The BOO & The HOO: Epic Shift Averted


Check THIS out. Remember the promised 'big bad' attacks that the ("neutral," kinda shady) "Mr Tiki" promised? They came, in multiple waves, as promised, and are probably still coming to a certain extent. But you won't believe what they used.

See the top image? See that big black gap from 11 to 17? (That's 9 pm to 3 am PDT.) Well, Mr Tiki's handlers, whom we're well aware of and will not name because they don't deserve the recognition, used one of their most powerful... weapons? devices? spells? we don't know what these things are, but they used them to try and shear and deviate The Event timeline. Suffice to say that this latest spate of attacks failed and that all is well... though we won't lie and tell you we weren't worried.

We don't know HOW they did what they did, but at around 9:30 night before last, some of the M's saw a kind of dark energy (used *inside* their houses, past all protection) that they'd never seen before. They remained calm and let SOURCE easily (and literally) dis-spell the darkness devices used. We aren't going to tell you exactly what these things were because trolls are all over this site and they might try to connect to them... and would be obliterated in the process. (You can't connect with them, because they're not technically alive; they're a kind of dark device, like a column of pure concentrated... opposite of light.) We're talking about some of the darkest things ever used on this planet. They're code-named "nightingales" by the light forces, and the last ones used here started WWI and a century of warfare. Dick Cheney has one in his bathroom.

Look at the effects. These readings are from all over the world, all occurring about the same time.

These represent multiple attempts to sever and displace The Event timeline. No wonder we woke up feeling like we slept in the wheelwell of a semi. We walked around like geriatrics all day.

Most importantly, this last-ditch gambit hasn't dented the timing of The Event one bit. If anything, it's revealed the whereabouts of all kinds of dark beings and "neutral" sympathizers who are now beyond terrified. Keep positive. Flood the trolls with love. They will punish themselves far more than any of us will. BUT... beware: a dark presence is coming... to steal all your popcorn!

AIIIEIEE... oh, great. Now I have to make another bowl.


  1. So much for their last resort weapons, I didn't feel a thing! Though underestimating them has gotten us in trouble before... Its been 5 days since you guys called it out. We'll see!

    1. Oh, we didn't call it out. We just ID'd it. Funny, before I saw that black thing, I got a boost of fearlessness from somewhere. I felt invincible!


    2. Don't poopoo their dark arsenal just yet. It's only Thursday. Tonight and tomorrow could be monstrous.


  2. Thanks for the info! Now I have something to explain why I was popping Advil like Tropical Fruit Skittles all day yesterday. I haven't felt that sore in a long time. Much better today.


  3. My dream was hijacked last night.

    All was well until my car became a mine cart that descended down a dark track. A black book with red wording on the cover appeared in my hand, it was a book of dark magic.

    The cart entered a small square room and the door closed. All six surfaces, walls, floor and ceiling became some kind of horrific cinema, the images were mostly eyeballs with roots and bleeding all looking at me. Somehow I knew I was to stay and be forced to watch it play for many many hours.

    On every wall I noticed two black sensors, they were there to monitor me. I began to panic then calmly reasoned I could escape via the way I entered, and sure enough I pushed hard enough and the wall opened. I wasted no time and didn't look back...

    Very strange, and DEFINITELY felt like something invaded my dream time, I wonder if it's related to the black magic being used now?

    Also today's energies have been insane for me. My third eye is throbbing, hmmmm that sounds dubious...my apologies.

    Thank you for the update, I will up the protection for you.

    Blessed Be

    Mark /|\

    1. Very strange, for I was meditating outdoors by a fire, were I fell asleep. When I was waking to a dark feeling of a female in front of me near the dying coals, and a male behind me. I took a kick at her then him, for they were near my feet. They were just gone. Soooo, remembering Your post the other day, I sent them Love/Forgiveness. Thanks, by the way. Then I tossed a log on, to fire her up, and resumed sleep. I Love how things workout these days. Peace/Love/Harmony to All.

  4. Ok, I was monitored again in the dream I just awoke from!

    At the end of the dream cycle I was in a busy city centre and bit was quite late at night and yet there were lots of people around.

    There was a small hill with people on it and I climbed it. All the while I sensed someone with me but could not see them? As I climbed I happened upon a young lady, she was crying and looked desperate. I got her attention and leaned in close.

    I said "Everything will be fine. There will be a full public disclosure, and something else. An energy wave will arrive either tonight or tomorrow".

    She had stopped crying and just looked at me trying to process the information, but immediately after I mentioned about the coming energy wave I sensed someone behind me.

    It was a tall man, dressed very smart in a suit and coat, he had cropped hair and glasses. He had a look of seriousness and looked troubled a little. He stared at me, then turned and quickly walked back down the hill to go somewhere in a hurry, maybe to report his findings?

    1. interesting in your dream you mention an energy wave arriving "tonight or tomorrow". today i went out and about - and i noticed several people - the connection i made with each of them. i could see the light in each of them - and could feel the connection with each of them - purely from the heart. it was as though i stepped into another reality and it was beautiful. i came home, described it to my mate and said "it was like i was seeing the effect of the event - almost as if it is starting". as i said those words, i had goosebumps appear all over my arms.

    2. I got goosebumps reading that!


  5. We have an incoming CME from the Sun expected July 2 or so as well as a coronal hole stream at about the same time. Not sure what is going on with magnetosphere but it is already jittery from the density of the cosmic energy. Fireworks ensue! THE EVENT TOO!?!? I have a big "MAYBE but it depends on how much energy you are willing to ground." I say, "ALL." You? (It's an ALL or nothing selfless gesture. Trust me, it's the only way to save the spiritually 'lazy' and those who made 'bad' mistakes in hindsight.) If you are for THE EVENT, intend grounding for ALL and Trust Spirit to sort out the (who) details while you center and flow to ground. That's it.

  6. Don't worry... IF nobody joins me, it only takes ONE. ;)


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