That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]

Fig. A: "Boom."

After one of the M's reported in the comments of a previous post about this, we realized that NO ONE had reported this, so... we're reporting it. And it sounds weird even to us.

About 11:00 pm PST on Saturday, February 25th, 2017, there was an inexplicable and highly substantial BOOM sound that echoed all across Northern California, startling local residents. Those of The CAT staff who live in Northern CA thought that either a meth lab had exploded, a meteor had struck, or one of the local residents (Sheldon!) had succumbed to that brussel sprout burrito. We checked with two of our staff and it turns out the noise (it was LOUD) came from a "magnetic burst" in the upper atmosphere by ETs known as the "tall whites" (they look like traditional "greys," but are tall and white and very nice; not to be confused with the tall white NORDICS they're different) to counteract pressure and energy from the enormous pressures building beneath the Yellowstone caldera complex (which is now understood to be vast). As we have reported before, the tall whites have been working overtime to ensure that the Yellowstone supervolcano does not go off, as it's about 300,000+ years overdo.

Interestingly, after mentioning this in said post, one of the M's actually SAW one of the aforementioned tall white ships (!), saw it "fly lazily in one of the established air lanes, as if on parade." (Actually, they said it "tooled on by" by that looked weird in print.) Needless to say, we of the planet earth are very grateful to our ET and higher dimensional brothers for all their help, and we salute them. We look forward to a day when we can express our thanks more personally.

NOTE: Further views into this show that it was the tall whites AND the "short whites" who are helping us in this respect. Our apologies for the rather crude designations, but there's simply no way we could spell or (ever) pronounce their real names. They are telepathic, after all.

Boom! Take THAT, Disclosure-Dracula.

[Note: As this is first-reported by Schrodinger's Other Cat, you must cite our site in posts that make refererence to this report. We thank you for your cooperation.]


  1. Interesting. This story/post is being suppressed. Site numbers were skyrocketing, but have suddenly collapsed... right after this story came out. Google, your colors are showing. No one will miss you when you're gone. And they've all gone. Remember NCSA Mosaic? Netscape? Alta Vista? Neither do we. Luckily, where we're going we won't need roads -- of any kind.


    1. Only reason Scroogle survived was because of their alphabet agency deep-pocket (OUR pockets) backers. Look out Scroogle: those fatted calfs are gonna get axed, and we're all gonna see their entrails, and your livelihoods and silly social engineering projects will vanish in six months.

  2. Are the Grey's and Nordics still operating from the moon? And if so why are they allowed?

    I would take a look but the last time I saw them shuttling back and forth I was fired at!

    Also where can we hug a Tall White? :-)


  3. On a totally separate topic, much of The CAT Staff fasts at least once a quarter, usually for a few days. Fasting basically puts your body's internals into "dishwasher mode," cleaning it of free radicals, old cells, burnt-out cars full of phlogiston. Do a little research on it and give it a try. There's a good reason why most of the old religions have it built into their schedule. Just don't drink coffee and tea and alcohol when you do it, only water and herbal tea, AND eat to prepare for the fast, and eat to recover from it. Shockingly, Brother J used to fast for FORTY DAYS. Good grief, that's nuts -- but totally do-able if you know what you're doing. (If you're thinking about it, it wouldn't hurt to consult your MD first btw, provided you're unreasonable about taking responsibility for your own life should something YOU do go south. Ahem.)

    We bring this up to help with those who are having "ascension issues," as well as because you can easily transport this knowledge to the next level, where it will no doubt become a part of everyday life. Simple fasting eliminates many silly human illnesses that only exist because many people keep insiting upon KOYAANISQATSI (life out of balance).

    Here's our favorite site on fasting (read it carefully):


    And here's a recent fasting study:


    And more:




    Vive, muchacha-chos!

    -Cat Staff

    1. I ate 1 can of corn a day until i had lost 50 lbs. It made me so weak I could barely work cause I do labor. And then i became absolutely furious and then quit.

  4. Hm. This is interesting. Check out the last few posts of American Kabuki (esp the one about Cobra! Ha!).


  5. Speaking of fasting, it can be translated into a ketogenic diet at the end of the fast. This way we can take a much needed break from processed carbs (most carbs really) and sugar. Let me tell you, the detox into a keto diet is no joke but on the other side is a completely different state of mind. The research is there which proves that a ketogenic diet helps those most in need (i.e., children with mental issues, people with diseases and seniors). The low fat diet myth needs to stop ringing in the collective consciousness.

    As far as aliens go... fear and anger have been battling (or playing or interacting) for a very long time with love and understanding. I find it absolutely fascinating how love and understanding have taken on a form as tall whites (among other things: angels, ascended masters, etc.) and fear and anger as lizards and short grays (and others). I'm not saying what you see is wrong. I'm saying we live as symbols experiencing other symbols. It's a very pliable and individualized (& group kin) way to exist. We can create anything and live it as well. What's true for you is only really true for you and those who agree to believe the same thing.

    Remember the 100,000 distractions on the way to enlightenment? Also, if we're just slumbering within source, that's another way to frame the same thing. We are us, they are us, we are them. And so the show goes on and on... pretty, pretty, shiny, beautiful and sometimes the opposite.

    These are the lessons that depression and anxiety have taught me my entire life. Before they started, I too was ever lost in beautiful stories in my head and shared adventures with my allies. My father also, he was very deeply stuck in the clouds, to the point where taking care of me didn't make the list of things to do. I don't blame him personally, it's a tough way to be while existing in a physical reality. The draw of the unusual is very hard to resist when you forget to forget.

    Eyewitness testimony is admissible in court. A court system is a bunch of people getting together and agreeing (or forcing of) on shared rules. Some people see that as oppression. Some people see it as order. Again, people, groups, beliefs and shared symbols. The final judge and jury is the person/symbol perceiving the information.

    I've been around on the internet as I'm sure you have as well. The theosophy/new age based groups are just 1 type of group out there. And all groups believe their read of reality is spot on. That's why it's so hard to tell Cobra off or Covid Goodecock: you're essentially cutting off a limb of your belief system.

    I'm not trying to anger or correct anyone. I'm just struggling with my own understanding of this whole environment and the nature of belief. When I see people be like "I saw it, end of story, I'm right, you're wrong!", something feels off about that. It's like we're missing the point.


  6. BTW, I must say that I can't stand that Cobra keeps calling the center of our galaxy, "the Great Central Sun." It's actually a supermassive black hole, which is at the heart of 99.99999999% other galaxies; galaxies are simply accretion discs of supermassive black holes. It is not a "sun."

    Ours is also a prison, containing a very dark being who was placed there long ago. THERE is someone you never want to meet... until they see the light.


    1. FYI, I meant that a supermassive black hole is at the heart of most galaxies, not that OUR black hole is also at the heart of all galaxies. Stupid language.


    2. It's a Mayan thing. Don't get yr panties i a twist;-)

  7. As long as we're being honest... would Courtney Brown and his "pristine scientific conditions" please just shut up? Color him and his RVers compromised. Ther conditions aren't pristine in the least. They don't protect against dark entities snickering misinformation into the RVers' minds. From an enlightened spiritual perspective, it's quite puerile.

  8. Does anyone have a read on Aug Tellez? Here is his blog.


    1. Aug is a MILAB, abducted at the age of 9 due to his ability to astral travel. He got curious about the wrong underground base. He was used and tortured by the Dark Fleet until rescued by Benevolent Forces which seems to be Solar Warden. He was then age regressed and memory wiped back to the point of abduction as most MILABS are, and placed back into his Earth life here. He has just recently revealed the details of "The Awakening in 2010". He was lured into a Secret Society location, killed by a gunshot to the back of the head, had his Soul Energy placed into a Cloned body of himself containing a Neural Implant so that he remains "in communication" with them. He was then given instructions to reveal certain information to the public. Other information is just his own realizations and opinions. That's as much of the puzzle as I've put together so far.
      What is amazing to me is that Aug has reported the same information that the Sphere Alliance transmitted to American Kabuki, describing how this Reality was created because of "A Wager" between Original Essence Beings:


  9. This looks like it might be related activity. Starts just after 3:00 minute mark:


    I didn't finish listening to the details. I'm not one that needs to be convinced :)


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