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  1. You guys (cats) get a good vibe from GaiaPortal? Interesting. I wondered if it was random hopium words strung together...(a distraction). I'm happy to be wrong.

    That time stamp...

  2. Oh, no. Something is definitely happening. We take in all data points.


  3. Question for the Cats and the group: Anyone receiving a marked increase in 'energetic downloads' over the past few days? Especially in the late afternoon? Just checking. I've never noticed them so intense or frequent while I am at work...makes for an interesting situation.


    1. I have heard laughter.......everywhere. It's the sound of my soul! I feel there is a power shift happening.......maybe an upgrade in personal power and a decrease in fear. Something is getting ready to change. More awakenings.

  4. Kind of. Four CATs reported feeling "vibrations" in the air and the ground, and another reported tingling. We're nearing the next Wave X peak on 3/20, so expect this to increase for some.


  5. I agree, my scalp has been tingling/itching for a month and, it has gotten more noticeable within the last week. I thought I had head lice or dandruff, but thankfully I discovered I have neither of those :P

  6. http://in5d.com/we-have-entered-a-new-timeline-through-the-eclipse-energy/

  7. Ah, that explains why we're all dragging and out of sorts. Hands and head tingling.


    "As we head into the next energy waves of the Equinox on March 20th and the Lunar Eclipse on March 23, we must be aware we are already integrating the HUGE light body surges we have just gone through.

    If you can clear your calendar at all for those days, it would be a self loving thing to soak in the energies and spend time aligning with the Universe on these sacred days approaching. Meditation, light foods, grounding and aligning chakras are good practices to get into, especially during times of high upgrades. March will be a month of HIGH Energy and many surges. We must acknowledge this energy and welcome the upgrades as they come in."


    Very good advice. Thanks for the heads-up.

    -CAT2 + staff


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