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Comings and Goings: Mixed Bag [UPDATED 4-25-16]

Um... hi.

We have so many things to share, we're gonna have to number them. Here we go.

1. For those who may have missed it, it was recently reported that (and to our knowledge, we've never used this term) the "Draco ET royals" who are apparently at the heart of the negative ET faction here on earth, are gone.  However, The CAT can't confirm this. In fact, we get that the "royals" actually come and go (but aren't gone forever); some are gone, but others may be going back and forth for whatever reason (to negotiate, perhaps). Either way, we need to concentrate on getting our collective consciousness higher. This was all a bit confusing (perhaps deliberately so), as it was our understanding that the planet was in quarantine, but some have said that "the Sphere Beings let them go." Again, we aren't seeing this, as much as we'd like to. This is not to say this hasn't happened, we're just not aware of it.


Here She Comes

Not sure we've touched on this before, but the energy coming to the earth now (and into the next epoch) is FEMININE energy; besides a reification of SOURCE, this is the key component of the entire Event we're to experience (or ARE experiencing right now). On Saturday, just at the onset of a big wave of energy, one of the CATs saw a cosmic white wave with a woman's face cresting over the earth. The night prior, another CAT staffer was visited by a vast and glorious white goddess energy that was literally Divine Feminine Love. To use their words:

It was like being inside "IN LOVE" energy (the kind you feel when you're "in love" with someone), embraced and brought into a being of infinite love and awareness, hugged by the feminine aspect of SOURCE. It was transformative. A small taste of what being reawakened within SOURCE will be like. It was the ultimate LOVE energy hug that lasts an eternity. You never want it to end... and it never will.

Here's an excellent post by April Bender that says it better than we can:


WAVE X2/Energy Update & Brief MEOWRACLE [UPDATES]

The above Schumann Resonance meter explains why lots of CATs weren't doing much sleeping night before last. (14 is midnight PDT... I think.) Apart from that, the neutron/cosmic ray count is all over the place, though trending upward. There have been a few spikes, of late. SOMETHING is going on. Somewhere.

What we DO know and can report is that one of the CATs has seen an energy event occurring this weekend, though she says it's not "the BIG one." No idea what that will mean. There will apparently be waves of energy that will affect us in innumerable ways, but what else is new? We've been hearing about Event dates all over the place, but without corroboration it does no good to report them. The lady at State Farm has predicted something for April 9th, 11 pm to 2 am, so that's good enough corroboration for us.

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