Start Thinking TREES

It is time to STOP fighting amongst ourselves, and instead start thinking about the world that is coming, and how you'll live in it. Start thinking TREES. They're already thinking about you. Seriously.

(Interestingly, this was our 111th post.)


  1. The past 3-5 days have been immensely hard. Our bodies are aching in ways we've never experienced before. Numbers are jumping at us all day! Something is close at hand. It's never been this bad/good (oscillations) before.

    I'm blasting the atmosphere with "we can do it" pulses as often as I can manage. Whenever I do it, I get a ping back through the crown.

    Here goes nothing...


  2. On a separate, more earthy topic: This is a big deal, a must watch.


    The beginning talk is preamble for the actual interview. Serious stuff.

    -CAT Editors

  3. !! I've been thinking about trees a lot lately - they are amazing positive energy transmitters that can override the low frequency man-made EMF that was designed to keep us stuck in a lower vibration....

  4. Synchronicity! Been writing little stories about trees for two days, and spending time hugging and talking with certain ones about our imminent dimensional shift. WE have become aged and tired and WE ARE ready. Love, Light and Gratitude.


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