers and peace keepers. We, your Pleiadian Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Pleiadian Ring of 500, hope you are enjoying the benefits of the Lion’s Gate portal opening. This showering of light codes is yours to accept and integrate into your light being, DNA and consciousness. Enjoy!

Now, for some clarification regarding those 4D beings who once controlled your planet. There is much disinformation leading you to believe that these beings are “fallen angels” from Rigel and Andromeda. They have been separated into four different categories and there is false information that some of them are capable of redeeming themselves and “moving into the light.” Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by this. All of these beings (whether referred to as Draconians (Dracos), Archons, Chimerians, or “Jesuits” [not the correct term]) are Reptilian beings, and they are all from planets within the same constellation known as Lacerta (which means Lizard)).

Many of these Reptilian beings from Lacerta have already been removed because they are not capable of seeing the light or being the light and they were a serious threat to humanity. Their remaining clones and mind-controlled minions and false light workers continue to make you believe with their “victory to the light” reports (during the Lion’s Gate, no less) that they are still alive and well and in full control of your planet. Despite what your news media reports, this is simply not true.

We encourage you to unplug from the media drama and move into the 5D vibration of unconditional love and trust so that you are able to relax and accept your light codes that will boost you into a 7D vibration and consciousness during this Lion’s Gate portal opening. Trust your inner wisdom and know that all is truly well. Many of you find it tempting to constantly “check” your Internet or news media as some sort of proof that your sky is not falling. When you do this, you are not trusting your higher self or inner wisdom. Realize that you cannot create or manifest the peace you desire if the majority of you (also known as the human collective) are not at peace.

You can do this much more effectively by tuning out the illusions created by your media and tuning into the peaceful, rhythmic beat of your own heart until the Lion’s Gate closes. Make a pact with yourself to turn away from all news media and personal drama to find your own peace within, dear ones. It is very important for you to do so at this time.

Until now, you have all been waiting, asking: When? When?

It’s not about time or timing. It’s always been about vibration and consciousness. But, if you must know “when,” we will tell you that it is when the strongest of the strong (those of you reading this message) turn their attention inward and create peace and calm. It’s when you trust yourself and your abilities to create peace through your own higher consciousness without turning on the TV or logging into the Internet to see if there’s any evidence that it has happened yet. It’s when you stop pouring into the streets to protest the next atrocity. As you’ve seen throughout the years, this only creates more drama: anger, outrage, fear, worry. Do not do this any longer, dear ones. No matter how “peaceful” the demonstration, there is still very little power in such protests, for they are led out of fear-based vibrations.

You must know that your collective personal calm is what shuts “them” down. They create chaos at cosmic events and the times of greatest potential for your personal growth as a human collective to purposely keep you in lower vibration. Don’t allow them to do this to you once again with their political nonsense and false flag attacks. Remember that those involved (even those injured or killed) are in contract with “them” to carry out their grand productions to keep you in fear. Rise above it. Shut them out by logging off. Unplug.

Recharge your batteries in nature, or simply in silence by listening to your own heartbeat. Know that you already have everything you need to create peace for your planet and all of her inhabitants in the center of your chest. Trust yourself. Allow in the light codes of the Lion’s Gate. Trust your abilities to create a better world from your own creative heart energy. Send it out around the globe.

Telepathically connect with others working to do the same as you and share your peaceful visions with one another. Draw. Paint. Chant. Sing. Drum. Dance. Write. Garden. Cook. Bake. Craft. Tinker. Exercise. Play with your kids or pets. Do the things you love with the time you used to spend searching, surfing, scrolling, checking, watching.

This is your time. Right now. Make powerful use of this time by tuning into the cosmic energy being gifted to you now from Creator Source Energy. Remember that those who have controlled you for so long are only 4D beings. You have the opportunity now to rise into 5D, 6D and 7D vibration and consciousness and move into these higher dimensions of being that “they” cannot reach. We encourage you to take advantage of that.

That is all for now. All our love to you.

For more on the Lion’s Gate, visit this link.
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