We had never read any of Ken Carey's books (nobody tells us anything), but we are currently digesting them and passing them around quickly. For those who read this blog, the excerpted book is a must-read; Carey's description of The Event, written back in the late '80s, is amazing. It is also supremely reassuring. 

[Note: this is the Oversoul speaking directly to you, through Ken Carey. An Extension of SOURCE, the Oversoul's primary gift is: creativity.]

[Also note: our emphasis is bolded.] 
Excerpt from Ken Carey's 1991 book, The Third Millennium


Your Heliomancer for 5-17-17

A monkeywrench ridden by a monkey chasing various minions from advancing balls of light??

The current pattern is: no pattern. We're seeing flux and chaotic data mayhem everywhere. Observe:


That Omniversal STRETCH

Spiritual Warrior
What did this pic get on the New Age-y meter?

Time to tip the scales permanently. Time to STRETCH. The Event is incoming, we know that; in fact, it's happening all the time, but the Big One is inbound. So, what are we going to do between now and then? We suggest adding a powerful new element to your meditations.

In your next meditation (here again is our meditation primer), get in the zone, then imagine yourself made of infinitely powerful and flexible crystal. Imagine this crystal filling with light, from the heart out, until you're blindingly bright and glow-y. Now expand this light-being structure till it's 30 feet tall... 100 feet tall... 1000 feet tall... a million. Grow till you hold the solar system in the palm of your hand. The galaxy. The Local Group. The omniverse. You get the idea. Then pop back to around 100 feet and have a seat on your house. Rest. Look around. We are MUCH more powerful and grand than these silly 3D flesh tuxedoes. Give it a try.

Then... offer love and healing light to all who need it. STAY IN THIS STATE as long as you can. Try making this your new everyday zone, and carry it around with you. (The M's were doing this accidently and were getting stared at by a surprising number of people!) BURST with light and send it to every dark corner of this planet.

It's time to EXPAND beyond our old idea of ourselves. No reason not to. Have fun with it!

Your basic Omniverse
Jeez, next we'll have pics of UFOs and angelic unicorns.
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