Your New Home in the Trees [UPDATE 1-3-17]

Like this, but with LOTS MORE TREES.

Regardless of what others may say, everything really is happening... for some, anyway. The following might be for a few, it might be for many, we have no idea. We're just sharing what we found, which is all we ever do. That said, M2 had an hour-long vision and it's a doozy. A few notes:
  • What M2 described as a gynormous "Golden Event Ball" is approaching us from BENEATH (outside?) the space-time continuum (don't ask us how that works). It's slowed some, which is the reason it's not here yet, we think so some folks can prepare more, mentally (not in a "prepper" way).
  • Once the "energy ball" pops up into our "reality," we'll all basically go through it, somehow, or it through us. (M1 saw something similar, with some people panicking.) Whatever it looks like, it's literally SOURCE, so there's no reason to fear it... unless fear is your middle name.
  • At this point, a number of things will happen. Basically you'll end up where it will do you the most good. Some will take a number and sit in a big white room for 483 years, waiting for their number to be called. Yes, we're kidding. You might go one place and stay there for a while, and if all goes well, you may then go to another place, and another... to the tune of about ten upgrades (give or take ten). If you go berzerk and don't do well wherever you are, you'll wind up in another place that suits you better. It's really up to the individual.
  • The most promising of these realities has been called Terra by some. If you suddenly find yourself in a world dominated by a bazillion trees, then that's it! It's one place for those of a certain spiritual bent (no, not Druids). There you'll be given a puppy and an espresso... no, that's the DMV Dimension... for Terra, you'll be given a headstart, foodwise, and shelter will be provided (in many cases, "familiar" shelter, like your house). Electricity will work in the houses, but don't ask us how that works, as there are no wires; alas for those addicted to them, no electronics of any kind will work. (Read: NO TV OR INTERNET.) M2 was unsure about water, that may work too, or you'll have to go get it from a local source. Your bodies will be changed, such that you will live longer, about 150-200 years, disease-free. Days and years will be longer, 30 hours and 400 days, respectively. So... you get to sleep in! Food plants and trees will grow twice as fast there. Each person/family will be given basic necessitites (one horse, three cows, two-to-four chickens, etc.). Seeds and farming know-how will be provided. Some stores may still be around, but will eventually empty of existing inventory and turn more into old-fashioned markets. Nothing toxic will transfer. There will be no money, just bartering. Eggs will be a big thing, as will the necessary daily collection of (ample, dead) firewood. No animals or trees are allowed to be harmed (for food, or other purposes), unless you want to find yourself in another, lower vibratory place. You will be able to converse with both (!) animals AND trees, so killing them won't be much of a temptation. Most of our existing pets/animals will be there, albeit in "a changed way" (e.g., your cat will be skinner and more lively). There will also be NEW animals present -- along with some previously extinct! M2 saw a dodo and a small (nice and peaceful) six-foot-tall T-rex! All water will be fresh and clear, available in streams and rivers and lakes. The oceans will be there, but salinity is in doubt. The terrain/land masses may be totally different. There will be no cars and no roads, no planes, but there will be boats... and the occasional ET craft. You will do a lot of walking. All people will belong to small tribes that have already been planned. It will basically be like living in the 19th Century, but with electric lights and no weapons. And global peace. People will find that they have been assigned new roles: those good with animals/horses will wrangle. Those who are natural healers will do that job. Entertainment will be provided by YOU... live. The play's the thing. Some things that you already own, that are "desirable" for your existence, will follow you (like crystals and card games and some books). The air and water and sky and stars will be simply amazing. ETs and spirits will be there in profusion, and this will scare some people (who will refuse to leave their houses) until they understand that they're friendly and not a threat, or they vanish to someplace else. Get used to things changing a lot (for the better). Anyone who freaks out and/or harms anyone will immediately disappear and reappear where they need to be. Those really good at musical instruments will be especially valued, as will woodworking skills, or any artisan-/craftsman-type skill the tribe can use. Those in attendance will basically all be turning Amish without the Amishness! Terra will be a peaceful and friendly Shangri-la.
  • If, after a time, you do well (mentally and spiritually) at whatever level you're at, you may be "promoted" up the ontological ladder, or be given this choice. Families will be kept together as much as possible, should that be desirable.
  • Schooling for children and adults will be done by spirits and ETs, mostly while you're in a meditative state or asleep, so no schools, no colleges, not at first, anyway.
  • You'll never have to commute or pay bills or taxes ever again.
  • There will be no tea or coffee right away, until we learn where to find and cultivate it. (This was the only bummer we experienced.)
  • ET tech may eventually find its way into our lives as we mature.
  • This is basically the beginning of a whole new civilization made up of humans and ETs and spirits -- and of course SOURCE.
  • If you don't like trees or cooperation, or you can't live without your smartphone for more than three seconds, then you'll find yourself elsewhere.
NOTE: Timeframe is tough to pin down, as people haven't yet learned to focus, together, en masse. When it gets warmer where you are, try meditating with your back against a big tree. If the tree "accepts" you, you can become one with their morphogenetic field... and then talk to trees.

That's it. Questions?

Accurate except for the truck, and the road. Oh, and LOTS MORE TREES.

Oh, and a Russian mystic wrote about it over 70 years ago.

The Happiest of New Years!

UPDATE 1-3-17

This is interesting. Today's SDO coronalhole looks rather... cat-like... activating something...


THE EVENT: Your Official Notice [UPDATE 1-3-18]

[That is, 16 days from the date of this video.]

As Gregg Prescott correctly points out: "...the video announcing these gamma rays was produced by BPEarthwatch, who took a fear-mongering view of the event. It should be noted that both BPEarthwatch and one of his sources listed on the video, Paul Begley, are religious zealots who are seeking “End Times” prophecy fulfillment." The CAT Staff doesn't see it this way, of course.

In fact, this looks to be your late Xmas present. Something big and intense and POSITIVE is coming on/around December 26th. For those who like LOVE, it will be beyond positive. (For those who don't....) Right now, take some time and imagine your ideal future. It’s time. For most, this is not "the apocalypse," save for those who brought t upon themselves. Updates as they occur. Luck is not a factor. Stay positive.

UPDATE 12-15-16

All is well.

Don't try to steer. Just sit on the funicular as it goes UP, and enjoy the sights. You'll be instructed where to go and what to do.

Source is in control this time, so... everything is perfect. (Even the Oversoul is tickled.) If you start feeling anxious, stop and take a breath to reset things. I see a shift in energy AFTER the holiday (this calm and zen feeling). Just get through the next 10 days.


UPDATE: 12-20-16

As per the comments below...

"Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now"


HEADS-UP from M1-4: "The above image is a precursor... the real thing won't leave you questioning. It will be so obvious you won't have any doubt when it happens." 

UPDATE 12-26-16: Well, we got a good-sized WHOMP...

...but it sure wasn't The Event. Maybe we were reading the smaller energy influx; of course, the day's not over yet. The lead Meowracle said The Event energy, which defies time and space, is "one universe over" from us in the omniverse, apparently. How long does that take to get here is anybody's guess.

UPDATE 1-3-18

What we know now is that this was just the beginning... or it was the middle. Anyway, this energy has been building around and through and beyond the earth for a while. It turns out to be a 12-step process, with Step 8 on the way as we write this. This will mean various things to various people. Either way, your life is changing for the better.



...so THAT'S why my heart was racing last night.

So, I've said this before, but now we're almost to it. Buckle up, folks. It might get bumpy from here on out. BUT... don't worry. Trust in the angels of your better nature. All is occurring perfectly, if you examine it, and perfection only comes from one Source. This experience will be something you'll never forget. Still no idea what that will be (a few hints, but they might be wishful thinking), but I can feel it coming like a freight train full of spirit mirrors. After the collision, some will like their reflection... some will not.

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