Your Basic Fairy Primer

A still from a video of about 18 fairies taken by Da-da in his backyard. Though this
was taken through a screen, they actually twinkled like that, in silvers and golds.

While we're all waiting and transforming, we thought some of you might be interested in this. We saw some questions in the comments on Lynn and Da-da's latest Five for Friday and wanted to chime in about fairies. Yes, there really are fairies and elves and minehunes and leprecauns and all sorts of elementals. In terms of fairies, several of us have firsthand experience with our "Good Friends" (how fairies like to be referred, they hate the name "fae" as it sounds like 'fey' which means 'doomed to die' in the old UK variants). All of the information below is our actual knowledge of fairies, based on direct firsthand observation, it's not an opinion or something we've read in books.

Note: We were granted permission to use the above photo (by the fairies themselves), but they asked that we please delete the video. In it, they twinkled just like Disney fairies.

Your Basic Fairy Primer


That Tree on the Hill

Folks, we here at SOC had a meeting and nearly all of us are weary of people asking (not here, but elsewhere) about WW3 and Trump and Chaffetz and Hillary and the bing and the boom... so tired in fact that we've made a group decision to move on in our hearts and minds. We'd like you to join us.

We'll still be here to help, but note that our attention has now turned UPHILL, to that tree on the hill. That tree knows you. We've hiked up to the tree lots of times and sat with our backs against its bole and given the illusory world exactly what it deserves: nothing. The world is an illusory and insane chattering monkey whose current sound and fury truly signifies nothing.


Your Heliomancer for Friday, 4-21-17 [UPDATED]

Well... this is either Witchiepoo entering or leaving the scene. East witch, or West witch? A Native American holding a pirate flamingo?  Sometimes a coronal hole is just a coronal hole. Note that 12651 (formerly 12644 or AR2644) and 12652 are now sync'ed up (whereas 12652 was on a timeline below 12651); these programming snarls now occupy the same latitude/timeline. If they merge, break out the popcorn.

UPDATE 4-23-17


Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

This is interesting. Not only do we have a wizard currently performing some charm on the sun, front and center, we also have one of the bouncing heads from "Spirited Away" at his feet -- AND the StarBaby from "2001" moving into frame. Something is happening here. ;)

Oh, and to recap the comments from the previous post:


Big Wave Inbound?

Several of us had the same dream, so we decided to share. Here's M2's version:

The following is METAPHORIC, not literal...


Warm-up for The Main Event?

So, we can now tell you that we were told that "it all begins on 4/2," hence the '42' thing, and the subsequent 40 days of meditation.

Looks like it's borne fruit: we've had three solar flares in the past 24 hours... but ignore the fear in the link. Here's what it looked like, energywise:


Day 1: 42!

Welcome... to 42 (that is, 4/2), The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything! And you think we're kidding. Many thanks to all who participated in the 40/40 Meditation challenge; you're closer to where you want to be than you ever thought possible.

Now, it's time for CAKE...

We've been saving 'em up.
...just don't anyone move.

Hmm... the end of the 40/40 ends on 42 (4/2) just as the sun starts waking up. Huh. Fresh programming inbound!

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