Gone Readin'

Folks... we're takin' some time off to climb a tree and read,
and not think about any of this stuff for a while. We'll be back in a few weeks.


  1. Puuuurrrrfect!

    Make sure it's a YEW tree, a really ancient one, perhaps with a golden bough ;-)

    Be well and thank you.

    Mark /|\

  2. Thanks for all Cats! Have a nice break/holiday!

    Just to report: Have had another attack last night. Didn't seem to mess up with my dream this time, direct one Was under the thin blanket in my bed, the being (i couldn't cleary indentify) moans this specific gohstly sounds the other side of the blanket. While i was trying to say the MANTRA, this being projected air towards me, through the cloth. So powerful that it rushed into my mouth and my throat, almost preventing me from speaking. With difficulties, i managed to continue the process, while i could see, hear and feel something was beginning to burnup, where the being was. I thought the cloth will inflame! And i woke up while i finished the MANTRA by rote, as i didn't in my dream.. quite weird to realize that... lol

    So, on guard! Don't know if something is back to mess around again, or just me who asked for some subconscious action! Take care all!

    @Lynn: Rare to see you post here! I hope everything is going well for you!

  3. so busy. can't wait for days at the beach and miyazaki movies at night...
    enjoy the summer everyone.



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