Here She Comes

Not sure we've touched on this before, but the energy coming to the earth now (and into the next epoch) is FEMININE energy; besides a reification of SOURCE, this is the key component of the entire Event we're to experience (or ARE experiencing right now). On Saturday, just at the onset of a big wave of energy, one of the CATs saw a cosmic white wave with a woman's face cresting over the earth. The night prior, another CAT staffer was visited by a vast and glorious white goddess energy that was literally Divine Feminine Love. To use their words:

It was like being inside "IN LOVE" energy (the kind you feel when you're "in love" with someone), embraced and brought into a being of infinite love and awareness, hugged by the feminine aspect of SOURCE. It was transformative. A small taste of what being reawakened within SOURCE will be like. It was the ultimate LOVE energy hug that lasts an eternity. You never want it to end... and it never will.

Here's an excellent post by April Bender that says it better than we can:


The Resurgence of Love and Equilibrium: The Permeation of Ascended Divine Feminine Energy

by April Bender (via integrated Overself)
As with each potent energy induction/portal, there is first a contraction and then a release.
This latest energetic release was tremendous indeed and brought with it the arrival of a most precious gift to your overall experience of this planetary realm, the permeation of the newly ascended Divine Feminine energy!

For the glorious Bride (Gaia/Sophia/World Soul) has been painstakingly prepared, awakened, has just ascended, and now eagerly awaits the arrival of the Bridegroom (Christ consciousness/Creator Son aspect) and the great wedding feast (union) that is yet to come.

This most certainly would not have been possible if it were not for the numerous and steadfast acts of courage, faith, love, devotion, persistent hard work and midwifing by the many masters, lightworkers, wayshowers, and other contributors to the ascension process of this local system – who so lovingly committed their time, energies, self-actualization (LBP) processes, visualizations, affirmations, and prayers throughout the many years and the many incarnations leading up to this miraculous and long ago foretold event.

This event by its very nature, implies that a crucial tipping point has been reached along the collective path of planetary ascension. The new planetary chakra system composed of elements from both the divine blueprint for humanity and the divine blueprint of Earth/Gaia, continues to become charged and activated – as both Gaia and humanity deepen into the culmination of their ascension processes. For the ascent of the Divine Feminine in her full glory, heralds the rise in the collective consciousness of the planet to such a degree that it catalyzes the reclamation, healing, and awakening of the great ministering spirit known as the World Soul.

The World Soul is a collective entity consciousness made up of an aspect of the Divine Feminine as well as the consciousness of all the actualized souls residing upon Earth linked together within the collective higher mind and now collective heart center, (think spiritual partnerships and mass global meditations) – of which there are now enough of these individual souls linked together in unity of intent for this World Soul entity to awaken, actualize and begin to evolve – in stages.

So now the collective higher mind (third-eye and crown) and the collective heart chakras have now activated and are moving into greater alignment. The next centers to awaken will be both the collective throat chakra and the collective solar plexus, as the populace of actualized souls on the planet grows – and begins to stand firmly united in their sense of oneness, empowerment, divine truth and justice (for the Greater Good) and demands with every fiber of their being a higher planetary experience for All.

I know there is a great deal to unpack here within the three main concepts I've mentioned:
  • the return and ascent of the Divine Mother and World Soul - the marriage of these two aspects of the Divine Feminine with the Christ and/or Christ consciousness
  • divine union in relation to or as a metaphor for – the collective transcendence of the illusion of duality/polarity and the many “isms” of the world
  • the return of the experience of Christ consciousness permeating individual and soon planetary experience
In many ways it is the realization/actualization of the Divine Trinity as manifest on Earth. It is the divine marriage between Heaven and Earth actualized. It is the return of the child back into the Kingdom of God. For others, it is the long awaited healing and re-enchantment of the world and the restoration of their magickal selves. No matter how it has been articulated across space, time, cultures and traditions, what I speak of is the same – a return Home, to a greater sense of wonder, oneness and love.

We will attempt to unpack all of this in the days and weeks to come but for now rest in the greater sense of joy, expansion, love, and peace that these newly arisen Divine Feminine energies bring. Enjoy them, get to know the various aspects of them, as you let the Divine Feminine energies saturating the air around you, the earth below you, and the breath within you co-mingle with the Christ/unity consciousness energies already residing within and around you. Allow yourself a moment of deep satisfaction for a job well done.

Until next time...
See also - One Heart, One Mind, One Body message from the Divine Mother. Channeled as a companion piece to this message.

Clearly, there is nothing to fear -- and everything to look forward to.


  1. And AGAIN with the timestamp!

  2. FYI, the word "christ" comes from the ancient greek "kristos" which means "spirit."

  3. I am kind of bummed today, as I have not experienced any uptick or change in frequency or feelings. What I did witness over the weekend is a barrage of CHEmtrailing. Why???? I thought this kind of activity would be over by now. I am ready to move forward in peace and to be able to share this with my family and the world. My wife thinks I am crazy, but is putting up with me none the less. Thanks for this wonderful message though!

  4. I had an astral meeting with "The White Goddess" last year, that is the name she gave herself. The meeting felt planned, and when we embraced it was like a reunion of old friends. She was young blonde hair tied in plaits, And an oval face. Beautiful blue eyes and smiling.

    I also know of this divine bubble of bliss you speak of. I was blessed to experience this for about four hours a couple of years back

    It felt tangible although invisible. I could literally slip in and out of it just by using my will. I also discovered that not only was the incredible blissful loving energy most definitely female, but when I listened to music while inside the bubble, all I can say is the music came alive. I wasn't just hearing, I became the music.

    I am utterly convinced this will be our way of life one day, to be in this state.

    Blessed Be

  5. Don't get us wrong. Amazingly good things are happening, but we are nearly all wiped out. This is no tea party.


    1. What are the cats doing that causes this? How can you be sure about the nature of 'buddy boy'. Im not sure you can be.

    2. We're not doing anything other than being sensitive. And we can be sure of Buddy, but we can't say why as Da-da is writing about it.


  6. Looks like they all are converging in alignment to the true source! Here She cosmically comes! Can't wait to see her again!


    1. Great example of poor statistical analysis in science these days, as nearly 50% of all published academic journal papers are "fudged". I downloaded the full pdf paper, "Alignments of Radio Galaxies in Deep Radio Imaging of
      ELAIS N1". After reviewing the data, 2 clear distributions of 'alignments' are apparent: both are nearly orthogonal in orientation (think, +) but one feature stands out; namely, the 'longer' jets (older galaxies) are 31 in number and the 'shorter' jets (newer star forming galaxies) are 33, in number. Think: 'old guard' VS new ideas! Note the singular jets are uniaxial and result in an overall net poynting vector indicating possible phase separation of AGN (active GALACTIC nuclei) that should result in a redistribution of galaxies in the Universe. Note the surveyed area was small in arclength (area) and occurred from 2011 to 2013 -clearly a highly selective sample during the beginning wav of the individual ascension process. (As above, so below.) The most interesting feature was only one jet, though! The black holes are venting their ENTROPY in an unbalanced way. Perfect for adding energy to induce a phase change and mass (population) redistribution! Seems like 'EVIL' is Being vented and BIG ordering changes are EVIDENT in the Universe.

  7. OK well that kind of explains my weekend.......I stayed with very dear elderly friends to help them work their garden. I shovelled a lot of shit, physically and energetically. Mostly I experienced chauvinism from the man who just wanted to order me and his wife about like slaves.

    Normally I can laugh it off (I have known him a long time) but last weekend my inner female's hackles were up and it all came to a head. New boundaries set, new raised beds for planting vegetables set. All good now but it is EXHAUSTING!!!!

  8. The patriarchal system was done, anyway. Too much war and fear and abuse. Not good for anyone.


  9. Hi Da-da
    The word Χρηστός aka christos in english it Old Greek it means ηθικός - ethical or moral, ενάρετος - virtuous, έντιμος - honest this is the meaning. Please sir do not mislead or mistreat the one and only language on this planet who is a mathematically maestrocy
    Thank you

  10. The latest update on American kabuki looks promising! 😄

    Was one of the most clear beautiful afternoons. The sun was shining light like a crystal or diamond. It felt like I hadn't seen it like this before. I hope it's a sign to come


  11. Is it possible that... it's over??




  12. A couple of confirmations that SOMETHING has indeed shifted:

    "The Work is Completed and the Victory Won a Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 9, 2016"

    clif ‎@clif_high
    Ack! 9 = number of 'completion'. Last of set of 9 TMs fulfilled! Humanity shifts today! Insert mad scientist laugh here! TPTB Rshit today!
    2:32 PM - 5 Apr 2016

  13. Has the boss left the building?

    "Just about every major banker and finance minister in the world is meeting in Washington, DC, this week, following two rushed, secretive meetings of the Federal Reserve and another instantaneous and rare meeting between the Fed Chair and the president of the United States. These and other emergency bank meetings around the world cause one to wonder what is going down. Let’s start with a bullet list of the week’s big-bank events"


  14. This is a very interesting talk by Linda Moulton Howe on Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. She talks about huge limestone pillars which one archaeologist commented "Looked like tuning forks"

    This site has been buried for thousand of years (it is 12,000 years old) Linda asks "what energy and where would it come from to activate the tuning forks?"

    Looks like it was built at the same time as the sphinx.

    Anyway, for those, like me, who just want to sit and rest up, this is an interesting video.



  15. Well, check out this first paragraph from Ben Fulford's latest:

    Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will be hit by financial Armageddon if Asian gold offer refused

    Posted by benjamin
    April 12, 2016

    The Asian Dragon Family has offered the owners of the Federal Reserve Board staggering quantities of gold at a 13% discount from the market price. The idea is for 10% of this money to be spent on a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and send humanity on a path for exponential expansion into the universe. The ball is now in the court of the US regime in Washington DC. That is why the US President and Vice President are having an emergency meeting on April 11 with Federal Reserve Board Chairperson Janet Yellen. A member of the Dragon family will also be at that meeting, CIA sources in Asia say.

    If the Feds refuse the Asians, the BRICS nations and the Europeans will announce a new international gold backed currency that can be exchanged for US dollars during a three month period. After that period, the US dollar will no longer be accepted by at least 188 countries, leaving the Washington regime isolated and bankrupt.
    In this event, to avoid war, the US military operations outside of the United States will continue to be financed using the new currency. The new regime that will inevitably replace the bankrupt Feds in the US will be free to issue their own currency with unlimited spending power inside the US.



  16. Good morning! Stay positive and love the life you live.

  17. Simon Parkes on his Connecting Consciousness radio show. At the 1.01 point in the youtube, he says that there is an energy wave definitely on it's way. I love confirmation.


  18. Barbara Hand Clow has generously made available her keynote address at the Expo.

    A Time-Free Transparent World

    Barbara Hand Clow: presented at Body, Soul, Spirit Expo, Vancouver, BC April 16, 2016

    We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going. The most critical cycles during this period are the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius; the ending of two ancient Mayan Calendars in 2011 and 2012; and seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that were exact during 2012-2015, and are still in the square within 10 degrees until 2020. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution, I’ve been working with two practices that explore time going back a hundred thousand years that I will describe during this lecture.


  19. Good morning friends,
    I had another dream about the sky this morning (7:30am EST). On an apartment balcony, I looked out across the horizon and the sky was split in two slanted vertical lines (like the top of a V)and in the V space, the sky had a different quality, like I was seeing a different sky. As my eyes crossed the lines from the old sky to the new sky, it felt like a small electric jolt in my eyes like energy and electricity affected you as you looked at the new sky. It was so peaceful.

  20. Our friend Schumann begins to be crazy again ! My third eye and mind buzzing nicely this time. No big buzz, but active. I have some difficults to concentrate during my meditations lately, but they are totaly different from before, i don't know how to put words on this changes. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fsosrff.tsu.ru%2F%3Fpage_id%3D7&sandbox=1

  21. Not sure if this was deliberate, or part of the process, but three of the CATs have been very ill, with fever and such... which finally broke only this evening.


    1. Healing vibes to all

  22. About 5-6 weeks ago I caught a head cold which went to my chest. My body refused all medications like MMS and colloidal silver......I sensed my body wanted this virus on my chest. I was in bed for a week and mainly drank water and fresh ginger tea with honey. Part of the process.


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