As we said in a recent post, we had never read Ken Carey's books (we don't get out much) till very recently. This, our final Carey excerpt, is from his first book, written in 1979 in just 11 days, eventually published in 1982. (The first four chapters are amazing.) Here is Carey's description of The Event, which is not only an amazing glimpse into what we've been talking about all this time (before anyone was talking about it in the quasi-mainstream), but it also totally explains what The Event really IS.

Excerpt from Ken Carey's, The Starseed Transmissions:

When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place. There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended. Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems, this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation.
Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator. As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence. This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment we are attempting to prepare you for.
This is the much misunderstood Second Coming of Christianity. It is the event that primitive civilizations have looked forward to as "the return of the gods." The Mayans went so far as to pinpoint its actual occurrence in what you would call the year 2011 A.D. Yet while many of your traditions hint at what is about to transpire, none of them have adequately conveyed the magnitude of impact such an event will have. Indeed, no single conceptual structure is capable of conveying the enormity of what is soon to take place.

Those familiar with the scriptures of your various peoples should be in position to understand what is occurring, for these are the times spoken of. Yet you must realize that God did not invent the words used in scripture. He merely arranged them in the order most approximating His meaning.

What is actually happening requires all of biological life to convey its meaning.

Words can symbolize this, but hardly portray it fully enough to stand alone. If you would know the deepest truth of scripture, look not to words alone, but to the great momentum of spirit within your own soul. This is where the living history is being made. In a way that would be impossible for your rational intellect to comprehend, this forthcoming event is human history. The sum total of all that has happened on this planet is but the shadow cast before.

In a very real sense, you have not yet been born. You are still in an embryonic state. You have yet to receive the touch of God's definition. Through the long years of human history, your species has been forming the cells that are to comprise the directive aspect of the physical body of the Creator within Creation. Gestation upon this planet has but set the stage for the emergence of the Planetary Being now taking definite form. This Planetary Being is who you are.

Has it occurred to you that the mathematical probability of your being here is infinitesimal? Were you not here, living proof of the impossible, an excellent case could be made for your non-existence. Within the framework of law that was of necessity instituted to create and govern these material realms, the existence of biological life would not have been possible, except were it to enter through that one moment when that law was suspended . Such is the origin of biology; the fusion of Spirit and Matter. The impact of this single creative moment is so vast, so far-reaching, that the shock waves sent out before it have given rise to all of the biological life that now exists upon your planet.

You are living in the shadow of an event not yet taken place. Yet it is you, yourself, under all your layers of false identity, that cause this event as you approach ever nearer to the Earth. From within the context of history, it appears that there has been on this planet, a progression of increasingly complex life-forms evolving toward ever higher levels of consciousness. It appears that there has been an evolutionary process. But this is not the case. What is actually occurring is that the matter of Earth is falling under the influence of your vibrational body. This influence naturally increases as you draw nearer. Only when the center of your spirit touches the center of the Earth will Life on this planet be fully manifest in form.

This should not be so difficult to understand. What you have considered to be history, or in other terms, the evolution of the species, is only what you have been able to observe through the distorted medium of a fragmented and quite subjective intelligence, trapped within the past- future orientation of linear time. From such a perspective, the act of Creation could appear as a progressive, sequential process. To the extent that you are able to identify with the spirit that gives you consciousness, however, it becomes a much simpler matter: you have yet to arrive. You are still on your way. Sitting here reading these words is only a sleepy reflection of your unconscious totality as it prepares to become fully revealed on the day of awakening.

Your real life will begin when the Creator gives you His definition in form. Within the womb of history, your species has been primarily defined by the Earth-Mother who is helping to prepare the clay. She is only interested in getting the form arranged according to specification. Her only knowledge of Spirit is that it brings forth her potential.

When the Father's center merges with the center of the Earth, the collectivity of human consciousness will awaken to a unified field identity. You will be born. After that, the influence of Matter will not affect your consciousness as dominantly as it did during the historical-gestation period. The Earth will continue to suckle the species, so to speak, for another millennium before you are capable of going off on your own, but even during that period the Father's influence will be much greater than it is today.

The Creator has established laws to govern the bonding of energy. Through these laws of materialization, the physical universe is created and maintained. In the material realms, these laws are right and proper. But when they come into relationship with biological life, they begin to behave strangely. From a perspective of consciousness, they translate into limitation, contraction, and ultimately death. In psychological terms, the laws of materialization have given rise to the ego - a fictitious identity with a sense of fear, vulnerability, and a need to protect and defend itself. Spiritual consciousness should not properly be associated with the forces that govern the bonding of energy.

Their historical juxtaposition came about through the process referred to as the Fall. During the period of species preparation, the presence of the materializing influence on levels of consciousness has been unfortunate, but not critical. However, in light of the intensifying vibrations of the creative spirit that is now nearly aligned with the center of this planet, the definitions that have been imposed by matter will no longer be tenable. The Creator Himself will dispel this planetary restraining influence and henceforth hold all life-forms in appropriate expression through the new definitions of His love. This will be a profound transition for each and every form identity, a transition of a magnitude you can only begin to suspect.

As a collective event, the moment of birth is still a generation away [this was originally written back in 1979]. But individually speaking, this event transcends the limits of space and time and is, in fact, already occurring. Your individual birth will take place at the precise moment in linear time when you stop struggling with your rational fear patterns and let yourself go in the divine dance of inner direction. You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly, or hold on in fear to the bitter end. Ultimately, these are the only two avenues of response. By the linear time this event takes place, humanity will be polarized according to these two adaptive patterns. All will be decidedly in one camp or the other.

To those of the human race who have tuned themselves in to the will of God, the coming interval of non-time will literally expand into eternity. These individuals will be able to experience a lifetime, or many lifetimes, in that eternity, while still retaining the option to return to their physical projections as transformed representatives of the Being of Life on Earth. These will be our co-workers during the period of Planetary Awakening.

Others, not so finely tuned to the forces that will be released at that time, will feel great surges of energy, lasting for an indeterminate period. Some few will experience an intense fear, and many will die. Everything in physical form at this time, every soul in every kingdom, will feel something, something incredible, something that according to all the laws of physics ever known or ever to be discovered, could never happen. But there it will be before all senses; an impossible fact, like the babe in the manger, like the unmistakable feeling in your heart, an incredible vibration of Truth and Love, shimmering, scintillating, awakening every nerve, every capillary, every cell of your planetary body.

Whether the individual form identity reading these words right now will be a surviving participant in that event depends upon what you identify with, and how gracefully you are able to align yourself with God's creative definition. If you can identify with the flow of Life through your essential Planetary Being and release all subjective definitions of who you think you are, you will play your part most joyously in the birthday celebration. God's definition of you in form is much greater than any you could possibly imagine for yourself. During this present period of Individual Awakening, the first of the three creative periods, you are being given the opportunity to embrace this true definition as the cornerstone of your existence.

On the Morning of Creation, you will recognize the Unified Collective Consciousness of all Humankind as your own true identity. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the bridge between Spirit and Matter, between Creator and Creation, between Life and the forms through which Life flows. If you release the definitions that Matter has set upon you, this is the definition that the Creator will bestow, the definition of Christ Himself.

Can you see yourself as we of the distant stars do, from the objective vantage point of the ages, with the eyes of the Star-Maker Himself? To us, your entire history appears as but a gesture. We see in your passage through the vibrational field of Earth, a gesture that you make, a salute almost, to the energy-retention systems of this particular heavenly body. This is how you express yourself on this beautiful blue and white world whirling through space. We have come to remind you who you are.


  1. Ok, THIS timestamp was intentional!

    -CAT Editors

  2. FYI, this post is being suppressed. Please do what you can to get it out there, everyone.


  3. Like Brad in the Paper Hat said...


  4. I like it all, especially "the great momentum of spirit".

  5. This sentence from above just struck me:

    "In a very real sense, you have not yet been born. You are still in an embryonic state."

    I meditated earlier today and I saw myself being born as a premature baby I kid you not! There were those that helped the process around me and a voice said " HE IS AWAKE...".

  6. "He will defy their gravity..."


  7. I was commenting on Reddit the other day that the sun is incubator and we are babies. We cannot survive without the sun and Mother Earth.

    1. Well until the creator comes.

  8. This will sound crazy, but my "clairscent" faculties are going berzerk today. I'm "smelling" air from the New Earth... and it's incredible. Truly. So easy to breathe and invigorating. Here's something on clairscent (not to be confused with clairsentience):


    Look for these abilities in yourselves. They should be starting to bloom right about now.


    1. I might have clairvoyance, sometimes before I fall asleep I get these images pop into my head and I can feel some movement around the 3rd eye area. Though it's still very unclear and very rare... And I might an Empath?

  9. one of my recent "visions" as i did my nightly meditations before sleep was suddenly seeing my future self - in my merkaba - about 30 years younger (as i have been intending) - and i knew i was able to transport myself anywhere. i heard this vision was a gift - and i held onto it as long as i could. truly transforming times!


    The usual suspects, exhaustion, vertigo, ringing.

    Just collected the kids from school, and my awareness warped all over as I nodded politely to the other parents, terrified I was going to have a full on OOBE! Although I secretly adored the situation as I realised what it signified and grinned like a maniac lol.

    Hmmm, wonder if anything's coming...?

  11. I am not familiar with Ken Carey's work. But what was shared on this page resonated with me, so I ordered the book.


  12. On 26 June, I saw abundance in my dreams.

    First, a large metal bowl which I have was filled well above the brim with orange and deep yellow tomatoes.

    Then I saw a jug of coffee which was full to the top.

    And I saw seagulls eggs everywhere.
    Note: In the UK, they are a delicacy, are very expensive and very hard to obtain.
    I was told, "Take what you want. There will be plenty to go round. There will be abundance for all."

    I see my partner walking out of the kitchen, carrying a tray full of food. .

    Finally I saw a saucepan full of food to cook. The food is heaped up so high, the top of the food is higher than the rim of the pan

    And I heard, "Abundance. There will be abundance."

    Neat eh?

  13. I've been without internet since a strong storm 18 days ago. Went to a restaurant and used their wifi to download 3 of Ken Carey's books on my Kindle. I thought this info so important that I highlighted it and typed it up to share later. Got internet today and read this, so cool! Love ALL you Cats!


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