Your Basic Impossible 12-Step EVENT, Already in Progress...

That EASY sign is starting to look pretty rusty.

This may not be news to some, but it was to us. You're probably not gonna like it. 


Monument(al Energy) Valley Days

Um... SOMETHING is happening. Something extra. We know that this is an obtuse statement considering all the things that are constantly happening, faster and faster... but... something EXTRA is happening. We don't know what it is (Lion's Gate? Wave X? All of the above?), but it feels good and ominous at the same time.  It feels BIG, at least our pineal glands/chakras are saying so! Like SOURCE is sidling up to us and giving us a WINK.

Quick graphs:


Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]

Ok, we're back from a rather weird vacation, but more on that later. We have all kinds of stuff for you in this special balloon-popping/re-inflation edition.

1. ENERGY! First up, we have HIGH ENERGY all over the place. Besides the energy of 7/31/17, yesterday (8/3/17) was equally intense:


We're Back

Hi. Just a quick note to let you know that most of us are back, and slowly filtering experiences. More as we develop. Comments sections are now manned... er, catted.
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