LIGHT That Candle, Prepare the Way

The Event is NOW

In a meditation, after grounding and protection, imagine that you’re a giant candle. Strike a giant match and LIGHT yourself (spiritually). Imagine yourself burning with SOURCE, rising up as high as you can go. See what happens next.

This is what “light a candle rather than curse the darkness” means. If we all do this together...

Tell a friend. This is our Memorial Day goal. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 11:11 everywhere, in relay.

We ARE The Event. Make it happen. Prepare the way.


The BOO List: Halloween Comes Early, Wave X3, Spooky Tidbits [UPDATED 5-19-16]

Trick or treat.

Again, so many things are going on, we need to lapse into the horror of the listed update:

1. BOO

Hoo boy. While no one online seems to be putting out any new (accurate) info of late, it's been like Halloween for some of The CATs. Seriously scary bugaboos have been popping up in meditations and dreams all over the place for about a week, causing sleepless mayhem. One CAT had what they called "Mr. Nasty" jump into their meditation (we won't describe him, yikes) and scare the holy crap out of them, while this same entity tried the same scare tactic on Da-da a few nights later, both appearing in a PROTECTED meditation, and awakening him with a serious fight-or-flight early morning adrenaline surge that lasted for two hours. We're not saying this to scare you; if you're made aware that something is jumping out of the bushes at people, when it happens to you, you can identify it and get over it that much quicker. There's nothing to be afraid of... except fear. (There's a fear lesson in there, too.) This thing seems to be ancient, LIVING FEAR. Be on your guard with grounding and protection. We know its name but we ain't gonna use it, no matter how many people tell us they're tough enough.

There are any number of reasons for the above happenings:

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