Wow. This is really happening.

Can you hear it? THE PULSE started at 2:15 am PDT. (That's what we call it. We weren't expecting this.) It sounds like an isochronic tone or a hum, or a hummingbird’s heart beating very fast. At 2:30 am, it took on other voices (!) and sounded like... well, angels singing. Yes, we know. It sounds nuts. The Pulse is still going on at the time of this writing, though it's harder and harder to hear given how loud the world is; find a quiet place either outside or inside (it seems to penetrate buildings) and give a listen. This is ostensibly the beginning of what's to come. Definitely stay tuned tonight during the lunar eclipse!

One of us also recorded THIS just after sun-up (through his sunglasses):

The CAT is not omnipresent, but that's an amazing pic.

Arrrr, that be a sundog, matey. Not sure any of us have seen a rainbow version.

Check out that halo + sun dogs + odd solar flare-age + streamer activity. This combined with the above PULSE means something's definitely up. Note: this activity may not be happening everywhere. To date, The CAT is not omnipresent, but we're working on it.

OneMoreThing: One of The CAT staff, who can see into the ultraviolet (lucky bastard), saw a GYNORMOUS circular white UFO over his house -- as big as his entire town, about 8 x 8 square miles. It was there for a few seconds, then vanished. A busy CAT morning.

Aieiee! GIANT HAND HALO! Seriously, that's pretty amazing when coupled with all the other things.

UPDATE: If we can't get another ID on the Pulse we were hearing earlier, we're going to have to consider it a local anomaly. Don't dismay. Wave X is primarily an inside-out transformation, so... look within. Learning to meditate is a good way to start.

POST MORTEM: Hi, all. Because of the way this episode transpired, we have new procedures in place at The CAT for reporting events such as this. Half our cadre experienced the above... but they live close to each other in one area. Since it was Sunday, our regular sources weren't at hand, so we rushed to report, and we're afraid we stirred people up for nothing. Please accept The CAT's apologies. And don't lose heart. Things ARE happening, but more at an individual level, as Da-da mentions in the comments. Perhaps, as one sensitive has suggested, this was a small-scale test of how things will play out on a larger scale. All we can say is, stay tuned to yourself and your own surroundings. Put down the phone, pull out the ear buds and listen to the world. Things might be happening for you, but you just haven't noticed, yet.  ~The CAT


  1. Can you hear it ? Ah I'm sure you're already aware of the association of a certain high pitch frequency sound with meditation / spirituality inasmuch as, to me at least, it's a sign of your brain hemispheres coming into better alignment.

    (A search of "high pitched sound meditation" may prove informative)

  2. Nice! I'm jealous - you seem to get to hear and see all the cool stuff at your house. Nothing but the neighbour’s continuously barking obnoxious p.o.s. dog and pea soup thick cloud cover at my house on the east coast today :(

  3. Yes, we're aware of that. This sound was different: it's a 432 Hz (Bb) modulated isochronic tone. If we can't get confirmation of it from any other locations, we're going to have to chalk it up to our local portal (which is another long post in itself).

    1. I've been hearing about what you describe; high pitched... Hum for about a year now; comes and goes for me. Loud but not hurtful, and slight melody if quiet around

  4. Thanks for the post, but i feel nothing, nothing as what said Dr Simon Atkins, normally i can feel when the protons are high, i feel like some small burns in my skin, but in this Wave-X (as i said) i feel nothing at all.

    It's very frustrating when you put some expectations and then nothing happen, will see, thanks anyway

  5. You'll need to excuse The CAT -- and really anyone who's posting perceptions of events. It's hard to tell global from local effects, esp. on a Sunday when folks are less responsive. We'll have more info as it develops, but at this point, we're beginning to view the above as a local event, albeit a regional one. We make no promises. This is a work in progress for all of us. We merely report data and wait for correlation.

  6. How many predictions have we had over the years and people fall for it still. Maybe it is a test to see our (humanities) readiness and the event will not happen before we all stop believing what we are being told.

  7. That is a salient point. The CAT staff is also a bit let down. However, note that nothing bad happened this past weekend, as was planned by some of our insane brothers. As we've said, this change that is going on is primarily an INTERNAL change, and has its own individual schedule for all of us. We're also talking to ourselves here.

  8. I love this website, I love the way the articles are written it feels very friendly haha 😏 great information guys, the wave will be with us soon, the high pitch ringing in my ears has been very noticeable lately!

    As well as a general well being feeling, the energies are all over the places sometimes I've been feeling a little weak but generally all is good, I feel positive change coming!

    Love and light to all x

  9. Thanks for the message of incoming! I am on East Coast US could not hear but so noisy here. Could feel though, and found myself humming like angels in 1940s moves. I saw a white blanket of peace, that sparkled. Maybe I'm thinking of a White Christmas. Don't know, but sure am happy for an excuse to tune in. Love you guys and gals.


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