That Buddy Smile: Your Thursday OPT

Buddy is very very happy. You should be, too.

We at The CAT know things are a bit weird and disconcerting right now, but know that reeeeeeaaaaally good things are happening all over, behind the scenes -- and in front of said scenes. You just have to look for it. Given how hard the cabal is trying to push the FEAR button this week (they are desperate), you're all doing pretty well. As GaiaPortal just wrote the other day: "Gaia mission nears completion." The Event is nearing.

How do we know this? Lots of reasons. Here's one.

Long story short. A family -- one that Da-da's writing a book about -- had some serious haunting (and other seriously bizarro) issues a few years ago. During the course of the investigation (with seven psychics), they all discovered (among lots of other things) a little boy spirit, who lived under the stairs, whom they called "Buddy." (It's really an amazing story.) They didn't know the boy's real name, but the spirit liked that name and took it for his own. Anyway, Buddy used to be scared and skittish, but now he's very happy and has moved on -- BUT, he pops back for important messages now and again. He appeared around Thankgiving timeframe to see the family, super excited about something that was going to happen: The Event. (Spirits and higher-order beings can see farther down the road than third-density people on earth.) Check this out: Buddy actually returned to the house and POSSESSED a member of the family (innocently) to make that person clap their hands to get everyone's attention! That's how excited he was about The Event.

Anyway, Buddy showed up again, night before last... and he just sat there, looking at everyone. He was all smiles. He wouldn't tell us anything, because the date and time cannot be revealed... but his smile said it all. And basically, folks, if you can't trust Buddy, you might as well give it up.

Note again that The Event -- or "The Happening" as ETs and celestials are calling it -- will be an undeniable reconnection to SOURCE, such that your whole worldview will change. (Half the CAT staff has had this experience, some dramatically -- but individually, not en masse.) Note that it will invariably take time to process, but you'll be given that time. Everything about it will happen perfectly. We have been told that it will take place over mre than one day, but no idea how long that will be. Could be a week, so people have a chance to talk about it right while it's happening to them. Expect to see "That Event LOOK" on some people's faces for a time, after it happens.

Well... yeah. Sorta like that. For some.

For those who've been doing wrong... it's gonna be pretty horrible, we're imagining. For these folks, it's Judgement Day, only they'll be judging themselves, seeing where they really are and where they really want to be. You need to help these people NOT hurt themselves, or others, and prepare yourselves for a rather weird kind of crowd control. Some folks simply won't make it. Those who've either convinced themselves that there is no God, or they've been doing all kinds of heinous things for a being they say is their god... these folks will have problems dealing, as will the false entities who've been propagating this disinformation. Try not to wear your SCHADENFREUDE t-shirt any longer than you have to. It will be tempting, even for us; we thirst for justice as much as anyone.

On that note, we're going to officially say ADIOS to those alternative media personalities (you know who you are, initials CG and C) who continue to put out disinfo that is not helping. No idea what your agendas are, but we don't care. You don't need to kowtow to any space-faring civilization, breakaway or otherwise, to make a connection to SOURCE. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED THE EVENT if you're dedicated and you want your own SOURCE connection.

You have to want your own relationship with SOURCE -- SOURCE being *the* most amazing thing in existence, hello? How hard is that? Just meditate, set protection, ask for a spirit guide, and say: "I WANT TO GET CLOSER TO SOURCE, PLEASE." Then, do the work. If info that people are putting out doesn't help, if it separates people, if it confuses, or causes fear... then it's designed to be such and should be ignored. We're moving onward and upward... well, after we land on our feet.


  1. Thanks for this great post ! Have a nice thursday CATs ! :)

  2. Agreed with PMB - many thanks for the updates, the tips and the encouragement. Love.

  3. Awesome and cheer-full news

  4. C and CG are not intentionally putting out disinfo... they just don't know, even if they are in a "special" position. But that position doesn't mean automatic connection to Source, which is inside you. They are getting most of their intel from outside "sources" (not from SOURCE!). :)

  5. This is most interesting:



  6. Psychic Diane Canfield also said:

    "We are in the process of the Shift into higher consciousness states of awareness.

    "This means the expansion of consciousness that takes us to the next level of our evolution. This can entail many symptoms and many experiences of a higher nature.

    "Many will be able to access their own psychic gifts with the shift in place, and many are unaware of what this means. This means as they open to new dimensions they are also opening to all that goes along with this.

    "It is vitally important to stay out of fear and negativity because now we can create our reality more easily.

    "The shift is a shift in consciousness. What this means is we are getting help from many areas to raise our consciousness. Some of these areas are the photon belt, the Central Sun, our own sun, the flares, the Divine masters, our Creator, and our Star Family.

    "The more we do not resist these changes the easier they are to navigate through. Since I had a near ascension experience in May 2013, I have been residing in the higher dimensional states. This means I am tuned into light, truth and love. I can see others for who they are and I send love to many people in their journey.

    "The shift is about embracing truth and love and letting go of the past that does not serve us anymore."


  7. "We have been told that it will take place over mre than one day"

    Nope. It's one big "ZAP!!!" and that's it for the rest of eternity.

  8. I shall, if you please, repost here what I posted to Cobra's blog:

    The standard or natural state of being in existence for an entity or awaraness is in Source, which means Self. In that place, there is no dimensions separating beings from another or a need for something like ascension to go somewhere else. Everything is existing in a one infinite realm without dimensional borders where everything is possible. Source is not 7th or 12th dimension, it is not a dimension at all. It could be a 3rd dimensional, physical environment and time flow (good for skateboarding) if you wanted, or a 6th dimensional Dream Waterpark Land environment, instantly, if you wanted. The current situation that we have dimensions is not something that has always been.

    At some point in infinity (with there being no beginning or an end, everything has already lasted an "infinite amount of time"), dimensions were created by Source, so that there could be unique experiences in different levels/frequencies. However, it does not mean that you are completely separated from Source if you are in 3rd dimension, for example. There are ways to access it. You are just temporarily playing a different kind of game, having somewhat "limited" journey, ultimately for the benefit of all.

    Now, this experiment is coming to an end. It has accomplished it's purpose for the sake of evolution for the one Source/God/All-That-Is which we are all part of. After this cycle completes, everything will merge into one Source again, with the experience and creations from this journey. Many good things have been created because of darkness. How it will concretely manifest before our eyes, no one knows, because something like this has never happened before.

    This is not a channeled message nor a copy/paste from different websites. Neither it is my personal opinion or an interpretation if things. It comes from a source of an universal knowledge everyone has access to.

    These guys are tapping into that same source of knowledge as I am:




    "Cobra isn't saying anything like this at all, I don't trust you Deino, I trust Cobra."

    Trust yourself. Cobra and his sources (not Source) are not, apparently, having access to this information at this moment.

  9. Ascension Game Changer

    This YouTube describes, in detail, how to do "a direct connect with the highest ascension energies on the planet".

    The direct-connect exercise is ultra-simple and takes only a few moments.

    But in order to set the stage for disseminating the exercise, I talk through the fascinating detective work Susan Gash and I have just completed about the Earth's struggle to ascend. For one week, we meditated, had psychic perceptions, dowsed, and did internet research--all of which led us to view the ascension problems faced by Earth and those who live upon her, from a totally new perspective.

    A small group of us have done the exercise, and experienced immediate results: Our spiritual vibrations shot up.

    If you are seeking to maximize your ascension, I hope you'll listen to this very important message and, if it resonates with you, share it with your friends...

    Watch the YouTube:


  10. Someone has very kindly transcribed Lucia's words so that we can all, if it resonates with us, create this filter.

    How can we help the Earth in Ascension.

    Creating a filter for all those choosing ascension consciously or unconsciously.

    We call in all available benevolent beings of light who are assisting in the ascension of the planet. We call in our spirit guides and the spirit guides of the earth to create a mechanism for the earth and for all people choosing ascension either consciously or unconsciously. We ask that this filter, this mechanism, exude no negative impact whatsoever on the earth’s ability or on a human being’s ability to evolve. That it not limit in any way the earth’s ability or a human’s ability to evolve and ascend. We ask that this filter be placed in, through and around the earth. We ask that it nullify, that it transmute back to Source all manmade as well as all natural non-beneficial interference. All frequencies, vibrations and energies including electromagnetics, chemical compounds, radiological pollutants, germs, viruses, any dark force energy that is intended to limit the consciousness of the earth and those choosing ascension. Any non-beneficial energies from the human collective not choosing ascension. We ask that this mechanism be a multi-dimensional, living, intelligent filter. That it be able to learn and adapt over time in order to nullify new types of non-beneficial interference that may come into being. And we ask that the filter be absolutely impregnable, that it be impervious to all interference from any dimension that may seek to damage or eradicate it. And finally that it be done for the highest benefit of all.

    I ask that my schuman resonance be directly connected to the earth’s highest schuman resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution. I ask that my internal schuman resonance be adjusted in whatever timeframe is optimal for my evolution.

    I ask that the schuman resonance of my residence, my house, my property, be directly connected to the earth’s highest schuman resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution and in whatever timeframe is optimal. Please adjust this to whatever is optimal for all people living on this property.

    Take a few seconds to “ping” this intention every day. Acknowledge your intention to have a direct connection with whatever filter you have put in place, acknowledge your intention to have a direct connection to the highest frequencies on the planet.

  11. Hi Cats, can anyone please comment on this facebook post and does it correspond to any information you have on the Happening/Event please? :


    It provides an exact date and time for next month.....

  12. Well... we knew it was coming, we all just thought it was going to be BEFORE that date! We've also been told that it's supposed to last more than 24 hours. Unless they know something we don't, there may be a problem with ID'ing a specific time and date... which kinda raises a red flag... but maybe something majorly positive has occurred that we're not aware of. If I were you, I'd be ready for it sooner rather than later!


    1. How about this Friday? Source can exclaim "April Fool, it was me all the time"

  13. Here's part of that post, FYI:

    This is an urgent message about an upcoming event that is going to have global implications on the side of massive paradigm shifts. There are some important things to know. We’d like to start off by saying that it is only Ego that would resist or condemn this message and we know we have nothing to defend. This message will reach and be received by all who are meant to receive it and the rest will experience what is to come, regardless.
    A massive energetic shift is coming and we are here to make you aware that as of April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT and for the following 3 hours, a massive energetic message is being remotely communicated and shown to an innumerable amount of people on Earth. This message is one of love, peace, surrender, forgiveness, healing and powerful vibrations being sent through directly to individuals through their energetic field. This means that large amounts of energy will be moving through you during this time. It will come through you as an amplification system. All individuals in your field of awareness, without realizing how or why, will be receiving this through you. There’s nothing to fear. They won’t know who it’s coming from. If you are surrendered enough, and awake while it’s happening, all you will feel is blissful love, peace, an urge to celebrate.
    While there are some things we are choosing to keep close to the vest, please be aware that this will be the first of these blasts that will be going out. Certain points in this process have to be very specific and particular but, all those who have already been able to tap into the collective are invited to send your energy also. This is important. Just your emotion, no message attached, no sender needs to be named. Getting yourself into the fullest trance like, meditative and/or psychedelic state possible is important for this to be as effective as possible. Adding powerful music (free of lyrics) is helpful to the process. Once you are in this state, bring yourself to the highest vibrations of positive emotions possible. Forgiveness, peace, love, bliss, laughter, whatever comes up. Laugh, cry, release. Whatever positive emotion comes up must be expressed to the masses. Blast out those feelings and send all that goodness to whomever you can envision. Allow your mind to move swiftly through faces you are directing it to whether you know who they are or not. Please be sure to send it to those who need it the most and remember that this means FORGIVENESS without fear or judgment. Again… FORGIVENESS WITHOUT FEAR OR JUDGMENT.
    For everyone reading this that understands, resonates and remembers that this was the time we chose for a reason, between now and April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT, RELEASE ALL FEARS. RELEASE ALL JUDGMENT. FORGIVE EVERYONE. LOVE EVERYONE. REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ONE. This is so important. We cannot stress to you enough the importance of doing this NOW. You are either working with us or we are healing you. There’s no judgment from us as to which side you stand on but just know that as of that moment in time, you are either one of the healers here completely ready to do this OR you are one of those being healed. It is of no consequence to us. Do not even judge yourself. If you find you are unable to be a part of the healing, you will be able to join us during one of the next waves and we are just as joyful, no matter what. You are already forgiven and loved...



    sorry, blogger has a 4096k character limit!


  14. The information for the Facebook message is close but a distortion of TRUE SOURCE. Why? Nice platitudes of "I'm sorry" and "I love you" have very low EMOTIONAL and mental value in our society, as they are thrown around like candy by Shriners in a parade! What really matters is being open, compassionate and completely CENTERED in (physical, mental, and emotional) self control while taking in the real (dark, depraved or disgusting) truth of another. One may complete the Christ process by retaining that CENTERED self control while suggesting an uplifting and positive manner in which the depraved individual who is confessing may selflessly forward give of their truth in selfless action, deed or resources to the person, people, or group they wronged to atone and make the social/psychological/EMOTIONAL SPIRITUAL correction to the morphogenetic field of the being. Note that we retain this karmic info in our DNA as the shadow portion (suppressed 'painful' thoughts such as incest) of their spiritual memory and this creates dissonance with the Schuman Resonance. When SOURCE addresses ALL during the EVENT, extreme physical, mental and emotional pain can ensue which is often EXTERNALLY EXPRESSED, thereby necessitating 'keeping the person from harm'... OR ALLIWING it to naturally neutralize via a nearby attractive charge of opposing lesson/truth. Simple TOPOLOGICAL PHYSICS in ordered and disordered complex systems! (Yes, I do have a PH.D. in this topic, as I sent you my CV via Email.). Regardless, it is important to release the ENTROPIC DECAY during the event to induce the proper chain reaction. How else will we all get to live a very long time and be able to travel to OTHER planets of differing resonance? YES, this is of UNIVERSAL EMERGENCY LEVEL IMPORTANCE to do this accurately, swiftly and efficiently. Pussy footing with platitudes will end up getting you stuck on this 3rd rock WITHOUT the ability to reincarnate. Why? It is part of a new creation of transmuting our MAN-MADE HELL to LITERALLY open up the HEAVENS for the GALACTIC/UNIVERSAL human being. Animal-man dies out in a mass EXTINCTION event because too many Christed beings have been destroyed by the "pyramidal empire" to invest any others, as this info was independently verified via a Freemason. I hope you don't delete this post, as it is true to SOURCE. You are welcome to independently verify, of course. Thanks!

  15. No offense, but how does an accountant at State Farm call the date and time of The Event? Anyone?


    1. Does not. No one, including Source, does not know, will not know, the date of The Event. We have seen hundreds, if not thousands of these date predictions, right? How are you CATS falling for that bogus still? Well, CAT3 not apparently. :)


    2. LOL this made me laugh. We've all had day jobs though, right? Source placed those flashlights everywhere...

      But really a date and time makes me weary of this, irrespective of the beautiful message. Love!

    3. OUR sources *know* better than anyone else when The Event is, but advise us NOT to tell, as this makes the timeframe easier to "jam" -- AND things continue to change, as this whole thing is a moving target with countless variables. Bottom line: all is well.

      FYI, SOURCE doesn't pay any attention to this "reality" -- at all -- as that one act would make all this REAL. None of this is real. Technically, we're all Home, right now, dreaming about a universe that's unsafe and full of fear. Time to wake up. The Event will help that process.


    4. Perhaps that is the Insurance Agency from whom Creator Source purchased a Policy on Planet Earth, and that is the appointment date for the Claims Adjuster to arrive.

    5. CAT6, that is complete nonsense. This is all as real as it gets (actually, even more *real* than in Source, where there is no physical pain etc.). We are not at home right now dreaming this, we are here to fix this system because all is NOT well. It's this particular planet that's full of fear and unsafe, not the whole universe.

      No one knows the date of The Event because it is something that cannot be known. Your sources cannot mathematically predict the free will of every living being in All-That-Is, there is no separate "God" who knows everything. If someone is "advising" you NOT to do something, I wouldn't trust that being.

    6. On the contrary, this is an illusion. Only SOURCE, and all of us as an extension of SOURCE are real. You don't know what you're talking about.

      Sorry. Our sources are unimpeachable.


    7. When in doubt, always remember the words of the sign above John & Yoko's door:


      Schrodinger only DREAMED that he put a cat in The Box.
      Which is quite a relief to me, as the thought of putting a precious little Kitty inside a box and leaving it always made me quite angry.

      Look what I found!


    8. THAT... is fabulous. Thank you for sharing!


    9. It came to me this morning to start checking the Internet as more and more people are picking this up like the bow waves of a large approaching ship.

      Thanks for this earth2edie. It's marvellous! Just including a little taster:

      "What is seen is a force of energy which is radiating from Source itself. This will be experienced by every human and does not matter what name you give it or expectation you have for it – it will be felt and once felt, known to be an alteration of life itself. You will know this. It may be that you will even see this and subsequent reports will foretell of the end of days.

      To be clear – this is not the end of days.

      The announcing document that alerted you to this springs from a group heavily invested in protection of its physical assets and the control required to do so. They are not certain such control will be possible after this event and are lining up their “ducks in a row” as it were. Things/illusions and the “gamers of creation” that helped place them there are about to unravel and quickly so.

      We do not see humanity negatively impacted by this “severe space weather” event – but the opposite. Be clear however that change of massive proportions will cause upheaval to physical systems and the planets that support them. All energy has a force – this incoming force is looking like a huge ocean wave off in the distance and it grows.

      You know that there is no escaping this shift.

      What you don’t know is what precisely is shifting. As it looks from our vantage point – this wave of love/energy/power/life essence will wash over humanity.

      Those solidly rooted will bask in its effect. Those without roots will be tossed around. What is not clear is whether or not this wave is the shift, initiates the shift or neither. It was and still is meant to be a surprise.

      The horizon can be deceiving. Things close look very far and things very far appear close. For this reason we cannot give you a precise “date” or “time” for its arrival.

      Rest assured you and those of your “ilk” stand on solid ground and will enjoy very much what is on its way to you.

      Sophia@ American Kabuki

  16. Regarding the date, see the Metastrology of:
    He 'selected' the most 'probable' energetic date but usually he is often 3-7 days LATER by my observations. Sometimes he's WAY off! This time? Let me just say that there is a concentrated effort via the 'pyramidal empire' to delay the event as long as possible. SOURCE LAUGHS at puny pyramid gods... while simultaneously clapping hands at the beautiful Christed effort we are learning during the EVENT! Fun stuff!!!! ;)

  17. BTW, it is NOT a good idea to "filter" out out the TRUE LIVING SOURCE via AI or limited intelligence. Why? Can you say self-selected EXTINCTION?! ;)

    1. Oh do stop being such a know it all Tod.

  18. From my 3D ability to understand so far, no special abilities available - since we are little branches of the Tree of Creator Source, we are able to manifest Holograms in which the wave forms are so slow that they feel solid to the "touch". That is what we are in right now, a Hologram with varying degrees of solidity. And all of us here that are present and accounted for are just little Scout ships here temporarily away from that big Ole Mothership that we came from. A Dream? I can't think of anything that makes me happier! And that a big huge Tidal Wave Alarm Clock is on the Way!

  19. Surfs UP! What happens when INFINITE LIFE is simultaneously updated? I'm curious, as a tidal wave is insufficient in the metaphorical depiction. Ever see the end of the movie AKIRA? Tetsuo!!!!!!


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