The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery SOLVED?

Why does Da-da feel like he's going to be asked to go here?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: A Man Called Da-da has kindly allowed The CAT to repost some of his MYSTERY SOLVED articles, which are very good... and YES, actually solve the mysteries... while of course bringing up new ones (some of which are apparently quite frightening). This lighthouse one is one of our favorites -- and NO, he won't tell us what serves as monster in the solution; he insists it's for Our Own Collective Good; he also gets this worried LOOK on his face -- for the record, nothing scares Da-da -- so we're not gonna push. Much.]


The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery SOLVED? [PART 1]

by A Man Called Da-da

Time to solve a 115-year-old mystery? Da-da tried, but his explorations just deepened the mystery -- and frankly made Da-da a little nervous to go on. Whole books have been written about The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery, where three lighthouse keepers simply vanished in mid-December of the year 1900. Da-da would love to tell you that this mystery is solved, but... well, Da-da may have just made matters worse. Almost for fun, he asked two psychics what happened. He wasn't all that thrilled with what he found out.

First, let's recap the details via this excellent write-up at the blog, Unsolved Mystery:

The Disappearance at Eilean Mor Lighthouse

The Outer Hebrides island chain off the western coast of Scotland is one of the most remote locations in the world, bedrock formed of ancient metamorphic rock home to the Carloway Broch, and Loch Nessand its famous monster. The Flannan Isles, also known as the Seven Hunters, are seven uninhabited islands on the western-most edge of the chain; and in December 1900, the largest of these — Eilean Mor (Gaelic for “Big Island”) — became the site of an unsolved mystery when three lighthouse keepers vanished without any apparent explanation.The Atlantic Ocean off the Flannan Isles is rough and treacherous. So many ships had been lost there that in 1895, a lighthouse was finally built on Eilean Mor – an undertaking of considerable logistical difficulty as the building materials had to be hauled up a 150 foot cliff (45 meters.) Once construction was finished, three lighthouse keepers were installed: head keeper James Ducat, first assistant Thomas Marshall, and second assistant Donald McArthur. All three men were seasoned veterans of the storms; Ducat, 43, had over 20 years experience at lighthouse keeping, while Marshall and McArthur were both seamen.The keepers worked on a rotating watch of 14 days; food and supplies were brought to them as weather permitted. In mid-December, one of the three was due to return to the mainland for a break, to be replaced by a keeper named Joseph Moore.

The lighthouse had been operating for little over a year when on December 14, 1900, a tremendous storm waylaid the Scottish coast, battering the Eilean Mor lighthouse and surrounding countryside. The very next evening, December 15, Captain Holman, skipper of the SS Archer sailing nearby, noted that the Eilean Mor lighthouse had gone dark and reported this to the nearest shore station by Morse code.

Stormy weather began churning the seas again the very next day. It wasn’t until one day after Christmas that the weather calmed sufficiently to allow the SS Hesperes to land Joseph Moore on the island for his replacement shift. The keeper who he was slated to replace was supposed to be waiting for him on the island’s east landing. But no one waited at the jetty which Moore noted had been terribly damaged by the storms.

Panicked, Moore ran to the lighthouse. There he found the ashes of a cold fireplace and an upended chair as though the person sitting in it had stood up very quickly. On the kitchen table sat a half eaten meal of salted mutton and potatoes. Missing was a toolbox, and two sets of oilskins and boots belonging to James Ducat and Thomas Marshall. The final entry in the logbook, recorded by James Ducat at 9am on December 15, read, “Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.”

No other signs of the missing men were ever found.

When Moore and the Hesperes crew explored the island, they found that even more damage had been sustained by the windward side of the island. The jetty was twisted; the ropes and jibs of the platform used to hoist supplies scattered about; the iron staircase on the side of the cliff twisted and misshapen.

An official investigation launched into the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers concluded that the men might have taken advantage of the break in the weather to explore the damage on the western side of the island. There they may have been swept away by a giant wave. But that conclusion doesn’t explain the signs of hurried leave-taking found in the men’s living quarters.

Various interpretations were offered. Perhaps one of the men had been driven mad by the inclement weather and had turned on his colleagues, before hurling himself in the ocean. Perhaps mold had grown in the men’s food, poisoning it with a hallucinogenic substance.
Local inhabitants offer another explanation.

Eilean Mor was once a Viking outpost, and a ghostly Viking longboat was said to haunt the local seas. Indeed, the crew of the Fairwin – one of the vessels sent out to investigate why the lighthouse had gone out on December 15 – reported seeing a ghostly longboat on that night, crewed by warriors with faces the color of bone: Three men in oilskin raingear were rowing that boat. Could the lighthouse keepers have run afoul of ancient ghosts?
Whatever the truth, the mysterious disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers remains one of Scotland’s most enduring mysteries.

And with that, perhaps it should stay a mystery.

Enter the Psychics

Scores of theories and books have been presented over the years on this mystery, yet nothing has come to light to even begin to explain what happened -- that is, until now.

Before Da-da reviewed the psychics' findings, his first thought was that the lighthouse crew had indeed accidently ingested some contaminated food, as was assumed in the infamous Le Pain Maudit ("Cursed Bread") Mystery where the entire French village of Pont-Saint Esprit went mad, before it was discovered to have been a CIA LSD experiment. But the psychics' findings were more mysterious, if not equally sinister.

Having spent years vetting various sensitive folks (no one seems to like the term "psychic" much), Da-da asked two very talented psychics to help solve the Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery. Da-da's questions were simple: What happened to the lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mor? Is there something historically strange about that piece of land?

Psychic #1:
Eerie. The weather is calm. Guys out of their minds, mad. Sweating, hallucinating, like something is chasing them. They jumped off the cliff, into the water and died. The land is cursed? Something underneath is dark, energetically wrong. Some negative force radiates out and causes people to go crazy. Hallucinations, fear, panic, anything negative. Like water dripping, it starts small, then escalates into something huge in the mind.
Psychic #2:
I see someone being chased by bees... only there are no bees. It's all in their mind. They're waving at nothing, running, terrified. Something... some kind of dark energy from below is making them crazy. They jump into the water... gone.
But that's not all the psychics had on this topic. Da-da will save that for later.


Da-da doesn't mean to be coy, here. This information may beg the insertion of a brave team of researchers and psychics to actually spend some quality time on Eilean Mor, but that may not be as necessary as one would think. Da-da has an idea of what may have caused this particular mania which he learned about in other research... but he's going to save that for Part Two, as it's so bizarre and unbelievable -- and frankly a little terrifying -- as to warrant it's own post. Factually, Da-da would prefer NOT to write about this, as he doesn't want people poking around this particular... thing. Yes, even Da-da has trouble with this one. How's that for mysterious?

Da-da certainly didn't expect this result. He meant this post to begin 2015, but after viewing the findings and follow-up, he's been dragging his feet about writing it up, as it literally dredges up a huge and ancient and mythic can of worms with big nasty teeth that precious few responsible adults want brought to the surface. There may not be a Part 2. Some questions don't need to be answered until certain societies have grown up a bit, and this may be one of them. What the world needs now is indeed love. And restraint.

Some mysteries might need to stay mysteries.


Significant Global HAARP PULSE Detected

Wait for it...

Sorry for the huge files. No other way to show this. It's been confirmed by CAT sources that the rather sizeable energy signature seen in these animations is due to HAARP. (One of us grabbed them before the files got disappeared.) What HAARP is doing here remains to be seen.

Here's the West Coast iso:


Could this be the main energy thrust of the planned "el nino" shift "forecast" months ago?

Perhaps after the US govt goes out of business (their corp already has), we the people won't have to pay their (what must be) uber-monstrous electric bills. Can you imagine how much it costs to keep pumping energy into the Pacific 24/7, not to mention how much is costs to run CERN's LHC at 6.5 TeV all day and all night?? Anyone tired of this crap, yet? Remember when we used to have NORMAL WEATHER? Well, The CAT can. We have long memories. Speaking of that, where's that catnip treat can gone to?


Simulated Mars Environment on Devon Island - Are Curiosity Images NASA fakes??

Wow. Is everything in our public eye a lie?


Wow. This is really happening.

Can you hear it? THE PULSE started at 2:15 am PDT. (That's what we call it. We weren't expecting this.) It sounds like an isochronic tone or a hum, or a hummingbird’s heart beating very fast. At 2:30 am, it took on other voices (!) and sounded like... well, angels singing. Yes, we know. It sounds nuts. The Pulse is still going on at the time of this writing, though it's harder and harder to hear given how loud the world is; find a quiet place either outside or inside (it seems to penetrate buildings) and give a listen. This is ostensibly the beginning of what's to come. Definitely stay tuned tonight during the lunar eclipse!

One of us also recorded THIS just after sun-up (through his sunglasses):

The CAT is not omnipresent, but that's an amazing pic.

Arrrr, that be a sundog, matey. Not sure any of us have seen a rainbow version.

Check out that halo + sun dogs + odd solar flare-age + streamer activity. This combined with the above PULSE means something's definitely up. Note: this activity may not be happening everywhere. To date, The CAT is not omnipresent, but we're working on it.

OneMoreThing: One of The CAT staff, who can see into the ultraviolet (lucky bastard), saw a GYNORMOUS circular white UFO over his house -- as big as his entire town, about 8 x 8 square miles. It was there for a few seconds, then vanished. A busy CAT morning.

Aieiee! GIANT HAND HALO! Seriously, that's pretty amazing when coupled with all the other things.

UPDATE: If we can't get another ID on the Pulse we were hearing earlier, we're going to have to consider it a local anomaly. Don't dismay. Wave X is primarily an inside-out transformation, so... look within. Learning to meditate is a good way to start.

POST MORTEM: Hi, all. Because of the way this episode transpired, we have new procedures in place at The CAT for reporting events such as this. Half our cadre experienced the above... but they live close to each other in one area. Since it was Sunday, our regular sources weren't at hand, so we rushed to report, and we're afraid we stirred people up for nothing. Please accept The CAT's apologies. And don't lose heart. Things ARE happening, but more at an individual level, as Da-da mentions in the comments. Perhaps, as one sensitive has suggested, this was a small-scale test of how things will play out on a larger scale. All we can say is, stay tuned to yourself and your own surroundings. Put down the phone, pull out the ear buds and listen to the world. Things might be happening for you, but you just haven't noticed, yet.  ~The CAT


A Surprising Trip to the ER (or "What to Have in Your Pockets to Defeat The Death Star") [UPDATE3]

Pretty, but what does this have to do with anything?

One of our cadre spent some time in the ER on Friday. The reasons we won't get into, but the experience is interesting. Not knowing he was going to the ER that day, our hero had in his pockets the usual: a wallet; keys; a Swiss Army knife; a lozenge of orgonite; a finger-sized citrine crystal point; a magnifying glass; and some breath mints.

So what? You have most of that in your pockets right now.

Well, this individual had had to visit the ER before on a few regretful occasions, and had always emerged rather demoralized -- and ostensibly sicker than before he went in, esp. after a two-day hospital incarceration and Western med injections. However, on this most recent visit, he had in his pockets the aforementioned organite and crystal that The CAT staff has been experimenting with in an effort to defeat the (negative) energy created by CERN's LHC, which deforms the earth's magnetosphere so much that 2/3rds of The CAT staff felt like noodleheads when the thing is turned up to 6.5 TeV. We've been trying all manner of objects in our pockets, but this orgo-crystal gambit really seems to work the best (producing zero LHC effect. It's in our pockets right now, and CERN's LHC is desperately ramping up to try and defeat the incoming Wave X (which failed miserably), as well as open a portal to "the dark universe." (Psst... this will fail miserably.)

So what?

Well, our victim hero also had said orgo-crystal combo in his pockets in the ER, and... while inside the ER, and undergoing a CAT scan, among other things... he felt fine. And when he left... he felt fine. This was not the case for previous visits. This pocket grouping seems to defeat negative energy environments -- or any environment where there is a ton of energy that can (overly) affect the sensitive.

We at The CAT recommend you secure for yourselves a small two-inch lozenge of orgonite and a citrine crystal point (or any decent crystal) and put them in your pockets, or wear them as pendants. They need to be against your body. Try it and see how you feel. It doesn't matter what's in the orgonite, so long as it's made the right way.

UPDATE 10-10-15: Through trial and error, it seems that MOLDAVITE works very well as one of the (high vibration) elements in the above orgo-crystal pocket mix. The CAT highly recommends it. We've also become big fans of shungite. But really, any crystal that raises your vibration is called for. Clearly, we at The CAT need bigger pockets.

We are hippie freaks, but... whatever works.

UPDATE 10-24-15: The above technique works... until you don't need it anymore. Eventually, if you're doing your meditation/vibrateUP work, your vibration will be faster and CERN's LHC won't affect you. It seems to have more of an effect on lower vibratory folks... which is not meant to discourage. All of the CAT staff were affected at first, but we're not as affected anymore, even without pocket protectors. Still, we keep the moldavite and organite in our pockets for spiritual redundancy. We're all about the spiritual five nines.


(One of) The Biggest Week(s) of (Some of) Your Lives (WAVE X PRIMER?)

This is it, folks. Be safe. And enjoy, if you can. It is literally THE reason you're here, now.


This is the 20th of September 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and Callista is the energizer and questioner. Welcome Awareness. This coming week is going to be a very significant one for earth humans. We would like you to just outline a few points for us today so that we can be prepared for what is coming. Thank you.

(Cosmic Awareness) That which is coming is that which has long been underway. That this Awareness will not go into great detail, but It will highlight some very relevant points.

It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them.

That the ones in power know this, and that there have been attempts to divert this “Wave”, notably the firing up of the Cern Hadron Collider, which was meant to send a beam that would split this “Wave”, divert this “wave”. This attempt failed. Therefore, those in power are faced with having to take another course of action. That course of action is to rather create the New World Order, that which has been striven for and driven for and towards for so long.

That there will be an attempt in this week coming, through the auspices of the organization known as the United Nations to present an agenda that is allegedly for the benefit of humanity. This agenda will be known by a title such as “Agenda 2030”.

That the Pope will also be arriving to address the UN Council in this time period. Indeed, his will be an address that is meant to fire up humanity so that they come together to assist and help those who are underprivileged, the impoverished, the poor, those who have the greatest needs. He will of course be seen as the Great Spiritual Leader who is trying to spark human responsibility towards this. That this will occur on the 23rd of September, and that this will be followed a few days later on the 25th with this agenda of action that will be presented to the member countries of the United States and the world in the United States, at the UN Council, to create a plan of action.

Needless to say, this plan of action, this agenda is already drawn up, and while it may seem to be a document of great significance, highlighting the need to come together to help those who have the greatest need and to help the environment and the sustainability of the environment, its true purpose is something completely different. It is the public declaration finally and at last of the true purpose of the New World Order. That the many who have so long worked diligently to bring the planet and to bring humanity to this point, must finally declare this publicly, and it will be so. This is the true intent and purpose of this new “Agenda 2030”.

That this is all within this week coming. This is so that the minds and the attention, and the beliefs of humanity can be misdirected. If they could not divert the “Wave” that would hit and cause many to awaken, then it is at least their hope, their intent and their plan to capture the minds and divert them, misdirect them, as is the usual way of things, as they have always done.

That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself.

That this week is a week to be reflective, to listen deeply to those who present the plan of New World Order, One World Governance, One World Government. That this is a week unlike any week ever, and that the potency and power can be used for good or ill, depending on how one looks at things, how one acts or reacts, what one believes in.

This Awareness would ask all to be aware at this time that this extraordinary event is indeed coming, is indeed almost here. That those in power, in their desperation, will try many things to misdirect attention and focus so that they, those who might be affected will not look upward, will not look inward, but rather will follow the calling of those who have so long misled and deceived. That it is a time for choice: to choose the highest and the most positive, or to believe the liars and deceivers and to be misled down a garden path.

That this week coming is a week of greatest importance for all.

Thank you Awareness. Well it seems to me that the One World Government is another hierarchical system, just like all of the other Babylonian systems that have been in place on this planet for many thousands of years. So far their track record has not been very good as far as the majority of the population is concerned. This will not be any different and people need to realize that.

This is correct, people do need to wake up to this hierarchical structure, this Babylonian way of staying in power. It is a system designed for an elite few. That what has been used traditionally to describe this system is that of the pyramid. That the ones at the top are the ones that have the most power and privilege, they have acted always to ensure that the elites at the top, the Powers That Be that control, remain in control, and continue to have the benefit of their position.

This is the Babylonian model, and that it has been remarketed many times over since those early times in Sumer, in Sumaria, when in the Mesopotamian region, those extraterrestrial beings came to this planet and established themselves as “gods”. That these ones are still behind this, are still at the top of the structure of the pyramid, and have continually since that time remarketed themselves over and over again into their roles of prestige and power and privilege.

There was a that time when they did this openly. That they were the “gods” and they were to be honored, and they created class structures at the top: the elites, at the bottom: the lower ones, the ones that were unimportant to the ones at the top, for they did not see them as relevant, but they did see them as slaves, to be used for their own purpose.

That this has continued to be the case and one can go through history and see always the elite classes, the ones in power, at the top and how they have been held in their positions of privilege by the ones upon whom they have used. They have ridden upon the backs of those below them, and this continues to be so.

That this is a Reptilian/Orion/Anunnaki extraterrestrial model, for those are the ones that are at the top. They are still at the top, and they are still trying to retain this hierarchical order. The base of the pyramid, the great unwashed, if you will, from their point of view, is to be used. It is the power upon which they ride and if it were not for the base they could not be sustained. That when there is talk of sustainable resources, remember that these ones are also referring to the humans at the bottom, upon which they ride and are supported by.

But if the base were to collapse, if the corner for example of a pyramid is removed, would not the whole pyramid be disrupted, would the whole pyramid not come down? That is what is about to occur: that base to this structure of power and deservedness that has so long been in place, is about to be removed, and these ones at the top are desperate that this does not occur, for if this were to occur, they would come down, their structure would collapse.

Thank you Awareness. We’ve heard about how the Wave is going to affect humanity, but we also know that our Mother, Gaia Sophia herself, is also using this Wave in order to make her correction. Would you like to comment on that?

That this Awareness will simply say that this is so. That the Earth is a sentient being, that the Earth is conscious and that she too, for it is a feminine energy that is the consciousness of Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia, Sophia-Gaia, that she is as well ready for a shift in consciousness, to move forward in her own evolutionary process. That as she evolves, those on the planet who are in alignment with her will also evolve. Those who are not in alignment, those who have abused Mother Earth for so long, will go another direction. That this becomes complicated, for this becomes an issue in a matter of timelines, and following certain timelines. But that the timeline of Mother Earth that would take her to her Ascension in consciousness, into her expanded consciousness, is of a nature that those who are themselves seeking to expand their consciousness, their awareness, will also move with her.

And what sort of actions would she be taking?

From physical actions, geological, geophysical actions. That the types of actions that could occur are those that are already happening, such as earthquakes. This Awareness reminds all that most recently within the last week that there was a major earthquake off the coast of Chile and that there is seen that there are other geological events that could well happen as she shifts, as she moves. Weather events, not necessarily those that are artificially induced, such as the HAARP and Tesla technological attack upon the United States, upon the West Coast which has created a shield that has diverted the jet stream northwards, thus perverting the normal flows that would have brought, and would bring moisture. That these are artificial, these are manmade, if you will.

But it is seen that as Mother Earth shifts and moves, there can be more extreme weather events, volcanic eruptions and other natural events that will occur because of the movement of Mother Earth, the shifting of the geomagnetic lines of force as well.

These are but a few events. But rather than focusing on such events, to understand that if one is in alignment with the spiritual consciousness of both Mother Earth as well as Divine Source, that one will not necessarily be devastated or destroyed, even if one is in such an event.

Thank you Awareness. There are many questions that I could ask but right now is not the right time. So I just thank you for what you have told us today and no doubt we will be hearing more news as the days go past. Thank you for this session.

That this Awareness would end by simply saying the week ahead will be unlike any that has yet been. Many will never even understand or recognize this while it is happening, but many will certainly be affected and feel something is different. This something is the arrival of that spiritual consciousness that has ratcheted everything up to the next notch. Know this and work with this, and know also that this is part of that which is the Divine Plan, and that it is time to bring down the pyramid. It is time to dethrone those pretenders who have so long manipulated and controlled humanity. It is time for humanity to really and truly start its long journey back to its own former glory, its own true state of being, that it is the time and the time is now.

Rainbow Phoenix blog: "Wave X"


NOTE 9-22-15:

And here's an excellent one that just came out.


NOTE 9-24-15: Latest info puts Wave X peaking on Sunday at the height of the lunar eclipse, with some effects not to be apparent for 10-15 years, fyi. Lots of energy this morning made half the CAT staff nauseous and dizzy -- but some of us live on gaia portals (seriously) and the energy is 10x greater there.

NOTE 9-24-15: 

NASA lets slip Wave X evidence??

NOTE 9-25-15: 

The Signal   

Why do some people have mystical experiences and great consciousness expansion and others don’t?



POST MORTEM: Don't lose hope when nothing happens for you. Things ARE happening, but it seems to be more on an individual, small-scale basis at this point. If you think about it, it makes more sense for this Wave X process to occur just as it has: in Bell-curve waves. This means that a small group of "early adopters" will first be affected, then a larger group, then larger, then smaller again, and finally the late-adopters get their due. What kind of "due" are we talking about? Who knows? Be patient. You have all the time in the universe to evolve. No one is standing behind you with a stop watch, saying: "Hurry up! Get enlightened! EVOLVE!" Things happen as they happen. You just have to be open to it. In the meantime, learn to meditate.


Rainbow Anomaly Over Costa Rica

Your basic man-made HAARP cloud.

For those unfamiliar with these, we at The CAT call these HAARP clouds, as they're entirely man-made. This one was seen in Escazu, Costa Rica, the day before the 8.9 Chilean quake. No idea if the two are related, but we're guessing yes.


Goodbye Charles: A Rare Recommendation

Ok. The CAT has never done this before, but we all agreed this should be recommended. We're all musicians and have fallen in love with this tune from Over the Rhine, a small group out of Cincinnati (which means "curly" or "ringed" in latin, though Cincinnati itself is named after Gen. Ulysees S. Grant's favorite horse). Regardless, we've been playing this tune over and over again all morning, primarily because we're suckers for anything Vince Guaraldi. (No idea why there's no solo section.)

This was written by Linford Detweller as an homage to both Charles Schulz and Vince Guaraldi, and... we hope he doesn't mind... but Da-da transcribed this piece (just for himself) -- first four chords: Cmaj9(#11): Dbmaj9(#11): Cmaj9(#11): Bbmaj9(#11).

Give it a try. The tune is free on Amazon Prime. (We're in no way affiliated with Over the Rhine, btw, or Amazon Prime.)


The Coming Wave of Consciousness is Here

The Coming Wave of Consciousness is here. Open up to it.

What people are calling Wave X actually started a while ago, and it's building to a crescendo right now. Open yourself up to it and welcome it in.


The Coming Wave of Consciousness 

Questioner: Could Awareness say more about the wave of consciousness that is coming in mid-September? 

Cosmic Awareness:

"This wave of consciousness is Divine Source Consciousness. This Awareness has spoken in the past that the experiment is complete, is coming to an end. The experiment referred to by this Awareness is that experiment in a dualistic third dimensional consciousness that gives the participant a choice between black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, this way or that way. 

Remember that the energies of consciousness are of such a nature now that many are starting to question this dualistic approach to reality that they have been experiencing for so long. This wave that is underway, that is building up and will fully crash upon this planet, engulfing all, is meant to raise one up beyond the simplicity of a dualistic reality where one feels that they must choose the right side or the wrong side. 

There are no choices. There is only that which is the unity* of consciousness—the trust, faith and belief that one is more than simply a victim, simply a slave, simply at the effect of those who have had power for so long. This breaking wave will bring even more people to a point of realization that things are not what they seem to be. For those many who have long been searching for a spiritual understanding, things will become much clearer and more obvious to them as they move beyond the parameters that once served as the boundaries of their lives and of their world. 

This is something that may not be felt or experienced by everyone in the sense that the majority of the populace will certainly subscribe to what they are being told, and what is being reported. Therefore, there is a choice involved; the choice of believing the lies and deceptions or choosing otherwise, to believe the inner compulsion that drives you forward, that causes you to question and to seek the new level of reality that is coming.

There may indeed be physical events that occur at that time: extreme weather events, cataclysmic events, the stock market and the economic situation of America collapsing, affecting not only America, but also the planetary economic systems. These are all the type of events that could occur, but you, as the Creator Being, you as the spiritual being, can ride them out. You can trust and believe that no matter what occurs, you are the one that can make another choice, not to believe the lies and deceptions you are being force-fed everyday, but rather to believe that this is yet another layer of the shifting consciousness that is breaking upon the planet at this time. 

It is important to always remember: you have the choice to go into fear and panic, to subscribe to the deceptions that are being force-fed to you, or to start believing that this is no longer your reality, and you are choosing to align yourself with the spiritual consciousness and spiritual energies that are breaking upon the planet. There may be disruption and upheaval, but it does not mean that you personally, or your family will be destroyed by the changes and shifts that are coming. 

Remember also, that when one era ends, when one regime comes to a conclusion, it is usually accompanied by great upheaval and great challenge; the collapse of the old. But with the collapse and destruction of the old systems, that which is ahead to be reached and lived will start to rise up. 

It would be a mistake not to trust that the changes will lead to a much greater positive reality, and to choose the dark side, the oppressive side instead. This would be the greatest mistake of all, but many will be faced with such fear, and have and hold such fear that they will forget even the little that they know. This Awareness asks you not to forget, not to dwell in that negativity and fear, but to realize that as things are coming to dissolution around you, as things are breaking up and changing, that this is simply the end of that which no longer has Divine Support, so that what will replace it can be ushered in and become the new reality of your being." 

Source: Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Awareness Communications, "Revelations of Awareness", 2015-9, Issue No 713, Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, p. 4. http://www.CosmicAwareness.org

[by way of VegaBob @ Rumor Mill NW


More Wave X Evidence [UPDATED 9-12-15, 07:34 UTC]

Stay tuned for some amazing auroras coming to a neighborhood near YOU.

Ok, The CAT's been watching geomagnetic storms increase in severity for about the past ten days and we're ready to say that it's NOT the solar wind, and it's NOT the sun, which has gone beddy bye. So, what is it? It's Wave X, Timmy. Or maybe we've upgraded to Wave Y, by now. Either way, the evidence is now too great to ignore.

More evidence coming Friday.

Auroras in Virginia. Auroras in Northern California? Stay tuned.
UPDATE 9-12-15 00:00: So. We're gonna get WOO. Might as well get over it. Anyway, since we don't have any reliable way of quantifying what's happening, we have to use ourselves as detectors. And at 9:15 pm PDT, three of our team felt significant energy affecting first the pineal gland, then induction of what we Da-da calls The Beacon, then a flood of energy into the crown chakra. Wish there was some other way to describe this, but the incoming energy seems to map directly to chakras 1-7, up-trending till you reach the highest ones.

The Schumann Resonance was active at this time, seen here...

...but we've seen this kind of activity lots of times previously with NO somatic effects recorded. Still trying to sleuth out the best way to quantify this phenomenon. This latest burst delivered a significant amount of residual (wide-awake!) energy that seems to be new, at least for our team. Anyone else experiencing effects, please chime in in the comments section. More as we develop.


Thai Bolide Just a Bolide [UPDATED]

Everyone relax. This was just a meteor. It's been confirmed.

NOTE: Psychic Lynn just posted that the extra OOMPH in the speed and trajectory (which was surprisingly steep) of this beastie was due to influenvce from what she calls "the red comet," an extra-solar body which is itself in orbit around another extra-solar body -- a brown dwarf, visible only in infrared.


CAT Report: Latest Fulford

We will occasionally repost reports we find relevent. Note that The CAT does not vouch for others' information. What cat would? We're simply open-minded. We look for patterns. We respect Ben Fulford, but we don't vouch for him and his sources. Sometimes Ben's sources feed him disinformation. It's unavoidable this side of What's To Come. We also don't vouch for Cobra, David Wilcock, et al. [Note: Corey Goode is NOT Corey Goode; not sure what the agenda is there. His info is 60% suspect in The CAT's opinion.] This is not to say that what these folks have to say is wrong; we're just not 100% sure at this point. But they are ALL The CAT's brother. If/when their info becomes bulletproof, we'll say so. The CAT is all about truth. Read that again. We stand by it. You'll get nothing else from us. Ubi veritas? In faciem tuam. Cati in iudicio.

Chaos in cabal controlled financial system creates opportunity for revolution

by Ben Fulford, 9-7-15

Chaos and conflict at the very top of the Western financial system has created a unique opportunity to permanently put an end to Khazarian mafia control of the West. Furthermore, a new group of leaders will be assuming power in the Pentagon and, if they are able to coordinate with the worldwide resistance movement, humanity can be freed from Babylonian debt slavery as early as this autumn. The important thing to drill into the heads of military, police and intelligence officials worldwide is that the West has been taken over by a group of mass murdering gangsters who need to be arrested and removed from power ASAP. To put it more bluntly, it must be explained to the military fence sitters that the Khazarian mob has been actively trying to kill them and their families with manufactured diseases, toxic chemicals, unhealthy food, multiple attempts to start World War 3 etc. meaning that fence sitting is no longer an option. Self-defense is mandatory.

The anniversary this Friday of the September 11, 2001 mass murder event in New York would be a good time to take action. All it will take is for all aware members of the military and police in the US and for all governments outside of the US to demand the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. Anybody, from Obama on down, who tries to stop the arrests must themselves be arrested.


When is Airglow NOT Airglow? When It's Something Else [WAVE X UPDATE 9-4-15]

Psst. That's not "airglow," Maurice. But is it Wave X in action?

More symptoms of Wave X are being seen -- and predictably, misidentified. Again, SpaceWeather is at the forefront of reporting strange activity (they call the above "airglow," which is typically green). Here's what they had to say about the above image:
RED AIRGLOW OVER CHILE: On Sept. 1st, astrophotographer Yuri Beletsky hiked into the Atacama Desert of Chile for a deep exposure of the Milky Way. He got that and much more. "There was a stunning display of red airglow," he says. It surrounded the Milky Way like a celestial bulls-eye [see image at top of post].

Airglow is aurora-like phenomenon caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Human eyes seldom notice the faint glow, but It can be photographed on almost any clear dark night, anywhere in the world. 

The curious thing about Beletsky's photo is not the presence of airglow, but rather its color--red. Airglow is usually green, the color of light from oxygen atoms some 90 km to 100 km above Earth's surface. Where does the red come from? Instead of oxygen, OH can produce the required color. These neutral molecules (not to be confused with the OH- ion found in aqueous solutions) exist in a thin layer 85 km high where gravity waves impress the red glow with a dramatic rippling structure.
Note the center of our Milky Way galaxy at the exact center of the above image.

Ok. So, THIS is what airglow looks like:


And -- psst -- we don't really know what causes airglow (some people pretend we do), so it might come in all manner of colors. However, something occurred to our crack staff of sensitives that leads us to ascribe this to Wave X activity:
  1. It appears that the heart of our Milky Way galaxy is the source, and
  2. 60% of The CAT staff reported seeing a RED GLOW two nights ago WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED, while meditating. Only later did we find the unusual red-sky correlation; and this with dead-levels of solar activity.
Is all this related? Not necessarily. We at The CAT take data as it comes and watch for patterns. We don't have a model to fit data into. We have open minds. We find they work better than the pay-for-play, manipulative alternative currently being funded.

What does all this mean? It means that something amazing and unusual is occurring to bring meaning and technicolor to our sad and pathetic lives. Or failing that, to the lives of the sad and pathetic CAT staff.

As an experiment, before you go to sleep tonight, try meditating for five minutes and see if you see any colors with your eyes closed. If you suddenly become transparently glow-y and find your pineal gland turns into a sparkler, make sure you get video.

Wom Wom Wom Wom...

  • UPDATE 9-4-15: And THIS is one of the first big Wave X pulses that hit at the same time as the above activity. Check it out. Note: this is NOT microwave energy from ETs. It's the next stage of Wave X energy entering our system.

NOTE: We KNOW Wave X isn't a wave. It's just a convenient name for something that has no name. Looks like Cobra's "The Event" (a term he himself coined) is to be co-opted by Wave X. Really, who cares what it's called. What's important is... it's really happening, from the inside-out. Be happy.


SOC Alert: Energy Surge [UPDATE 9-8-15]

                                                                                                                       [Img: Dave Lane Photography]

This just in (via SpaceWeather), info for those in the know:
GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: Last night (Sept. 1-2), a monitoring station in Lofoten, Norway, detected a brief but strong surge of electrical currents running through the soil. This could be a sign that Earth crossed through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet--also known as a "solar sector boundary crossing." The crossing sets the stage for possible geomagnetic storms later today when a high-speed solar wind stream is expected to arrive, further disturbing the geomagnetic field.
The earth is crossing into something all right. Expect (more) energy surges from the inside-out. Watch for effects in yourselves, the earth, and the populus.

UPDATE 9-8-15: Sorry for the big file size. We snagged this on 9-2-15, which is alas only a local grab of the larger energy blast. UFO Sightings Hotspot has a larger piece on all this, from 9-3-15.


Ahead, Woo Factor 4: How to Make Crystal Water

If you do this right, it makes you feel all tingly. Note: if you teleport out,
be sure to have Scotty bookmark your previous location.

Yes, we know this sounds out there, but most stuff these days IS OUT THERE, so what the hell. Today we're going to give you a weird WOO recipe for Tuesday -- one we've all tried -- and... it works. Don't ask us how.

Yes, it's for "Crystal Water." Apparently, when you leave crystals in water overnight, in the moonlight, it somehow charges the water. Drinking said charged water is like having three cups of coffee, but without the jitters. It also starts the process of somatic crystallization... and I the writer am being guided here so I have no idea where somatic crystallization came from. Sounds good. Anyway, it's good and it's good for you. And you have to drink water anyway, so why not try this.

Place two quartz crystals (either clear quartz, or smoky quartz, citrine, amatrine, celestite, etc.), about the size of your little finger, in a quart-sized clear glass container, like a big mason jar or old milk bottle. Fill it to the top with clean, filtered water, and let it sit out in the moonlight overnight. No, you don't need to dance around it or utter weird incantations, unless you really feel like it -- in which case you should video it, naked of course, and post it on the 'Net.

Next morning, retrieve the water (might want to put clothes on first, nature girl), then get two pint glasses. Pour some of the Crystal Water into one pint glass -- then, over the sink -- pour the water from one glass to another, about two feet apart, four or five times. This aerates the water, and introduces a bit more energy into it. This is basically what A Man Called Da-da calls "Yogi Water," though in this case it's crystal-charged.

Aaaaand... Drink.

Here's some we made earlier. Note: if you make it right, you might be able
to walk on it... but don't get your hopes up, Carl.

Give it a try. Note that you can find the crystals on etsy or ebay for about $10. Try to buy them from the US, as the foreign ones are sometimes heat treated and not really what they're supposed to be. (If it looks too colorfully good to be true, it probably is.)

Now toast with us this fine first day of September. And, hey: stay off the FEAR BUS. The media will be pumping out fear like Shriners out of a B-52, so keep perspective. Better still, just turn it off.

                                                                                                                                               [#FearBus courtesy A Man Called Da-da]
Here's an out-there crystal water link, but a good one. Again, beware any bus Dick Cheney's driving.

UPDATE: it appears (at least to The CAT) that shungite works the best. Do some research and give it a try.
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