40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]

The title of this post doesn't mean we're suggesting epic rains and floods are coming; we're already seeing that as part of this version of earth being allowed to return to normal. Instead, this post is... well, just a suggestion. A very important suggestion.

We suggest folks dedicate the next 40 days and 40 nights (40/40) to meditation -- when you can, not all the time -- both marking the transition from winter to spring, and NOT allowing the PTW and the MTW (Media That Was) to disturb your inner peace (which you can now buy in bulk at the Inner Peace Store). We ask that you add a short "broadcasting" element to the beginning of your meditations, sending light and healing energy to all who need it. That's it. SOURCE will do the rest. [And no, there's no biblical thing going on here, we just thought 40/40 was catchy.]

And now, M2's latest meditation:
In last night’s meditation, I saw this massive THING slide up to us, a big wheel move right up to the earth and the solar system, edge-on. It was gynormous (no fear involved), a... brobdingnagian multidimensional wheel with lots of thick spokes. It’s part of The Event! Lots of ETs have appeared and are investigating it, in awe of it, so it’s not from them! It's from either SOURCE or the Oversoul.
Now that the "Big Wheel" (which is what we're calling it till we come up with a better name) has cozied up and is making connections and preparations, let's spend the next 40/40 getting our spirits in shape. Ready? LIFT! Oh, and here again is our Meditation Primer. It's changed a bit.

Artist Anthony Howe's, "IN CLOUD III" (Stand still, Anthony)

Note: as per the comment below, here is a good representation of the wheel Ezekiel apparently saw:


  1. M2, interesting you mention this wheel. You are not the only one.

    Also on the 28th November last year I sent you guys an email regarding a dream, here is an excerpt from it, I originally suspected Nibiru but now it could also represent this wheel? :

    "I was in a bay area filled with many people on a sunny day. I looked towards the sun which was bright and on the horizon. The next thing was an "ORANGE AND RED PLANET" appeared and gradually went between our planet and the sun. The sun never had a total eclipse but it was not far from one.

    The red/orange planet then came closer and became like a huge circular steamer paddle in the water consisting of white and red segments, it edged closer right up to the shoreline, but I did NOT see any panic, or destruction. Then I awoke."

    I have had prophetic dreams so now I listen to all I have just in case....

    Blessed Be


    1. Oh, yeah. I remember that email. Did we comment on that? Sorry if we didn't. I have also noticed that two other sensitives have had similar dreams/visions. I would say we have officially struck pattern.

      When I was much younger, I would have dreams about something very much like that, but smaller and spinning fast.


    2. Yes thanks you guys did comment. Thought I would share it publicly as it seemed timely, also I think others who have seen this formation I believe mentioned it initially forming around the same time I had this dream.

      I suppose you can make anything fit to what you want but I have learnt that you have to have an open mind...

  2. Well, that was awesome. Thanks!

  3. Latest from Blossom on those marks some of us have. Didn't think there was anything nefarious.



  4. Ezekiels wheel in his vision. There is a painting representing the vision. Check it out.

    1. That's very interesting. And a bit creepy.


    2. That is kinda what I saw. I sensed a serious circular MASS, and spokes. I didn't see eyes on it. Again, there was no fear associated with this vision.


  5. Btw... to Mr. Grammar emailer: While we are all living beings, we chose to make the blog tagline, "The cat that lived" because "The cat WHO lived" sounded wrong, despite the fact that we are all beings and not animals. Besides sounding wrong, it also sounded a bit affected, IMHO. Believe me, we've already had this argument... and I bet we have it again.


  6. I'm a little confused...are you doing a "count-down" or regular count-up? Did 40/40 Meditation start on 2-22-17? Would April 2, 17 be day 40? Thank you. I want to participate and wish to know where we're at.

    1. Indeed. Thank you for recapping that.

      -CAT Editors

  7. Technically, "Wave X" energy will be increasing constantly, with no let-up for the next XX thousand years.


  8. I totally love this post. I am right on with this assignment...

  9. O MY... I just realized that I had a memory of a way of seeing the working of our individual spirits .. at just about the time you put this post up ... and the image was very like
    Artist Anthony Howe's, "IN CLOUD III" image. WOAH!! s y n c h r o n i c i t y!! tail wagg to that!


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